Steven R. McQueen: A Little Fuel in the Fire

Steven R. McQueen: A Little Fuel in the Fire

Steven R. McQueen gives off his grandfather’s vibe in this new shot from Vanity Fair.

The 22-year-old actor laughed about the fact that they [his grandfather, Steve McQueen and him] share the same name. “Luckily, I’ve got a generation gap between me and him. But more than anything it’s a little fuel in the fire,” Steven said.

Steven also dished on how he really got into acting: “When we [my mom and stepdad/hockey player Luc Robitaille] were living in Detroit, I had a real lack of direction. I started watching movies all day long. I watched my grandfather’s projects with admiration and looked up to him, but at the end of the day you have to be true to what’s inside.”

He adds on the appeal of his character Jeremy on The Vampire Diaries, “[He] was as messed up as possible in the head.”

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Credit: Mark Seliger; Photos: Vanity Fair
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  • IndialOvesuBrendaSong

    I can’t believe he was 22 when he plays a 15 year old on Vampire Diaries! Woah, some good genes right there.

    Kinda hard to believe too, the show’s writers should have made Jeremy a 16 year old, how many 15 year old boys actually look like Steve? no one, he looked old for 15 probably because of his muscles.

  • Bibi

    @ IndialOvesuBrendaSong Jeremy’s supposed to be 16 now…
    and Steve looks younger than he is…he has babyish facial features, so one could think he actually is 16 (just don’t pay much attention to the muscles or the fact that he’s taller than the other guys from the show)

  • Jen

    Well, he was 20 when he shot the pilot. Jeremy was 15 then.

    But his character is 16 now and he has a really young face so it’s not so bad.

  • :D

    I love him :D

  • Heather

    That pic kinda reminds me of Taylor Lautner’s Rolling Stone shoot…

  • an

    he’s become so hot in season two of the vampire diaries :D
    love love love him

  • fliere

    He is so cooll… I hope he’s in more movies soon

  • isabelle

    Oh my GAWD! Heather i thought the same :’) i was like “RIP!”.
    but it’s okay cause Steve is gorgeous ;) (So is Taylor, i actually prefer him but whatever)

  • Koko

    @AN Haha i was thinking the same thing second season i was like omg he got soooo hot!!