Hailee Steinfeld: I Really Stick Out!

Hailee Steinfeld: I Really Stick Out!

Hailee Steinfeld is tall for just 14-years-old. She’s already 5’8″!

The True Grit breakout actress dished to People how she’s growing to love her height, wanting to ask Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon tons of things and the famous snake pit. Check it:

On bonding with her True Grit costars: “With each of them, every minute we would get to talk, I was telling myself, ‘Hailee, take advantage of the time you have with them.’ I wasn’t in the position to ask all of the questions I would want to ask, but if I had one, I knew that each of them would be ready and willing to answer [it].”

On starting to love her height: “I started recently to appreciate being tall, but I have never particularly liked it. I am taller than all of my friends, so I feel like I really stick out, and I don’t like that. I am taller than all of the guys, which really stinks, but they are finally starting to catch up with me, which is nice.”

On toughing it out in the snake pit scene: “I don’t particularly like snakes, but I’m not afraid of them. I knew that those snakes weren’t poisonous, and, you know, there was also a snake wrangler standing right behind me — that helps.”

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  • tallfor14too

    I feel her pain. I’m 14 too and I’m 5’10″. My friends call me the green giant or the BFG. I hate being so tall because I get really bad back ache sometimes. My only advice, hang in there :)

  • Sophia

    love her!

  • Dannie

    Wow she’s tall.

  • tiger2

    Hailee is an amazing young actress.

  • lulu

    wow! I’m 16and only 5’2! And isn’t she the image of Nicole Anderson?!

  • Warren

    What a hot woman! Those legs are wow. I’d love to kiss her sexy mouth!

  • Cardiocatie

    Tall? , nooo.
    I’m 14 and also 5’8, but she makes it sound like she’s 6’2!
    Being 5’8 is just a little taller than average, I only stick out because I’m a size 00 – not naturally, either.

  • Lizzi

    @Lulu That’s because they’re both part Filipino! Asian-Caucasian mixes are seriously the prettiest :)

  • bethh

    im 6 foot and im 14, she is making it seem alot worse then it is for her and shes not really that tall, everyone else is just very small

  • alyson

    welcome to the tall girls club hailee! I’m 19 and 5’9. i’ve been taller than almost all my friends (except for my guy friends) for years, and it used to really bother me. but i’m learning to love it, it’s kind of cool being taller. it’s unique. love ya hailee!

  • sara

    love hailee!
    i’m also 14 almost 15 and i’m 5’7 too i JUST LOVE IT
    i tell my friends i’ll grow and be a supermodel and they’re so jelous!!=))

  • http://smilelovelive15 Lena

    She’s not that tall. I’m younger than her for six-ish months (8/97 me, 12/96 her) and I’m 5ft10.5 It’s nothing special. The only problem you might get is self confidence. Like, I’d always (and still do) lower my back and look like an old granny because I thought I was too tall. But it’s better when you are tall than when you are short!!

  • Hailey


    I’m half filipino. lol:)

  • darcy

    I’m 1/2 filipino too and 1/2 irish but grew up in the states and honestly; being that tall and being 1/2 filipino is unusual because Filipino’s are relatively known for being short. My dad’s 6’5 and my mum’s 5’1 and I ended up being 5’8 and that was when I was 14. I’m now 16 and I stand at 5’10. Her dad must’ve been freaking tall too if she’s that tall. (: