Kendall Jenner: My Dream Is to Model for Chanel!

Kendall Jenner: My Dream Is to Model for Chanel!

Kendall Jenner looks gorgeous in a Terani Couture dress for Teen Prom‘s 2011 issue.

Here’s what the 15-year-old model and reality star shared with the magazine:

On her dream prom date: “My sister Kim [Kardashian] would want me to say Taylor Lautner.”

On her prom style: “This dress just stood out to me. It’s very easy and cute, and I can wear my combat boots with it.”

On her dream job: “To model for Chanel.”

Full pic inside….

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  • IndiaLovesUBrendaSong

    To be the face of Chanel requires class and elegance.

    Kardashians? no.

    But maybe Kendall will have class and elegance when she becomes an adult. Who knows.. she’s just a kid now so who knows.

  • xxx

    “To model for Chanel”

    LOL. Keep on dreaming, honey.

  • ia

    i think she would do great. All her shoots have been good so far. She has a future.

  • stephanie

    She doesn’t have the face to model for Chanel… her 15 minutes will be up soon.

  • erica

    she may not have the face for chanel but she does have the connections…

  • mino


    Wow thats really rude.

  • indialovesubrendasong

    @stephanie: She has 15 minutes of fame? since when? no one even knows who she is except for some people on this site.

  • indialovesubrendasong

    @erica: She doesn’t have any connections, her sister is Kim Kardashian, the epitome of trash in pop culture, Kim is on the Z-list and really doesn’t have any connections with high-end designers and high profile A-listers and affluent, powerful and influential figures.

    It’s the Kardashians we’re talking about here, they are the Snookis of E!

  • Soraya

    Like, SERIOUSLY???

  • hanni

    @Soraya: Jealous of what?

    Like seriously, omg, jealous of what? You’re probably kendall lol

  • MP

    She may not have the face to be a Chanel model now, but maybe she will when she’s a few years older… after all, she’s only 15. She’s thin, pretty, and who knows what the future holds for her? With more modeling experience she may not necessarily end up working as a Chanel model, but maybe another high-end designer. She’s a Jenner, not a Kardashian… no need to involve her Kardashian sisters and bash her.

  • hanni

    @MP: She’s a Kardashian, her family is the Kardashians. Last names don’t mean anything, her family is what it is and she is a regular on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Modelling for Chanel requires class and elegance and her family doesn’t have any of that, so it’s hugely unlikely that she’ll gain it when she becomes an adult.

  • steve

    @stephanie: agreed. can’t wait.

  • AshleyFAN

    Umm, have you all actually been to a Chanel show? The faces are not as cute as this girl. She thins out more and she is set.

  • brenna

    I’ve never really respected modeling as a career. It’s frivolous and has no real impact except making other girls feel bad about themselves and advertising companies that 90% of Americans can’t afford to buy from.

  • Mika

    It’s sad to see that media is so focused on a girl that had fame handed to her so easily.

  • vanessa

    @hanni: So her just because her family is a certain way, it automatically makes her the same as them? That is the dumbest logic ever. I am nothing like my familey. They are all loud and take a lot of risk most people wouldn’t dare. I am the exact opposite. I am very quiet, very in to school, and I have never gotten into serous trouble like them. Everyone is different.

  • knazby

    i think she will be a fabulous model for chanel. She has a great smile so keep on workin hard sista! peace out!

  • ki

    you are all judgemental…….who knows maybe she will model for channel maybe she wont let the girl have a dream……and who cares if thats who her family is if they were your family wouldn’t you use it to your advantages…..

  • jonathon


    So easily? Her mom manages her. Maybe she’s good at what she does. Not many managers work hard for their client. You can’t punish her because her mom worked hard for her daughter. That’s simply jealousy then.

  • Jess

    @hanni: Do you really think that Chanel models all have “class” and “elegance?” Of course not. All models have a certain way the designer wants them to look so they try to appear that way on the runway or in photos, but it certainly doesn’t define who they are. A Chanel model can be lacking in just as much “class” and “elegance” as the next woman the second she steps off that runway or the camera shuts off.

  • Penn

    @hanni: Why so pessimistic about her likeliness to become a successful model? Jealous much?

  • Kayla

    Kendall is pretty and I think she has talent.
    I haved worked for modeling agency,such as page parks,and It is pretty hard to get modeling jobs such as big desighner brand but you’ll never know what opportunity you’ll get and I think that Kendall does have connections since she is knowed for her “Kardashion Sisters”.

  • mar

    Taylor Lautner, eh? They’d look cute together.

  • mar

    btw.. she does not look 15! She’s going to be gorgeous as a a grown woman, she already is.

  • IndiaLovesUBrendaSong

    @jonathon: Her mom managed what she does but the girl isn’t getting actual modelling jobs, I don’t see her modelling anything, I don’t see her face and body on billboards, I don’t see her in magazines that don’t elevate reality TV trash, the point is this girl had ”fame” handed to her. She didn’t work for it, she’s not known outside of this site, yet whoever is in charge of this site demands that this non-working teen model gets as much coverage as real working teenagers in Hollywood.

    Has Kendall ever done a national campaign? been on billboards? worked? no no and no. Has Kendall done real modelling jobs over the past few months? no! has she done any form of WORK over the past few months? No, this site calls her a model, the truth is a model works regardless of age. Kendall isn’t a model, she is a girl who shows up to Hollywood premieres and events in cute short dresses to get photographed, she’s the modern day tween version of Kim Kardashian, she’s a girl who on here for doing nothing.

    The only thing Kendall does do is get papped, go to events and premieres and make poses in front of the camera, that is when she’s not appearing in F-list magazines like TeenProm to promote herself as a celebrity brand rather than model. She’s not even a celebrity, but she’s in the Prom magazine and is interviewed like a real celebrity, models showing off the latest designs don’t get interviewed by TeenProm. Models do spreads but interviews are strictly for celebrities, it’s a known fact.

    She’s the new Kim Kardashian in my opinion, once she hits 17 she’ll be all over the tabloids and news. People like her don’t have to work to get silly stupid gossip site’s attention. It’s just the way it is.

    REAL employed actors, models and singers will never actually get as much attention as this unemployed ”model”’.

    ”Model” my ass, this girl isn’t a model. She’s a celebutante! It’s a disgrace how this site lists her as a model on the verge of breaking into the mainstream BECAUSE A REAL MODEL is in magazines showing off clothes, in runways, in photo shoots, NOT in tween magazines promoting herself a celebrity brand appearing in half-of a page talking about her personal life and family.

    That’s just attention-seeking.

  • IndiaLovesUBrendaSong

    This is pathetic, she isn’t even getting modeling jobs or doing work. She’s on this site for being Kendall Jenner, not for working or MAKING a name for herself. She is on here because her sister Kim Kardashian has a ‘se x’ tape that became hugely popular thus making Kim a media darling, E! gave Kim her own show and now the Kardashian sisters are all tabloid staples and media darlings.. oh how wonderful! we get to experience the joy of reality TV trash on here too because she is Kim Kardashian’s sister!

    The only reason she is on this site is because her sister gained fame and now her sister’s fame is relevant to her…… wtf? screw this bull.

  • blah blah blah

    @Mika: i agree
    Its not that i dont like her she wouldnt be in this postion if her family wasent so stinkin famous for doing nothing.

  • blah blah blah

    @IndiaLovesUBrendaSong: AGREE!! what is kim even famous for?? i mean her butt….noo she was a celebrtiy cloest stylist and they own a store in LA….AND THey got famous for that? if the sex tape never came out they would of been a bunch of nobodies.

  • temii


    Yeah She Has A Future In Model – High Fashion Or Commercial
    But Why Are You Guys Hating On Her Because Her Sisters Are Kardashian And She’s A Jenner ??

    Give The Girl A Break

  • Lily

    I like Kendall, she’s very pretty and I think she’s a great model, but I don’t see her as a Chanel-face. That’s just my opinion.

  • indialovesubrendasong

    @temii: Do you understand that the Kardashian sisters were basically raised by Jenner? Jenner is the one who NEVER condoned their fame whorrring, if the Kardashian’s real father was alive right now he would be angry. He wouldn’t let them be what they are, tabloid staples.

    You need to understand the Kardashians are the Jenners, they’re one thing. Jenner basically raised them, Jenner (Kylie’s dad) CONDONES their behaviour and wild antics and is considered a joke because he has done the most plastic surgery EVER for a man.

    The Jenner-Kardashian family are attention-seekers, without Kylie’s dad the Kardashians would have never been founded as tabloid staples. Kylie’s dad is one of the people behind it all.

    Kylie’s last name doesn’t change the fact she is a Kardashian.

    Last names don’t mean anything, if Robert Kardashian was alive right now do you honestly believe he’ll let his kids run wild in Hollywood displaying their dirty laundry to the world and selling their dirty laundry? Robert was a high profile, respected lawyer, he was also kinda strict.

    Jenner and Kylie’s mom are the ones who agreed to let their family become public jokes.

    Kylie’s last name doesn’t change the fact she is a KARDASHIAN. Are you guys high or like in real denial or just ignorant about the situation? her last name is Jenner but without her dad is like the founder of the Kardashian family brand crap.

    Every high profile designers knows the Jenner-Kardashian family is a family run business in reality TV.

  • http://justjaredjr ALeeya

    who even is she, so far all i know if this is the 1st i’ve seen of this girl!
    JJJ shoudn’t post on ppl such as (know bodys) it’s always from familes or whatever they get the FAME name from! pathetic.

  • Mika


    WOW. WOW. WOW.
    Nicely said.

  • bill

    first of all, you don’t need to know everyone on the site that jared posts. if you need to know every person he posts on his site, then you have way too much time on your hands.

    also, kendall is only 15 and she has dreams. What is this, trying to ruin the dreams of someone so young? She has aspirations and its sick to see people making fun of her and bashing her already. Shes young, honestly, give her a break.

    Remember when we were little and wanted to be rock stars and actors and whatnot, this is the same. People have dreams and no matter how silly they may be, they reach for it.

  • Erika

    Nice dress XD

  • John

    hahahaa very funny of these commenter saying she doesn’t have the face for chanel, but when it comes to it she has a bigger chance then any of the ones who said no because to be sincere she’s freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  • MARY

    the pproblem is not the face or not… the problem is that like her sister she’s talentless… she has NO talent she just doesn’t know how to model, modeling is not be in a bikini with tons of makeup trying too hard to look sexy…

    To bad people think that someone who dislikes any of the karTRASHians sisters immediatly since we’re jealous.

    Before you say anything, no honey I’m not, jealous of what, of their money is wh*re reputation… I like to support talent taht’s it, I honestly don’t know how can someone be dumb enough to love any of this sex addicted, it’s not like they have any talent besides selling their life and bodies :/

  • MARY

    Duuuuuuuh of course, kids act the way they see their parents and sisters act… this girl already took some racy pics with 14 so it doesn’t seems she has any classy

  • yeahhboii

    Yeah she’s pretty and all but neither her nor Kylie have that “je ne sais quoi” that people at Chanel look for in models. I feel like because they are famous, pretty and tall. They’ ve gotten the opportunity to label themselves as models even though they are not. I’ve seen some of their pictures and work and they just look mediocre, un-experienced, and awkward. People who work for Chanel have that spunk, head turning looks and class. But with these Jenner girls the most I see from them is a commercial spread in another irrelevant magazine. Sure she can dream but their are tons of actual experienced working models who cant even snag a job with Chanel, so the odds are against her, but hey if things turn out her way I guess I’ll be the one biting my tongue. Best of luck to her though.

  • yeahhboii

    The unfair reality is that neither of the little Jenners have striking looks or advanced modelling ability however they can just stand in a professional photograph with a mediocre pose and get called a model. Sure she can dream but the fact is other people are way better models then she will ever be but she is recognized for being this extra talented model, when it is a sure fact that she and Kylie are just your average looking fourteen year olds. People at Chanel look for the unusual, and exotic beauties not just an average teenager.

  • yeahhboii

    On another note. Christine Staub the daughter from Real Housewives of New Jersey launched a modelling career as well, and frankly I think she has much more modelling potential than Kendall and Kylie. She is stunning and knows how to work her body in front of the camera for photographs. She has also started walking runways. So it is not a factor of just being pretty but knowing how to model and work yourself as well.

  • Sarah

    kinda reminds me of Selena Gomez in that picture. Just in that pic though.. I think its her eyebrows..hahaha. Anyways.. I think she would be a great model and that the rest of the Kardashians are cool! They are hilarious!! lol.

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