Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Disney Duo!

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Disney Duo!

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas are all smiles in front of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday (December 29) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The couple enjoyed a day inside the theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Over the weekend, Ashley and Joe met up with Jessica Szohr at the Green Bay Packers game in Wisconsin.

Even though Joe is embarking on a solo album for late next year, he and his brothers, Nick and Kevin, might be releasing another album in 2011!

Bigger pic inside….

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Photos: Kent Phillips
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  • Jenna

    There gonna need anew jb album to support Joe’s vacationing. How many stops in how many days. All for fun. Tired of them.

  • jonathon

    They are engaged!

  • YouDOntcare

    Wow..More Publicity..



  • SunLight Princess

    Cute couple!

  • Lauren


    No their not


    U r so stupid

  • kiki

    You can tell Joe’s shoes give him like 2 or 3 inches, they are really about the same height.
    Plus, i’m tired of them, more like i’m tired of Ashley and Joe’s stupid haircut.
    Ashley needs to either get a tan or disappear(preferably the latter)
    Joe needs to shave and do something with his hair that actually looks good.

    Also, plain and simple fact: they need to go their separate ways, twilight fans don’t like joe ans jonas fans don’ like ashley.

  • menna

    These two haven’t broken up yet?


    @YouDOntcare: you are so right, he never smiles when he’s with her, he’s sad all the time and i just heard that she was disrespectful to a jonas fan at a walmart in texas and joe kindly told ashley to stop doing that and being rude to her and they were arguing and stuff i could smell a jashley breakup brewing


    @menna: i just heard that their fauxmance was a setup by their publicists that it’s all for PR and that they dislike each other and that ashley cheated on joe with kellan lutz don’t worry i can smell a jashley breakup brewing, and IT WILL HAPPEN, JUST KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.


    @kiki: yeah, I could see Joe with a slicked-back ’50s type haircut in time for his solo album, and for the new JB album, photoshoot and tour in 2011. I ALSO WANT THE OLD JOE JONAS BACK.


    @SunLight Princess: NO THEY’RE NOT.

  • IndiaLovesUbrendaSong

    She’s so cute! they’re cute.

  • jonathon

    ENGAGED!!!!!!! He totally proposed Over the holidays.

  • michelle

    @<a href=”/2010/12/29/ashley-greene-joe-jonas-disney-duo/comment-page-1/#comment-1they don’t have to do shit , just because fans (mostly jonas fans ) dont like it. joe and ashley are grown people and they can do whatever they want.

  • gr4c3

    dood…it looks like she got facial surgery

  • poppy

    Maybe it was a promise ring.

  • michelle

    @kiki: he never date you GET THE FUCK OVER IT .

  • helmsworth

    N then came baby

  • helmsworth


    K, u ruined it a little not a lot. Still think they are a long life couple and cute as pie! But, clearly in the photo (maybe the angle) Ashley’s feet are larger than Joe’s. Joe also looks like he has help in his shoes height wise. Still they are an adorable couple. Don’t point more stuff out.

  • aniee:)


    you have serious problems




  • aniee:)

    Joe is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They’re in Florida…and Ashley is from Florida or not?
    Maybe Joe is getting to know her family……..

  • michelle

    @YouDOntcare: you clam you know everything about them but you know nothing. stop stating shit as facts.

  • demetrius


    OMG, it’s happening!!! The anticipation. Let’s see the ring already!!!

  • MAddie

    They might be at disney together but will never be a Disney Duo. Simply because Ashley doesnt work for Disney

  • lerner

    I think most girls are just plain jealous of Ashley. She is pretty without trying. Her hair on a bad day looks fabulooooouse! Not like that stanky Vanessa Hudgens. She always looks like she just “entertained” a few boys. Ashley can wear jeans and a t-shirt and look like a rockstar. Stop hating!

  • neil

    why Joe likes her?

    She is a very normal girl
    She Just look really beautiful when she have kilos and kilos of makeup

    And she does not even knows how to dress…

    I repeat, She just looks beautiful when the professionals, makeup and dress her

    If I were to go out with my boyfriend…I dress up a little better

  • Mika

    Man, Joe grew up so fast in the past year!

  • aniee:)


    shut up your fucking mouth


  • sofia

    HATE THIS COUPLE!!! just my opinion

  • demetrius


    What’s your jealous problem? If they do what do you care? What an infant you are. Get a life! You don’t know if they want to or not. Isn’t it your bedtime?

  • Maddie

    Ahaha i laughed so hard when you said that! (:

  • winona

    Simply put, Ashley and Joe are Americas sweetheart couple.


    Love her outfit!

  • http://orkut honey

    oh plzzzzz joe is always soooooooo smiley near ashley and ashley looks comfortable too.jashley is sooo cute not as cute as jaylor but its ok i support joes happiness.LOVE U JOE JONAS

  • gabrielle

    i dont like this couple, it just seems like they’re gonna break up soon but they definitely aren’t engaged and even if joe and ashley are seeing ashley’s parents so? that doesn’t mean anything, they saw them when the tour was in tampa fl this summer…..

  • http://nowebsite alexandra

    wow fmllll just left florida today and was suppose to leave tmrw and if i would have stayed today would have met joeeeeeeeeeeeeee wow fmlfmlfmfmlfml</3

  • Christine


    Why on Earth do you feel the need to drag Vanessa into this? I don’t see her name anywhere. God, I really hate when fans like you post stupid crap like that. It makes the rest of us look bad.

    I fully support this couple, actually. I think he actually seems happier with her. I’m a fan of Demi, but he clearly was not into her. Some of her fans need to get over that and accept that no, it was NOT meant to be. Joe’s fans need to get a grip as well. It’s such a waste of energy to hate on every girl he’s seen with. I mean, really? There should be a minimum IQ required for people to post online. It would certainly help to weed out some of the mind-numbing comments.

  • ME

    WTH!! Joe better off with vanessa hudgens…

  • lol..

    @ME: i think so, they would make a great couple..

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i saw ashley on george lopez show, she seems very norrmal and nice. i don’t know if they were at disneyland or not but the pic does look fake.just saying. joe seems very happy with her.

  • Ella

    I love you Joseph! I love his smile. He really looks like a model!! <3

  • loloveisintheair

    she’s so beautiful. <3

  • Mckenzie

    its like the publicity people are trying to make ashley demi by saying that they are a disney duo she doesnt work with disney and she shouldnt even get offered just cause joe has

  • Angel

    @REBECCA: You have an amazing imagination, I must say.

  • lerner


    I think stinky girls idolize Vanessa. She trolls out of the house all stanky and you girls love it. It gives you permission to never shower. When Ashley fans are clean. Usually you look up to someone you would like to be like. Me, I shower.

  • http://justjaredjr shamilah

    Now how would you know that? he’s proposed to her.
    Their cute though, but i prefer seeing joe single ;)

  • mrs.Jonas

    seriously ashleys nose looks ugly.. she reminds me of a rat.. joe cud do bttr.. n i agree @kiki: JB fans dnt like her n Twilight fans dnt like him… they just rnt ment to be together… n joe backing away from the purity ring just for ashley is just WRONG…. his mum isnt even comfortable with their relationship..


    @jonathon: no they are not getting engaged or proposed so shut up


    @poppy: no it wasn’t

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