Gregg Sulkin: 'Avalon High' is a History Lesson

Gregg Sulkin: 'Avalon High' is a History Lesson

Gregg Sulkin has truly made himself a household name in the US and on JJJ.

The 18-year-old Britain born actor recently opened up to Zooey mag about Avalon High. He shared, “It’s definitely got a twist and an edge. It’s different. Growing up, you sort of hear about [Arthurian legend], and I feel like this movie is sort of a free history lesson. It’s a nice blend of history, education, friendship, and love. I like that Disney is trying something new, and I knew the director, so I felt like it was a great opportunity.”

Now living in Los Angeles, Gregg is still missing mom’s home cooking. “It’s been good, I’ve got a very supportive family. My mum and dad came out for a bit. I’m 18 now, so I’m living on my own. I want my mum to come back so she can cook for me!” he added.

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  • Jorenda

    WTF are you talking about? Barely anyone in the USA knows who he is. Wizards isn’t even close to being the most watched shows among toddlers and children.

  • Jackie

    I LOVE Greg! He seems like a real sweetheart! I would love to meet him one day.

  • 16Fashionista

    I don’t agree with Jorenda.

    Wizards earned an Emmy, which meant it is a shows that a lot of people watch!

    And it’s kinda true that not everyone in America knows him..

    But I know him too, and I live in the Netherlands;)

  • Dalal

    @16Fashionista: Earning an Emmy Award doesn’t man it’s a show a lot of people watch. Shows that win Emmy awards are of good quality, substance, but are definitely not based on how many people watch a show. A lot of shows no one watches have won Emmys. You’re one person from Netherlands, that’s irrelevant to what JJJ is saying. They’re saying every household in the USA knows who Greg is, when in reality not even 0.3 percent of households in the USA know who he is.

    It’s not ”kinda” true, all of America doesn’t know him except for a few minority, the children who watch Wizards.

  • Dalal

    doesn’t *mean

  • ugh

    What a moron…the King Arthur (Avalon) Legend is just that…a story. It’s not a history lesson when it is FICTIONAL. If he really is dumb enough not to know that, he could at least research for his role!

  • anybody?anybody?

    everyone arguing about whether or not greg’s a household name is a f*cking idiot. who cares if only kids know his name? he’s raking in money at 18 and is worth a whole lot more than any of you morons, who are WAY less known than he is. so quit being annoying. he’s very cute, but i do think he’s not a special actor— he’s just another guy made famous on Disney. but it’s not a bad start and i hope he starts branching out to more exciting things. him and selena gomez are two young actors who i hope will stay in the business long after their crazy counterparts (ahem, just being miley y’all) burn out and end up in rehab for good.

  • 16Fashionista

    @Dalal Well I have to say… I guess you’re right.

    I can’t say anything about wheter people in America have heard from him or not. Because I am not an American..

    So I am sorry for this.. And you are completely right!

  • dana

    damn he’s hot…

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  • Dalal

    @anybody?anybody?: I’m not an actor nor do I wish to gain fame and I doubt Gregg is earning more money than me. He’s a recurring character on a Disney Channel show!

  • Dalal

    ”he’s raking in money at 18 and is worth a whole lot more than any of you morons, who are WAY less known than he is.”

    Can you get anymore childish? calling people MORONS and fcking idiots is pathetic. Did you ever consider that maybe we people don’t want to gain fame and don’t want to be on the stupid Disney Channel? We REALLY don’t care Gregg is more known than we are because we’re not after fame and a recurring guest role on a kids show. We’re really don’t want to audition for a crappy kids show barely anyone in the USA watches. And don’t give me the ‘movie did great’ crap, of course Disney shows transformed into DCOMs do well. You have various audiences, they have the show’s weekly audience (2-3 million people, and everyone else who watches Disney. It’s a fair game and the show’s average ratings prove barely anyone is watching it. Lmao at these hardcore tween stans.

  • Kate

    I don’t even care about the arguments you guys have above, all I care about is him saying it’s almost like a free history lesson. Sorry, but for someone who cares and love the Arthurian Legends, that’s just offensive on so many level. The book isn’t bad…but c’mon…twists and turns in the story and no history lesson that isn’t already the “usual” known about the story. Nothing special & nothing new added. Plus, doesn’t his character ends up with the main girl in the book? Mmm, last time I check King Arthur didn’t get with Lady of the Lake.

  • Mika


    He’s a very good looking guy.

  • foreverdclove

    He’sss sooo hot. and im happy that he made it this far. Then again hess soooo hot and his British accent makes him 10 times more h-o-t-t-e-r <3 ;P <3333333333

  • Lamia

    COME ON. Give it a break!
    Gregg is british,so that doesn’t mean that america’s shouldn’t or don’t know him. I say,even my whole classmates say that he’s WAY BETTER,SMART,HOT than JOE JONAS. Yoho!

  • lucia


  • Chloee

    I LOVE GREGG! <3

>>>>>>> staging1