Demi Lovato: Christmas in Chicago with Family

Demi Lovato: Christmas in Chicago with Family

Demi Lovato keeps warm in an animal-print coat as she spends Christmas Day (December 25) with her family in Chicago.

As previously reported, the 18-year-old actress/singer spent most of the day with her family and returned to her treatment center outside of the city later that night.

Demi‘s family, which included mom Diana, stepdad Eddie, and sisters Dallas and Madison, went to see a movie at a Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Bar & Eatery.

The venue is an upscale movie theater touting a “full-to-your-seat food and beverage service.”

WHAT MOVIE DO YOU THINK Demi and her fam saw?

Demi Lovato: Christmas Movie!
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  • menna

    digging the dark lipstick, though overall somber crowd….


    ♥ Demi ♥

  • Dragon

    I love the dark lipstick, looks good on her. =]] But really? They look like they’re on their way home from a funeral. WE MISS YOUR SMILE DEMI!

  • http://lalajonasick LALA

    omg im so glad she’s better!
    Love you Demi!!

    follow me on twitter!

    @lalajonasick (with 1 “s”) in case of confusion hahaha

  • Ada

    OMG She’s alive!!! LMAO

  • samantha

    omg SHE LOOKS GOOD i hope see her soon
    i miss her! go demi

  • Precious

    I think I’m the only one who likes her outfit, but I guess it’s cause I’ve gone all hipster recently and her look is kinda like a goth hipster!

  • Bob

    Hyper job stress, relations, center stage… And all look somber. It is no wonder.

    That young girl with them has weight issues, (assuming it’s her sister) Demi and family have multiple issues, but parents push push push… and it ain’t helping.

    Hey Demi. You’re a good soul and a good soul worth praying for. I don’t care about lipstick and fashion, in or out of relationships, or who is the latest cover of a non-read magazine. Find your center kid!

    You have the raw vocal power of Lennon and the comedic sense of Burnett. But you come first. Find your base kid come back….. but only if it’s right for you.

  • hiha

    she looks like she’s ready to punch any dancer hahaha jk she looks… umm… gooood!

  • Devon

    It’s none of our business as to what movie they saw. I am happy that she is getting better though! I have never been a huge fan, but she seems like such a nice girl.

  • Gaby

    We miss you DEMI!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    Is that really Demetria? so good to see her again!

  • joceelyynn

    she looks a little bit… chubbier?

  • Maya

    i miss Demi!! i didnt know she was in a rehab near Chicago! i thought it wwas in Texas!!!

  • buu

    No offence but she looks kinda ugly

  • Ego


    Uh yeah no…she doesn’t. if anything it looks like she lost weight. Hopefully she wont lose too much.

  • Ella

    Good to see my girl again!!
    Dark lipstick and nail colors! She looks fierce. \m/
    Can’t wait to watch her shine again on 2011! ^^

  • Chante

    its good to see Demi is slowly recovering =)
    I cant wait to see her back when she’s 100% she’s amazing and such a string person to keep fighting through all of this

  • wow

    From the result of things it seems that dancer deserved to be punched – she is obviously a money hungry bi*#h. Maybe the family is sick of the paparazzi and would have liked some privacy. Hope to see Demi back and smiling soon.

  • Amber

    Demiiii! Im so glad she’s back :D

  • none

    She looks pale. You would think that the pop. would leave her alone on such a big day. I mean come on how did they find her? Only time will tell if she has pulled it together.

  • Mullet Prince

    Demi Lovato is so cute and she’s so totally goregous.

  • meiner

    She is not new in the Business,
    she is now 18 years, knows the rules.
    In the age of Youtube, phone with camera … envious people in their own environment … a celebrit can not be so stupid and think his actions go unnoticed.

    Have your ass in the pants and
    take the consequences of your mistakes

  • Krista

    i wish she would smile :( continue to get better, Demi!

  • Dylan

    come on she freaking punched someone and no one cares about the other person….

  • temii

    I Think That People Should Leave Her Alone And Stop Passing Judgements ..
    Let Her Get On With Her Treatment & Hopefully She Will Comeback But Maybe The Pressure Is Getting To Her ?

  • Rain

    @temii I totally agree—no need for negative comments&& she’s getting help and doing what is best for her. its like don’t comment if your just going to diss her and be negative it’s totally not even called for.

  • good-one

    In the animal kingdom, there is said to be sometimes one option other than fight or flight. When fight or flight is not available, some animals / humans turn to grooming.

    She looks sharp.

  • Disney Girl

    It lifts a heavy weight on my shoulder. I am soooo happy now to see her I was terrified seeing her makes my world happy. I loveeeeee you Demi

  • http://justjaredjr sophia

    its very uncalled for those of you saying she looks chubby or ugly, damn!! seriously now i know why the poor girl has so many isses.

  • miranda

    we miss u demi i glad too see her again

  • anA

    I am so happy to see her I just hope she gets right back up to her old self in 2011(:

  • bambiii

    wow,she looks really pi*sed of and as if nothing matters to her …
    i feel so sorry for her, she is so talented but i guess it’s all waisted …
    agreeing with bob.
    wish her all the best .. ;)

  • uliGomezslovato

    I LOve yOu sO muCh Demi ! :D

  • maria

    Just because Demi isn’t smiling doesn’t mean anything. I mean don’t you think she might be annoyed that she has a whole bunch of cameras in her face on Christmas?! She probably just wanted to be left alone with her family on Christmas!!

  • Ego

    She doesn’t look chubby at all. I mean if you compared these pics to the one she had before…she pretty much looks the same. Except a darker look is all. Not that she was really skinny to begin with. Or fat. I guess compared to Selena and Miley she was a bit curvier. But I guess the social norm is that if you aren’t a stick figure like Keira Knightley, you’re now considered fat and unhealthy right?

    Demi is learning something important this year. Individuality. And that’s the best thing she can learn. To be her. Be what you want to be. Don’t be what people are telling you to be and don’t be what the mouse is asking of you. Be you. If there is one thing she needs to take away from her stint in rehab, it’s to be her. Not the disney image that they created for her. Be your own indentity. And people will like you for who you are.

    Sure she may take a small dive in popularity of being a “Disney girl” but so what? Who cares? In the tend you gotta be you. You can’t let anyone tell you to be someone else, you have to be who you are, and she is who she is.

  • Jaz

    Rehab made her look depressed.

  • Rachel

    Glad to see Demi out for a while. :D
    Just take your time Demi, we’re all here for you. :)


    If they let her out it means she is improving!

  • Ego

    @Jaz: Well it could also be due to the fact that she has a camera shoved in her face on Xmas day…that kinda sours a mood.

  • http://DEMI3FAN5 Jacqueline Estremera

    I love and support Demi all of the way!! She is an inspiration!! I hope she heals quickly!! LOVE YA DEMI!!

  • Cat

    Because she is not smiling then she has to be pissed or depressed?! Seriously? She was walking to the restaurant with her family not posing for a fashion shoot!!
    And she looks chubbier?! Seriously? Are we looking at the same pics cos she looks the same to me!
    As for how she is dressed – she can wear whatever she wants to wear, just like we all can – it’s called choice!
    She’s 18, getting help for her issues (which many people at an older age would just ignore) and she’s learning who her real friends are. She has her whole life in front of her. Give her some space! Geez.
    She a beautiful young woman who looks normal!!

  • http://kirstyrawrpaige kirstyrawrpaige

    loving the outfit..i love demi :) too much pressure for her,but i hope she does well.

  • sayonara barros

    Oh My God!Demi what’s happened with you?!
    Where is that beautiful smile of yours?!Where’s that hapiness when you’ve sang your songs?!Please…don’t lose your faith!
    We…your fans are here to support you and accept whatever you’ll go to do!
    Just put an exuberant smile in your face…maybe you could make a day better!

  • Ego

    @Dylan: You know, I noticed that the people who support Alex Welch tend to live in a world of PC ridden litigations. Where they feel that it’s ok to sue someone for a minor injury to same effect as suing someone for beating the crap out of them with a baseball bat. You guys say DEMI is the real bully and what not yet let me ask you something. How is someone a bully when their mindset isn’t even in the right place? You say it doesn’t matter but how is that possible when you can’t even think straight? The typical argument I hear these days when it comes to Demi Lovato is “Mental illness don’t real.”

    Well then if you believe that Mental illness “don’t real” you have to believe that things like sickness and diabetes “don’t real” either. Because a healthy mindset needs to be supported with healthy emotional support. Just like a healthy body needs nutritious support to make it function. This is NOT an opinion. This is scientific fact. Not saying that what Demi did was right, but any decent human being won’t blame Lovato for acting mentally ill when she was suffering from a mental illness.

    And speaking of Alex Welch, the little Ambulance chaser that could, Since you live in a world of pointless PC litigations and no room for logic, I’m just trying to understand your sue happy ways. This is the same type of mentality that would file a bogus malpractice suit lawsuit against a hard working doctor with just so he can get a few bucks. That’s ten times more deplorable than giving someone a black eye. That’s character assassination and that’s ten times more reprehensible than giving some one a facial boo boo that will heal in two weeks. But unfortunately Character assassination isn’t against the law. Which can do more damage than any sort of physical violence.

    Sorry but no. The real bully isn’t the disney actress who is put under a microscope. It’s the red headed dancer who decided to make a mockery of this judicial system and turn little black eye into a ****ing media circus.

  • MusicXXX

    Demi looks like she’s gotten a bit better! She wants to stay low-profile, and that’s what she really needs right now. We all miss her and she will come back when she is ready. If she just comes back and rushes into things again with all of the questions from the fans and the press, it’ll be the same thing over again.

  • Dylan

    What hell ego? you act like you know Demi. You need to get a life. I could care less about whoever she punched I just commented because I am sick and tired of hearing about her. Demi could care less about what you think and for all we know she could be in rehab for a great publicity stunt.

  • Frankie

    umm…… WHAT?
    okay, im reading the comments below and it seems like demis fans are a bit delousional or something.
    “She looks so good!! im glad shes back to her happy self”

    First off she looks horrible. a bit like shes trying to hard. but its not like we are expecting much I mean she just got back from rehab. And judgeing by this photo I dont think she is done.
    Look, I was a fan too, but that was back in her dont forget days. dont you guys see how much she has changed. And honestly, shes becomming a bad influence just like miley. I mean she punched a girl, then runs off to rehab. What do you think Madison will take from that? because she is already in the acting buisiness from desperate housewives

    I dont care if you say thats none of my buisness, Its Demis own fault for that behavior when shes in the spotlight. The Disney Limelight is dangerous and if she had problems emotionally and physically (like the cutting) BEFORE she should have taken that in account before getting into that spotlight. Now her problems are being seen as okay in a “it will pass” sort of sense from her fans when its not okay at all.

    I have an eleven year old neighbor who began cutting herself when she nine, she says that maybe now it wont be such a big deal cuz demi lovato has done it and everyone seems okay with it.

    ITS NOT OKAY. If demi had emotional problems she should have dealt with them before the tour or at a stable pace, not when it blows up in her face, as for Miley for doing the drugs shes just being an idiot. I dont care “If shes 18, shes growing up” she JUST got out of the disney spotlight and what about her little sister Noah? In that same way she and Demi are setting those examples to thier much much younger fans.

  • Jaz couture

    Wow I live down the street from that movie theatre!!!!

  • @camilinhaSuzana

    Te amamoos muuito Demii ♥ ! :D