Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Green Bay Packers Game with Jessica Szohr!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Green Bay Packers Game with Jessica Szohr!

Joe Jonas huddles together with BFFs Ashley Greene and Jessica Szohr as they attend the Green Bay Packers game against the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon (December 26) at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The trio watched the Packers beat the Giants, 45-17. Woohoo!

Ashley tweeted out her wishes to fans on Christmas Day: “Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you got lots of special goodies and made great memories!”

Stay tuned to for a special announcement about Jessica!

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Photos: Green Bay Packers
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  • uliGomezslovato

    what good!

  • http://lalajonasick LALA

    awww gotta love’m!!

    follow me on twitter please

    @lalajonasick :D

  • Dragon

    How cute!! I’m always Jemi, but I’ve been a fan of Ashley for almost 3 years; Jashley is a-okay in my book! Can’t wait for the announcement on Jessica!! =]]

  • Jenna

    So tired of seeing Joe just fly around the country with Ashley. Does he have no life other than partying? How about some pictures of the hard working Nick. Now that would be good.

  • xoxo

    He knows he is not into girls, it’s clear as day.

  • Kat

    Jessica was also at Monday night’s Milwaukee Bucks basketball game, this time with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

  • me

    wth!! joe better off with vanessa hudgens..

  • Ella

    Joseph <3

  • abby14

    Why in the world are they in Wisconsin? Was it just for the game?

  • lolololololol

    i like ashley..but joe better off with vanessa..:p

  • ANNN

    JESSICA IS FROM WISCONY! that is why…i love jessica szohr.hope they will be great news!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Ugly coat ash! Hot couple tho – I bet the sex is awesome.

  • Signe Sigsgaard

    Aaarrrrggg… I’m soooooooo envious :P

  • zanessa94

    @abby14: ashley’s BFF is from wisconsin.

  • http://orkut honey

    joe jonas and ashley greene awww.cute couple

  • tastelikecandy

    I love them soo frikkin cute!

  • tastelikecandy

    also how come Joe looks so tall

  • marimadness

    @tastelikecandy cuz supposedly hes 5’10 and ashley is 5’5 and prob not wearing heels…they need to stop going places…idontknow y but it is bugging me a little. But hey its his life we just all watch i pictures and dream, right? Heyyyyyyyy yaaayyyyyy yaaayyyyy yaayyy oohhhhh….yeah im bored,tired and hyper….im fan of jb(jonas the real jb) and wonder when and if theyre gonna make an album…hope its like jonas brothers and a lil bit longer…cross our fingers..

  • mistertony25

    @abby14: Jessica is from Wisconsin and went to the Milwaukee Bucks game the next night with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Not sure if they’re dating or not, though. Hot rumor here in Sconnie.

  • Mrs joe jonas (YAH)

    @Listen to mayday parade: Lol… yah Joe is soo HOT and prob really good in bed. lol

  • sHESH

    Jessica is from the Milwaukee area

  • xemilyxmariex

    oh my gosh, i was at this game and was most def sitting in the stands when this picture was taken, how did i not see this!

  • mareesa

    @abby14: Jessica Szohr grew up in Wisconsin, in a western suburb of Milwaukee!

  • LOLwisconsingirl

    Wow that’s werid, I would never expect Joe Jonas to be in Wisconsin! I heard he was supporting the giants though, Ha they got their buts kicked! The reason Jessica was there was because she grew up in Wisconsin! Well small world, go Pac go!


    I’m not sure if one should possess a different type of etiquette in the presence of a celebrity or celebrities but as their Packer Suite Server I felt as though I treated them very well. I was extremely friendly, accommodating, and professional. Unfortunately the kitchen was behind, Sarah seemed understanding, but a $2 tip on a $700 tab makes me feel I may have not met their expectations. I did have 4 other suites to attend to. The Bulaga family (the family of our new offensive tackle), who shared the suite with these 3 stars, thank you very much for your generosity and your kind appreciation for only having to get you some beer. I can not thank you enough, I do appreciate it!!!


    @honey: cute? they are the worst couple ever!


    and the relationship is a setup they don’t even like each other at all they’ll breakup by new years

  • tastelikecandy

    @REBECCA: you wish honey! go kiss your Demi Lovato poster now!

  • charleen

    @REBECCA: Bwahaha it’s time you let go of your hopes and dreams of being with him. They’ve been together for over five months now, they’re into each other, get over it.

  • michelle

    @REBECCA: then why waste your time on them then if you hate them. jemi is over and your never going to get him.

  • sayonara barros

    I think that if they are really in love to each other…who am i to discuss?!Well…me and the other fans of Demi would like that “Jemi” could be true again but…we can’t control their hearts…am i right?!
    Just wish luck for Ashley and Joe…And more to our baby–>Demi! =)




    @michelle: i don’t hate joe, i love him and i’m a huge fan but i dislike ashley and no they are not into each other it’s all a setup like I told u why can’t u get that through your thick skulls? and they will not last or get married, so shut up, i have every right to voice my opinion,ok? and joe’s smile is fake and forced and he’s not happy at all with her




    @xoxo: he IS into girls, he’s just not into ashley, that’s all

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    oh my gosh, i was at this game and was most def sitting in the stands when this picture was taken!

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