Demi Lovato: Christmas with Friends & Family!

Demi Lovato: Christmas with Friends & Family!

Demi Lovato will be spending Christmas Day with her family, can confirm.

The 18-year-old Disney star is getting out of rehab for a bit to spend quality time with her loved ones and then returning to the center to continue treatment there.

Demi is also rumored to be joining the new Avengers movie, which starts shooting April 1.

Hope to see Demi back soon — better than ever!

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  • Matheus Campos

    Coool! Hope that the paparazzis leave her alone!

  • http://musicgil199798 Alexandra

    Yeah! That is so sweet!

  • good-one

    Hope she hits the ground running. Merry Christmas.

  • Dragon

    Yay, I’m so happy for Demi!! =’D I hope she has a wonderful, Merry Christmas and that she is surrounded by people who love her. I want this whole thing behind her so she can focus on being happy again! =]] I just hope she can shoot the rest of the new episodes of SWAC and release a new record soon. And sweet, I want to see her in a non-Disney movie! <3 you Demi!

  • Cathy C

    I really hope this is true but that she is also ready. She’s taking this Treatment seriously – good for her! Have a fab Christmas!


    OMG!! Demi love You and Have a wonderful Christmas Time ♥

  • a

    hey check out this it sounds cool:

  • angel

    she just got out of rehab today how in the world is she already rumored to be in a movie. I hope that’s not true and not just because she’s a terrible actress. or maybe she’s doing a song for it? that’d make more sense, tbh.

  • ness

    hope she does well. And that her career blossoms after this crap. Love her.

  • http://none Lilly Amenson

    YES! I hope this is true. Demi so deserves this! Merry Christmas to her and a Happy New Year! I <3 you Demi!

  • bambiii

    guess that’s the best therapy she can have :) !!
    @ angel : you’re right, if that happens she’ll soon be totally burned-out,but i believe her break down rather had to do with her personal life than her career ^^ she’s not as busy as miley cyrus is, so i still think she had problems even before her busy career has started…
    but actually she’s not a terrible actress. i don’t know why everyone thinks that disney = no talent and post/say that everywhere,pretending they have one bit of knowledge what a good movie and good actress is, cause actually they watch twilight and cover their room with rober pattinson posters and still think they are oh so mature because twilight is not so uh childish disney hsm camp rock ^^. and even funnier,how cool and secure they feel by saying that xD ^^

  • angel

    lololol wat. i don’t like twilight, at all. I just honestly think she is a bad actress. I think disney kids do have talent, btw.
    anyway, she looks so out of place in that cast. I’m hoping it’s just a rumor. she’s been in rehab for a while and there’s just so much pre-production and all of that that has to be done, it makes no sense.

  • itsmeagain

    OMG! Best news of Demi I have herd all year! And I hope the new movie is not a Disney film. Demi needs to make a name for herself outside of Disney so she can earn the credit she deserves ! WOO! I love U Demi! and Merry Christmas to everybody :)

  • Gossip Girl

    pretty soon, Lovato haters will be saying *She’s only famous cause she went to rehab!* LOL! Can’t wait to hear that pathetic excuse

  • ma

    you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Menna

    So… i’m guessing this is the december she doesn’t want to remember:P

  • Demilovatofan

    I’m so proud of her.
    I hope that she gets better and that she makes more music because she’s got so much talent.


  • Tina

    Demi come back soon! We MISS you :) Have a great Christmas!

  • shammer


  • holly

    Yay! I’m glad she gets to spend the holiday with her family.

    It’ll be a tough decision to make. I wish her the best

  • Julie

    good for her :) I’m really proud of her. Merry Christmas Demi :)

  • maisie

    That’s awesome. Demi deserves a nice Christmas. I really respect her for accepting her mistakes and difficulties and working to sort them out – that’s the mark of a good person! I hope she knows her fans don’t want her to rush into new work, just to be healthy and happy. She’s a talented and lovely girl and she has our unfailing support.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I wonder how many paps will be on her back once she leaves the ceneter

  • Elle

    Demi is a STRONG woman and she will overcome all the problems [caused by some so stupid people].
    Hope she have a Merry Christmas with her family.
    Love her so much.

  • Curtis

    Yeah I hope that Demi have a wonderful Christmas and when she leaves the treatment center she has developed a lot of the strength and clarity she needed.
    I also think it had to do more with th her personal issues than her career was the reason for her entering treatment.
    Working hard was not Demi’s issues just too many emotional and personal issues piled on top of each other at the same time without no outlet.
    I also think that Demi has more of a talent in doing nonDisney movies than most of her peers. Demi seems to have a knack for adult Drama. She really gets into her characters and not in a superficial way.

  • ITellItLikeItIs

    this report originally came from ZACK TAYLOR. And anyone knows that any gossip from Star Magazine, US Weekly, Hollywood Life, Zac Taylor , and Pop Eaters is UNTRUE.

  • CKNola

    I’m glad Demi will be able to spend time with her family without having to compromise her treatment to do it.

    Demi really seems to be devoted to getting better instead of doing what is convenient, and since she is focused on getting better, it means she has a great shot at really doing it.

    Also, anyone who doubts Demi’s acting ability, watch the end of the SWAC episode “Sonny With a Choice”

    There is a quite intense scene (Easily the most intense scene ever shown on a Disney show) and Demi absolutely nails it.

    Bless Demi, and may she live a long, happy, and healthy life.

  • H

    No, she will ruin the Avengers movie. Hope this rumor is false.

  • mech

    Best wishes to her… We want her back as soon as possible but healthy.

  • tabby

    That is greattt!! all the best to her. get well soon Demi :D

  • J

    I’m glad she doing well. I don’t think she should be rushing into the spot light again, after going through serious break down. but that her. As for the Avengers movie? It’s pretty much a 50-50 chance, sense she is still a Disney star, and Disney has bought the rights for Marvel characters, so it’s possible.

  • Ella

    Yeyyy!! I’m so hapy for Demi. :)
    We miss you D!!

  • http://Belle Mia

    okay i love the girl i do but stick to disney honey the avengers cast is a list of top a Actors she gonna hve to step her game up

  • anybody?anybody?

    i know this sounds super selfish, but i want her to come back to do more SWAC lol. but i want her working as long as it doesn’t make her go off her rocker again, because i do love demi (though i’m starting to suspect i’ve really fallen in love with Sonny’s fashion…). but for this to happen to anyone so young is really not something i wish on anyone, so i hope she gets better, gets lots of presents, stuffs herself with good food, and gets back to rehab with a clear head. come back soon demi!
    p.s.: i don’t think she’s a horrible actress, but she IS a killer singer; i love her voice.

  • kari

    I hope she’ll go to jail and have a Lindsay Lohan’s career ahahaha

  • tiara

    I hope she has a wonderful Christmas like me!

  • lory

    i’m so happy for her hopes she gets well soon :)

  • Shut.up.haters!

    @angel: IF YA CA’T SAY SOMETHING NIVE DO NOT SAY ANYTHING!!! Demi is the best!!! If she can check herself in to rehab that says something. She did’nt have to be taken by the cop’s or anything she went one her own! So that it self says a lot! Plus it’s prolly hard to e a teen and a celeb!!!!!! So just take your crude comments somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! :)

  • unknown

    @angel: maybe u can check out demi on grey’s anatomy she did a gd job

  • Erika

    Cool XD Good for her :)

  • http://@jackeam jackeam

    OMG… demi lovato haters, go to the hell!! please, she is a great actress and she has a beautiful voice too. I hope that this is true. All your real fans love you demi. Get well soon :)

  • timidas

    The real issue here is that Demi is suffering from mental illness and substance abuse and needs to get professional help which it looks like she is doing. Unfortunately, even if Demi gets said help there is no gauranty that she will ever be cured. This is just the beginning of a very long road for Demi. I pray that she gets the best help money can buy, because according to recent news reports, US government reseachers stated that one out of every four Americans suffers from mental illness. The fact that Demi acted out in such a violent manner, because of something she THOUGHT Alex supposedly said should be of even greater concern to Demi’s camp and her fans. She was very lucky that all she did was give Alex a black eye. Once a person resorts to violence to settle their problems, it becomes a very hard habit to change/control. She can no longer hide behind the vail of victim because she is now the PERPETRATOR and Alex is the VICTIM.

    I find it very interesting that you all know all the facts about what went on that night of the supposed “PARTY” that is at the root of this whole fiasco. I have never heard Demi’s camp ever put Alex at the actual party. Also, I have never heard Demi’s camp come out an publicly accuse Alex as the “snitch.” ” Believe me if they could have, they would have.” Also, if Alex had made any money selling her story or pictures, they would of pounced on that as well. But, the fact is they didn’t because they know that Alex was not at said “Party,” did not “snitch”, and did not make money off her pictures or interview. Anyone with a brain knows that the rehab and all the wow is Demi was leaked out by her camp and lawyers. Even the lies about Alex being the snitch.
    You all should be asking yourselves, “if Alex didn’t snitch, than who did?” The fact is that Demi and her camp know who the real “SNITCH” is and aren’t telling. Why are they letting Alex take the heat? What does the real snitch know that Demi’s camp is worried might get out? The fact is they know Alex is innocent of the charges of being a snitch or having anything to do with the party – thus, the settlement! However, whatever they are hiding must be really BAD, since they are so willing to let Alex take the fall. What kind of people would knowingly let an innocet person (Alex) be so maligned just to save Demi’s ass (career)? It most be something worst then an assult charge.
    The real snitch’s name is already known by many people and the facts of the party are slowly making there way out. You got to love the BIZ!!! So, if I was the real snitch/snitches, I would come clean. Also, if I were the Demi camp, I would rush to tell the world that Alex had nothing to do with this whole thing except for being violently assaulted by Demi, and has actually acted quite reasonably about the whole thing. When the truth comes out, the backlash against Demi and her family for using Alex in this way is going to be much worst.
    To all the legal experts: Armchair lawyering is meaningless….
    P.S.: To the real snitch/snitches, It’s time to man/men up and make things right. We know your name/names……

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  • rawaal

    well demi u r ugly than selena

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