Vanessa Hudgens: Skin Care Session with Ricki Criswell

Vanessa Hudgens: Skin Care Session with Ricki Criswell

Vanessa Hudgens hides part of her face with her long sleeves as she heads back to her car in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (December 28).

The 22-year-old actress, wearing Kettle Black Tall Triple Fringe Boots, stopped by the Ricki Criswell skin care and waxing studio for a little pampering session.

Vanessa is one of five actors who are nominated for Favorite Star Under 25 at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards next week. Crossing fingers she attends!

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Credit: Matt Symons, LRR; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • Sahina

    i like what she’s wearing

  • diane

    so pretty! (:

  • smart

    hopefully since zac is attending, then vanessa will attend the peoples choice awards too :)

  • patry

    Aww she’s so adorable! Thanks JJJ!

  • jk

    I hope she attends! We already know she won in the twitter votes.

  • charl

    is it me or does she constantly seem to hide the hand that used to contain “the ring”.

  • lauren

    has anyone notice that her and zac have the same hand gestures when it comes to paps?

  • 3niefronhudgie

    please! or Zac!
    but if they aren’t the winner
    that’s bad

  • Ciciat

    Wait a minute, doesn’t she have a contract with Nuetrogena? And what hjappened to Treats for the Face? All her BFFs (Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Ali and AJ Michalka) are always there. Maybe she wants to avoid her ex who’s there too…

  • mike

    good to see her going out somewhere shes so cute

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    She looks so Adorable and Beautiful Love what she is wearing.

  • carly

    Vanessa looks adorable :D and I’m loving all the vanessa sightings we’ve been getting wooooo Love You Nessa :)

  • Sol

    Vanessa’s not attending the PCA? Oh, thats bad, cause zac is going..

  • lauren

    maybe key word maybe,,, vanessa will go as zac’s date?
    key word maybe

  • misstrindade


  • muse

    Crossing fingers she wins. :)
    After all her hard work this year, she deserves it.
    Cant wait for next year and all her movies. XD

  • Emma

    This girl literally looks good in EVERYTHING!!

  • musicgirl

    I am loving all the vanessa news!!! she looks amazing always , its not fair she looks gorgeous ALL THE TIME!

    I really hopes she attends to the PCA

  • Katty

    Are the People’s Choice Awards tonight?

  • lauren

    @ katty
    january 5th

  • Skylar

    @charl: Used to? Um, I think she still wears the ring. :) Try looking back a few posts ;)

    @lauren: There was no proof they ever broke up so, as far as we’re concerned she will.

    Awww Vanessa’s always so beautiful.:)
    I hope she or Zac wins. :) They’re my two favorite actor/actress ever. :) Both of them deserve to win. :)

  • Anibal

    I hope she wins!

  • Katty

    Thank you, Lauren.

    I do not have any expectations with Zac and Vanessa arriving together. Their official…whatever they are right now is still completely unknown even though we have heard many things from many different places. All we have heard from their reps are “Do not listen to the media” so I am doing my best not to. I know we all want to know what they are, but we won’t until they make a statement or are seen together, and even if they are seen together, people will still argue they are friends/together/on a break, etc.
    Zac and Vanessa do not like to feed into the media, and even if they are together, may not show up together just so they do not cause a lot of speculation/rumors/confustion, etc. But, then again, not showing up together will result in the same. They have a lose/lose situation with this unless V does not attend, but I see no reason for her not to unless she is needed in North Carolina and I do not know the date she is due back.
    Anyways, I guess all I am trying to say is we have no idea what will happen and no matter what happens if they both go, we still will not know their relationship status.
    Ahhhh, honestly, I wish I didn’t care so much but I am such a big fan of not only them seperately, but together as a couple, I can’t help it. I just want them to be happy :)

  • caroline

    I love her (:

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She’s looking cute. :) Hope she or Zac wins the award ! Good luck to both of them.

  • Vanessa Fan

    I really hope Vanessa wins also, and I know many people who are her fans worked very hard to vote for her, and I know I voted for her. I would really love to see her go she is not listed as an attendee but it would be really good to see her and I am sure they will question Zac if the rumors are true or not. Part of me knows it is not my business what they do in their personal life, but I would honestly like to know. I really did admire them as a couple it was nice to see people who were happy and drama-free. I guess January 5th will be a big day for Zanessa fans, and if for some reason they are sadly broken up, that he does not bring another date. They both need to stay single for awhile if they are broken up. It would be way to hard to see someone you love after five years be with someone else. Time will tell all next week, but I am rooting for them. I really really hope that Vanessa wins be kind of a shocker if she did not go, and she won, and someone else had to accept on her behalf. Either way I really love how Vanessa dresses and she deserves a little pampering session.

  • vfan

    I really want her to win the award because she deserves it, and it will be a great way to kick of the new year. :)

  • shelly

    hope she wins or zac!! :)

  • Vanessa Fan

    @Katty: She shoots in North Caroline January 16th according to reports not that I am like the director and know anything but that is the last I heard that she would be shooting in NC then :)

  • Katty

    @Vanessa Fan:

    Broken up or not, which I do not believe they are, I doubt he would bring a date, just out of respect for Vanessa and the fanbase they have together as a couple. I do not think they are broken up, it would be cute if he brought his brother or something, though!

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t see why she wouldn’t be going to the peoples choice. I heard she doesn’t have to go back to filming journey till the 15th so if I had to guess i’d bet she’d be there
    if nothing else I think we’ll get a clearer picture of what’s going on between her and zac. I think thy both will be there, they’re gonna get interviewed and Id bet good money they’re gonna be asked about it. So we’ll see

  • michelle

    the list are the people that are hosting/presenting the award show

  • Vanessa Fan

    @Haters Suck!: She is nominated so I would assume she would go, and they always dress super nice to these events can’t wait to see their outfit.

  • Vanessa Fan

    @michelle: It says attending but again I could be wrong there are like a bazillion links now out of the list. Looking forward to seeing a glowing motherly Natalie Portman to. I still see her in the Star Wars movie ah ha <3

  • birdie

    I actually think this is an awards show where the winners are notified before hand, so if she is not on the list is it probably Zac who won.
    Which is fine I wanted either one of them to win. I also think since they are on this “Break” it will be a long, long time before we see them with
    anyone else publicly. They are very private and I don’t think we will know anything about who, or who they are not with. If they get papped
    with anyone, it will all be speculation and gossip. I believe they are both going to be very busy people next year, and this time is to focus on their careers without people judging them about what they are doing since they have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Sometimes couples need
    to step back and re-evaluate what is happening in their lives. Love doesn’t just end and if meant to be it will find it’s way.

  • roxana

    Nessa looks lovely! i wish i can see her pretty face but i dont blame her, papz are probably going crazy asking stupid questions. Love the booots :)

  • Vanessa Fan

    @birdie: But since it is getting so much press daily on a global basis since last week I know someone will ask the million dollar question. I hope they come together it would be nice to see those two last longer then other couples it would be uplifting for a lot of young people who are experiencing their first loves. I know it’s rare that first loves last but we all have a little romantic in us.

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    she looks gorgeous!


    There is no way on earth that Zac Efron win


    LOL WTF!!!

  • Just Me

    vanessa better off with chase crawford….

  • yo

    she better off with chase crawford..:)

  • yets

    hope vanessa win!!!

  • jonathon

    She looks like she never baths. It;s like a scratch n sniff when I see her.

  • helmsworth

    The stink ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≠≠≠≈≈≠≈≠≈≠≈≠≈≠≈≈≈≠≈≠≈≈≈≈≈≈≈
    marks are edited off her photos.

  • beatriz

    i love her :)
    but Zac Efron deserves more this award,of course if not win, then that win Vanessa.


    I believe that Zac will present the award, I think Kristen Stewart has won the award, she was also one of actors nom. The vampires movies are very popular. they always win.


    Oh by the way Vanessa may have to be there a week before they start shooting, they usually do. Vanessa sure has a adorable body very sexy girl. I did see some other pictures of her, were she was suround by the paps.