JoJo: 'Hollywood' Song Premiere!

JoJo: 'Hollywood' Song Premiere!

JoJo‘s new song “Hollywood” has leaked its way onto the internet, and it doesn’t seem she is too happy about it.

The singer, who turned 20 last week, tweeted “SO OVER songs leaking. Really bums me out. Unfortunately its just indicative of the time we live in + how internet changed music industry.”

JoJo recently went into the studio with Nick Jonas to work on a collaboration for her new album. Can’t wait to hear all the new songs!

Listen to “Hollywood” below…

JoJo: “Hollywood” Song Premiere
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  • listen to mayday parade

    She should be happy someone took the time to leak her song and that someone took the time to post about it. Seriously Jojo you have been off the charts forever, so just be happy your getting another chance. Please die your hair lighter. And whats up with your wonky boobs? They look distorted in every picture. Great voice though.

  • isabelle

    if its leaked then why are you putting it up Just Jared?? seriosuly

  • Ginny

    I just love it,I’m start think this album gonna be great

  • H

    She’s been gone for so long, I’ve wondered in the past few years if she’s just quit the music industry altogether. Apparently, not… though she does have talent when it comes to singing. Black hair looks pretty bad on her. I agree with “listen to mayday parade,” songs being leaked may piss music artists off and whatnot, but she shouldn’t be so annoyed since it’s actually going to help get her back out there in the music business again.

  • Mika

    JoJo’s got a great voice, but the black hair is not attractive.

  • -

    Who cares about her hair? Its sad how people worry about looks so much and not talent like how she mention in the song. She is gorgeous with any hair color. Can’t wait for the album.

  • jmp3000

    I think she looks quite pretty in black, but she shouldnot be that upset about the leak of the song. Hopefully it will give her some good publicity because she sounds amazing in that song. It started kind of lame but it really picked up fast and the end is awesome.

  • bree

    I’ve listened to the song a few times and I love it! She has a great voice. As for the picture, it does not do her justice because she’s actually pretty.

  • xxx

    She really is a one-hit-wonder.

  • hiha

    doesn’t she look like Lindsay Lohan?

  • malcom

    She has two number one hits, Leave (Get Out) and Too Little Too Late, can’t be an one hit wonder. And I’m pretty sure she’ll be back on the charts as soon as she releases new material. Music industry needs more people like her, people who actually care about the artistic side of it, real singers.

  • -

    #9 sounds like a hater! You want be saying that when her album goes platinum!

  • http://therealgracem Grace

    i think she looks gorgeous in any color, this girl IS REAL, the reason she takes her time between albums proofs that she’s not an attention seeker and that she is a REAL artist, hollywood needs more poeple like her, and im quite sure her new album is gonna be the bomb

  • Rawr

    @xxx: Ironic, given that she’s already had more than one hit. Derp derp.

    People need to learn to troll better. They’re just getting so bad.

    Anyhoo, this song comes hard. If it’s not a single, then she and her label are insane. If it’s not even on the album, then they’re really insane.

  • Jessica

    The reason why she is upset about this song being leaked is because her cd that was supposed to come last year was leaked by her old record company. If you go on youtube and type in Jojo All I want is everything all her songs from that album is leaked so that why she is so mad

  • http://@svargas22 svargas22

    @listen to mayday parade:

    sit the fuck down! bitterness is ugly.. i would like to see a picture of you. bet u have flaws and all.. but ignorant people only do that.. (;

  • thelightedside

    i agree pretty much with this song. She;s the only one daring enough to not join in the groups of illuminati with hollywood itself. You go girl