Max Ehrich on Miranda Cosgrove: We're 'Good Friends'

Max Ehrich on Miranda Cosgrove: We're 'Good Friends'

They work together on iCarly but that doesn’t exactly mean Max Ehrich and Miranda Cosgrove are dating!

“We are really good friends. We really are,” the 19-year-old actor told Access Hollywood.

“Were [both] very young. Why be tied down?” he added.

Max said he and Miranda, 17, did go see Harry Potter together in L.A. but it was just two pals enjoying a movie.

“Whenever you’re hanging out with someone, you’re dating. You’re married! People just have these hypotheses,” he said.

Someone he does have his eye on? Selena Gomez, who Max previously revealed he’d love to work with.

Also, “I’ve always loved Angelina Jolie [and] Scarlett Johansson.”

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Michael Loccisano; Photos: Getty
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  • Selena4ever

    Selena Gomez!!! I would love if Selena would start in another movie!!! Selena Gomez 4ever in my heart!

  • peetl

    I’m going out on a limb to say half of iCarly fans are pyschos, I love the show but look at the Wikia made for it to see the stupidity of some people, Theres a whole three-page list of why Max Ehrich and Jennette McCurdy might be dating. Its ridiculous, these kids need to just watch the show and get over themselves.

  • alex

    Miranda looks beautiful in that Pic!

  • Uh Yeah

    Uh, Max is dating Jennette. They are heaps and heaps closer than him and Miranda. They’re seen everywhere and if you look at pics of them together, it’s friggin unmistakable.

  • Doug

    He’s dating Jennette….

  • Galinda

    The Max guy is cute and all but she can do so much better :)

  • marlinn

    HAHA! I know that Jennette and Max page, I’ve also seen one about them in Spanish with some secret and kind of telling photos. *Some* valid points are made. As for Miranda, I don’t think she’s seeing anyone but I hope she finds a really respectable dude in a few years :)

  • peetl

    No they arent. TMZ even follows Jennette around. You’re just another idiot making dumb accusations.

  • peetl

    In fact, keep saying that; you make a clear example of yourself ;)

  • Lo

    People good grief does every teen celebrity have to get their dating partner approved by their fans.
    These are people like you off scene they can do what they want when they want and wherever they want to do it without your approval.
    Have you nothing better to do but cut someone down just because they date someone you don’t like.
    And the funniest part is half of the time they are just hanging out two actors hanging out enjoy their time off.
    Please growup, do you jumb all over your friends and give them death threats because they date someone you don’t like most likely you don’t………….So don’t do it to these young celebrities……….

  • Christian

    Well it doesn’t matter anyway because Mac Ehrich is gay . . .

  • vanessa

    I have to admit there are fewer hard headed idiots on this post clinging to the belief that he is dating Jennette now that their Jathan ship has sunk. It seems Jennette just attracts fans who are completely out of touch with reality. Get it through your heads: she doesn’t date anybody and probably never has. Go find yourself a date and make a wiki about that.
    I’m glad Miranda quit associating with that naked moron..doesn’t even deserve to have his name said. Don’t understand why either her or Jennette aren’t taking advantage of all the good looking guys on nick.

  • vanessa

    @Uh Yeah Get a life. They aren’t seen anywhere together and he rarely ever even mentions her. You are probably the one who made that stupid wiki.