Zac Efron Shaves His Head, So Does 'The Lucky One' Crew

Zac Efron Shaves His Head, So Does 'The Lucky One' Crew

Zac Efron shows of his new buzz cut as he poses with a fan on the set of The Lucky One in New Orleans.

The 23-year-old actor wasn’t the only one who got the super short hair style though. According to, for every crew member who also shaved his or her head, Zac would donate cash to Kingsley House.

Almost 30 crew members stood up to the challenge, including two women whose lengthy castoffs were donated to Locks of Love.

“He likes doing things for charity — two Make-A-Wish kids came a visit to the set while he was there — and he felt like he wanted to do something for a New Orleans charity since he had such a nice time shooting there,” Zac‘s rep Gina Hoffman shared with the paper.

The Lucky One is set to debut next year.

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  • Nicki313

    That’s so sweat of him, and I like the new cut LOL.

  • Temii

    I Dont Really Like It But Hey What Ever Floats Your Boat ;D

  • mishyb

    Sexy haircut indeed. But he keeps wearing a beanie to cover his head. Looking forward to the film!

  • Emma Efron

    I like his hair like this he looks cute no matter what!!!! That’s so sweet he gave to charity, he’s always very nice & sweet to do that!!!! Bless u Zac!!!!

  • @iasmin_j


  • Bradley Bobst

    He looks so Cool.

  • joan

    That`s Why He Is My role Model¡¡¡¡¡ Greetings from Colombia

  • MIMI

    aww more guys should be like him!

  • emily

    thats sooo cooll…GREAT JOB ZAC..this is why i adore you madly<333

  • birdie

    He looks very handsome as a soldier, very believable. This is one of the reason’s I’m such a big fan, his kind heart for charities. Thank you JJJ for not adding any extra gossipy comments. I hope you continue
    to just post news and not salacious gossip.

  • mike

    i dont like the new hair

  • Katty

    I think he looks just fine :) Whether you guys like it or not, his hair will grow. I’m glad he actually shaves his hair and doesn’t fake it with a wig unlike some other actors.

    Can’t wait to see the movie.

    I hope he has a good holiday.

  • citlalli

    aws es tan lindo! & me encanta que haga este tipo de cosas, por eso es el mejor modelo a seguir! :D siempre apoyando a quienes lo necesitan!…ademas el corte no se le ve tan mal! ;D SEXY!

    zac, todo México te ama! (:

  • http://justjared shamilah

    Aw he’s sooo sweet to do that!
    Loveee zac! He still looks hot no matter what ;)

  • Amy

    I love Zac’s Marine look. Very authentic. Great job on the haircut, uniform etc. I have always wanted to see what Zac would look like in uniform and with a buzz cut. He really does look the part.

    Wonderful idea to give to Locks of Love also . Might as well give to those in need and what better way than this? Zac is very generous with charities, just another thing I admire about him.

  • susan1

    Even he cut his hair like that still look handsome its impossible to believe.He likes helping things for charities has kind of big heart doing this that’s why i’m a big fan of him,I hope he has good Christmas and New Year!!!!!!

  • mie

    Your amazing zac!
    your always be my rolemodel!
    never seen a star just being themself like you! :)
    i wish you all luck in the furture, and i have a feeling
    you even will be bigger than you already are now!; your
    gonna make more movies, there will blow our minds!
    Hope you find the perfect girl, even if its vanessa or not,
    i just wish all the good for you. You really make a smile
    on my face everyday! and i am every thank full for that!
    one of your biggeste fan.. Mie (:

  • Emma Efron

    His hair wasn’t long enough to give to charity but if his hair was long enough then he would & he doesn’t like his buzzcut hair & he wants to grow his hair back.


    One thing I like about Zac he is not a fake charity giver who does it just for the camera he has been doing it since day one and he did not do this to take attention away from the ‘rumored’ break up and rumored ‘hook up’ Zac genuinely gives to Charity kudos to him

  • Tiptoes

    A good cause – thanks to Zac and all the crew and cast of TLO.

    Zac looks good with the buzz haircut and military uniform.

  • http://twitter--aznmonstahv ZanessaLuvr95

    Sexy military boy ;)
    I love how he likes doing things for charity.. It’s so sweet!

  • A Zac Efron Fan & Supporter

    Omg Like His Hair cut Totally can’t wait to see the Lucky one Next year.

  • maria

    This is as short as I’ve ever seen Zac’s hair, but I like it! And if they donated the hair to “Locks of Love”, I am proud of all the crew that did it. Great idea, Zac!

  • Stefanie

    Zac can do no wrongggg =D

    He looks amazingly hotttttttttttt .

    He can shave his hair gain 200+pounds & still be PERFECT.

    Cant wait to see the movie & more pictures !

    ah lovelovelove Zac


  • beatriz

    aww zac is really cute :)
    and i love it your haircut because i love him <33

  • A Zac Efron Fan Forever

    Omg His Hair looks so great and Awesome so proud to be a Fan.

  • Susan

    Sweet candid of co-star Taylor Schilling kissing Zac on “The Lucky One” set:

  • A Zac Efron Fan Forever


    That is not Taylor Schilling that is when Zac what to a Game.

  • Zac Efron Fan & Supporter

    His Hair looks amazing and great in this picture Can’t wait to see this movie.

  • Gabby

    i hate his new hair cut, i love him though
    i love his previous look, long, messy hair and bread

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Emma Efron

    @Gabby: I like his hair either way

  • kyle

    Zac looks good as always. Charitable institutions must be heaving a sign of relief for magnanimous people like Zac.