Willow Smith: 'Parents Just Don't Understand' Remake?

Willow Smith: 'Parents Just Don't Understand' Remake?

Willow Smith might just be putting a new spin on dad Will‘s former rap song, “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

The 10-year-old emerging recording artist dished to Yahoo Music in a recent interview, “There’s a possibility that I will. There’s a possibility. It’s a really good song.”

Willow put a fashionistic-spin on the message kids might get from her music: “I have the motto that says whatever you see in your closet that you like pick it and wear it. It’s not just your closet, but just your life. Whatever catches your eye. Pick it,” she says.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO hear Willow’s version of “Parents Just Don’t Understand?”

Willow Smith: ‘Parents Just Don’t Understand’ Remake?
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  • mishyb

    My girl loves to chat!

  • mishybc

    My girl loves to chat indeed!

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Erika

    She’s cool XD

  • http://www.twitter.com/Sara___23 Sara

    I like her :D

  • Katarakta

    she is little fricko…stupid kid

  • none

    Um that song caused a lot of protest from parents when Will so I have to ask will it cause protest again? I am wondering what her parents are thinking. I thought Will Smith was smart but this kid seems to be a smart @ss. Parents do understand and that song was stuiped then and still is stuiped. Right now I can’t stand this girl or her brother. It makes me this Will is nothing more that an arrogant dumb @ss.

  • MARY


    I so agree, she’s super stupid and talentless and I won’t hate the fact I hate her because she’s so big headed she think that just because her parents are famous that she needs to be famous and talented because shes not…

    I’ve heard her live she can’t sing, her lyrics make no sense and she’s 9 but she already tries to hard… :/

    I hate her, I would be happy I never heard/saw her again

  • http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu226/khwanrat1234/miley%20cyrus/2myaxd2jpg.gif headstrong

    i love this kid

  • good-one

    Willow is one among a number of extraordinary individuals around her same age. We should be nurturing these exceptionally gifted people for all we’re worth.

  • http://dnica ACE

    That is one strong little girl… I don’t think haters faze her at all!!!

  • http://dnica Babe

    @none: you must be really really old wow!!!


    i loooove Willow. you go girl!

  • http://IBURST LADY N


  • http://IBURST LADY N


  • http://facebook akaylin

    hey mary be quiet your just mad because your not famous ok dont be posting negative things im 10 also and i like to sing i know how to at least i think i do it depends what other people would think r have to say about me who cares how young she is if you hate her than y did u go c her live answer that willows nice pretty talents and parents just dont understand is a good song im not saying you cnt have an opinion but can u please express you opinion in a positive way thats for none and katarakta