Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland!

Vanessa Hudgens: Lunch with Matt Prokop & Sarah Hyland!

Vanessa Hudgens quickly checks her phone on her way back to her car after lunching at Studio Cafe in Studio City, Calif., on Monday afternoon (December 27).

The 22-year-old actress enjoyed a meal with good friends and couple Matt Prokop and Sarah Hyland.

Another rumor hit the web about Vanessa being spotted out with former flame Zac Efron. We shall see…

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Black Orchid jeans and her fave Chinese LaundryTurbo” boots.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa, Matt and Sarah at lunch…

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Credit: Gonzalo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • HsmZanessaFansite

    She’s amazing..I <3 her..
    I wish she started a fashion line. She did always say if she didn’t get into acting or singing, she would probably go into fashion.
    Why not add that into the rest of what she is doing?
    I would totally buy clothes from her line =)

  • 3niefronhudgie

    Vanessa, u are amazing
    u always look so beauty ;D
    i really love u

    and..about Zanessa rumors..positives..
    i’m crossing my fingers!


    she looks gorgeous as always

  • Júnior Alves

    Vanessa beautiful <3

  • zanessa13fan

    OMG…thanks for making her no. 1 on Most Popular Celebs 2010 on JJJ.She is always beautiful..nice seeing her w/ her friends and also the sightings of hr and zac..i know they will get back together again so soon.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    Could she not get more gorgeous!! I love her style soo much, I wonder why Nessa doesn’t has a make-up line alot of celebs these days have clothing line that are irrelevant, I think Nessa needs to get in that business and show them what fashion is. Gosh she always seems to amaze me everyday, Congrats Nessa on being the most Popular Celeb on JJJ.

  • Skylar

    Another Zanessa rumor? YES!!!!! I mean, I never doubted that they were still together but I just love proof!!!
    Anyway, Vanessa looks so amazingly stunning as always. I can’t wait for Beastly & Sucker Punch!!! WHOOOO!!!! + Journey 2, next months gonna be her year! :D

    Zanessa Always & Forever <3
    5 years and beyond

  • Irish

    JJJr. They never confirmed the break-up … And crossing fingers to those sightings <3333 She’s so gorgeous!

  • Zanessadreamer









    Now…it would be nice REALLY NICE to have some ZANESSA pics…

  • Skylar

    * next year is gonna be her year lol

    @Zanessa/VanessaFreak: agreed! I would buy everything on her makeup line haha! She really needs one!

  • fiona


  • fiona


  • diane

    goodness, she is so pretty!

  • Miranda

    Zac and Vanessa are STILL together! :)

  • AddictedtoV

    yay! Vanessa is so gorgeous! JJJr. good to hear from you about the ZANESSA sightings and i’m expecting from you to post pics of ZANESSA after you post the stupid rumour about them its time for you to shine and bring back our trust from you…

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    She is so Freaking Gorgeous and Beautiful Love You Vanessa.

  • Skylar

    @Miranda: Yes, it’s so amazing! :) And we can finally rid everyone of this stupid ‘Team Efron’ ‘Team Hudgens’ thing. <3

  • Skylar

    @AddictedtoV: If this were facebook, I would ‘like’ your comment. :)

  • Evangeline

    It wasn’t a rumor, Zanessa were out together. Deal with it justjared.

  • qwert

    Is she gaining weight? Maybe the stress of the breakup.

  • Skylar

    @Evangeline: Ahhh thank you. :)

    @qwert: There was no breakup. And I really don’t notice anything. I mean she’s been to the gym a lot this past week too haha.

  • Carla menezes

    Now it’s time to wait for Zac to come back from his holiday break with parents in San Luis Obispo and pray to see them together again IN PICTURES.

  • AddictedtoV

    @Skylar thanks! :-)

  • Carla menezes

    Oh, and I also wanted to clear up that THERE’S NO BREAK UP between Zac and Vanessa. What was confirmed by Gina Hoffman was a BREAK [while they settle their schedule] not a BREAK UP. Those are two very different things

  • misstrindade

    @qwert: .|.

  • misstrindade

    ZANESSA ARE TOGETHER I JUST KNOW IT! But you know team hudgens,regardless

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw, HSM reunion !! I love it.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @qwert: you must have some sort of glasses that let you see things bigger she looks amazingly slim to me she has been to the gym twice this week not to mention Her two action movies that she has just finished that requires alot of moving around, and Sucker Punch required weights, if anything she looks more amazing every time I see her, and there was no break up at all, neither Zac or Vanessa confirmed this break up till this day I say that they are so oblivious to this whole thing and I also think they would go with this rumor to get out of the public’s eye for a while until some nosy paps catch them again and maybe that’s why we haven’t seen any pictures either because they are being discreet about it, Rumor has it that Vanessa was seen at Zac’s house arriving and leaving on Christmas, and the time they been at the mall a fan actually saw them and said they looked very much in love than friends, she also said Vanessa grab a hold of Zac’s hand and let it go to something she saw and Zac carried all her shopping bags while waiting her, they were seen hugging too, she also said that she doesn’t know if they are back together but they seemed more than friends to her. here is the link

  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful
    I hope soon to see pictures of zanessa

  • Skylar

    @Zanessa/VanessaFreak: I agree with everything you just said. That’s what I’ve been thinking and why I think they haven’t said anything about the rumor. :)

  • dakota

    That’s Matt Prokop? Wow, he’s really grown up a lot since HSM3. o:

  • mike

    good to see her

  • kami

    ♥ as usual vanessa is stunning. and matt looks so much older than he did in hsm3. ♥

  • carly


    What did the girl post on Twitter I wasn’t able to see it.

    I love how Vanessa goes to lunch or to dinner with her friends and keep each other updated on their lives. Matt and Sarah are really cute together.


    She looks in great shape to me the other day when she was wearing the shorts she was looking very thin and toned. I don’t see any weight gain. I do agree with all of you she should have her own fashion line and make up line I would buy from her she picks out good clothing. I know she said before she would one day go into fashion and she is always given kudos for her fashion sense. It’s good she is hanging out with other people and having fun I saw on Twitter also this must be a High School Musical Reunion week first Ashley, then the choreographer, and now today lunch with this guy and another tweeter said she was mostly at her house today before she had went to lunch and then went back but this is how she spent her Christmas:

    realkian Kian
    had a great time tonight with @chuckyklapow + vanessa, + stella hudgens. Great Xmas party.


    Sara looks a lot like Vanessa Hudgens like she could be her baby sister or Mila Kunis’s baby sister.

  • menna

    Three things:

    1. what the hell?? WHAT pictures of zac?? Why is it that she’s spotted with everyone else and yet people still insist that she’s been seen with him, too? The papparazzi never had a problem getting their pictures so why the sudden difficulty? These “rumors around the web” are just fake anticipation. There is nothing and I’m surprised that Jared keeps posting that on this one and the one where she’s going shopping. If they’re broken up, it’s just that, THEY’RE BROKEN UP.

    2. If, and I say a big IF, they’re considering getting back together, that’s fine but rather quick. It might has well been called a “break” and not a “break up.” Should they get back together, though, their relationship would be known as on/off, and that could end up messy.

    3. These stories about how Vanessa wanted to date around before “spending the rest of her life with Zac,” and their supposed friends predicting they’ll end up together again soon, and so on….They’re humans, they break up and find love elsewhere and their fans’ fantasies of them being a picture-perfect Cinderella and Prince Charming is, frankly, getting old. They need to move on and so does everyone else.

  • e

    I think that there is still definatly something going on between V and Z, not just do we have that very detailed sighting from the mall made my someone who says she really isn’t a fan, and then we also got tweets from a paps who saw Vanessa leave Zac’s house. I do wonder if we’ll get any pictures of the two of them at some point, one can hope that I don’t mind them getting their privacy one picture of them together wouldn’t be all that bad at this point.

    Anyway, Vanessa looks great in these pictures and I love seeing her hanging out with friends, espcially those that are also old co-stars, it shows that she is one of those people who others just want to hang out with.

  • Skylar

    @menna: *laughs hysterically*
    to your #1- Yeah, but they’re being really secretive about it right now, paparazzi may not be looking for them together because they’re stubborn like you and assume that the stupid rumor was true so therefore, they didn’t catch them together in time,
    To your #2- Where have you been? *laughs harder* It was supposedly a break and not a break up! That’s honestly what everyone called it. But anyway that’s what the rumor was, we’re not trying to prove that they’re back together, we’re trying to prove they never broke up. Which we are doing a very good job at because they didn’t.
    3. All I can say is, whatever, you saw my opinion above.

  • Vanessa Fan

    No one has ever really confirmed their break up officially. And I did see that paparazzi guy saying she came out of his house but until they are side by side and the paparazzi pay better attention there might not be a picture of them together. But then again people do take breaks and get back together even us normal folks.

  • menna

    Funny….because E!, People, Access, and pretty much every other news outlet confirmed a BREAK UP. And your “everyone” who says are everyone other than E!, People, Access…etc, people like yourself.

  • ladysdsandiego

    love how she’s been catching up with all her HSM buddies.
    and she looks gorgeous as always!!

    please God let these zanessa sightings be true!!!!

  • winona

    She is bigger. I don’t stalk her like yall but she is definetely bigger. Seems she knows it too with all the gym dates.

  • Skylar

    @menna: OMGOMG OMG! E! said it???? Really?!?!?! I didn’t know that!!!! I didn’t know E! was right 100% of the time!!!! That’s really good to know! So that means two years ago when they ‘confirmed’ Zanessa was getting married that was true too? I never knew! Gosh, and these past couple years I’ve been calling her Vanessa Hudgens. Wow, I was so behind, sorry Mrs. Efron.

    Umm, no. Thank you very much.

  • michelle

    oh shut up @menna, all those media people are just trying to keep up with the latest story. if i remember, they all said zac and vanessa were engaged .

  • menna

    Funny, because E!, People, Access, and pretty much every other news outlet clearly stated a BREAK UP, not a break, or time off, or any other way you want to sugar coat it, BREAK UP. your “everyone” is probably people who are not E!, People, Access, etc…people like yourself…

  • jonathon

    She is LARGE and in charge!!!

  • Skylar

    @menna: You just put exaclty what I put up there and I replied proving your point was wrong due to the fact that HELLLOOOOO, E! doesn’t know anything. It’s just a bunch of Hollywood Trash.

  • Skylar

    * what you put up there
    In other words, you duplicated your comment

  • menna

    @<a @michelle: @Skylar:
    oh damn….I didn’t mean to correct you guys since you guys are close personal confidants of both Zac and Vanessa. I truly apoligize for talking about people I don’t even know myself and I promise to back off.

    OH WAIT….

    You don’t know them?!

    Oh gosh, then maybe we should just all back off….