Miley Cyrus: Urth To L.A.

Miley Cyrus: Urth To L.A.

Miley Cyrus sips on a tall cup of coffee as she leaves Urth Caffe in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon with a friend.

The 18-year-old actress dished in a recent interview with TV Guide magazine that she’s all about pre-planning spaces in her new home.

Miley shared, “I’m really excited about moving into my new house. I’m getting it all decorated. I love knickknacks and I love mini Buddhas and pillows all over the floor. I’m part Cherokee, and I like to do Native American room cleanses. I do this thing once a month where I write down my intention for the space–like my intention is that I can’t talk bad about other people or what they’re doing, because I definitely don’t want that energy in my room.”

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  • Mika

    Wow, is it that warm in LA that you can wear shorts?

    … I want to live in LA. :(

  • dragon

    I love Miley, she’s so nice. I hate when biased and judgemental people make her out as selfish or mean; it’s pathetic .

  • Kristina

    I love Miley

  • Gaby

    This quote is kinda old.

  • c

    @Mika: Yes it is warm. You don’t even have to wear a jacket either.

  • vanessa

    so i guess that report about her getting a cross tattoo on her hand is false.

  • nicole Ishimwe

    I love you miley!!!!

  • hi

    @c and @mika: its not that warm either, its fresh ive seen a lot of ppl in LA with big coats it all depends if you can hand the cold. lol (:

  • vanessa

    I live in LA, and I think it is warm. Then again, I am use to the cold for I use to live in Ireland.

  • Stan

    Buddhas? Native American rituals. Sound like Miley is no longer a fully committed believer in Christ. Buddhas are idols, and Christians should not keep them around. I am part Thai on my moms side and we always fight with my grandmother because she always sends buddhas to to us, put in our home and we refuse to accept them. I am also part Cherokee on my dads side and we do not practice any of their rituals. We believe that all the love, guidance and protection we need will come from God. Miley you need to realize that you only need to read the Bible to find guidance in anything you do and put God in control through Christ. You also have to take the Bible as a whole and not just believe in bits and pieces of it that you happen to agree with. Yes, you can learn from some of the teachings of buddhist and native americans, but you should not worship them, practice their rituals, or have their graven images around.

    I hope you are successful in your pursuits for the new year, but unless you let Christ be in control of your decisions your are setting yourself up for failure in the long term.

  • c

    @Stan: I lived in Tibet for a while, and let me tell you something. The Buddhist I met were the ones closest to god. I can guarantee you, they are closer to god than you. Want to know why? Because Buddhism is all about learning to better yourself and become fully enlightened. It does not go on about discriminative things like the bible has. Does not tell you what you can and cannot do. It is all enlightenment and finding peace within yourself.

  • http://dnica ACE

    cowboy boots? eww.

  • Dari

    I think me and Miley are very similar, maybe that’s why I love her so much lol. And if I was in LA, I’d probably be wearing the same thing as her. My legs almost never get cold because I had to wear skirts all throughout highschool (private school) even in the winter. But I like the contrast of that cardigan with the shorts. I know people play her all the time, and while I might not wear every item out of her wardrobe, she definitely has a decent amount of items that I wish I could SNATCH! lol And I would definitely die for her red-carpet looks. Excited to see life going on for her. I really hope that she doesn’t let 2010 get her down, and that 2011 is only a year of success for her!!

  • c

    This is the perfect quote for you Stan. God talks about tolerance and acceptance@Stan: . You clearly do not follow those rules. And as you said, you cannot pick and choose.

    “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    – Mahatma Gandhi

  • jenny

    @c: i agree 100% with stan. C you obviously just said it youself we dont know how buddhist think and i agree but then again if you dont know our God and our bible dont judge us either. you dont know him and you dont know his relationship with God, so dont judge him just because he says hes christian. “dont judge a book by it cover” thats a good quote for you. (;

  • hi

    @c: @c: i agree 100% with stan. C you obviously just said it youself we dont know how buddhist think and i agree but then again if you dont know our God and our bible dont judge us either. you dont know him and you dont know his relationship with God, so dont judge him just because he says hes christian. “dont judge a book by it cover” thats a good quote for you. (;

  • Stan

    @c: Sorry but being a Christian is about tolerance of other and their beliefs, not acceptance of them. Acceptance implies that you agree with them, and clearly Christ did not accept the beliefs of other. He watched and listened, but he did not necessarily condone what they did or said. The whole point of being a Christian putting God in control, not yourself. He allows you only one decision. to accept Christ or not. After that, it about living with him in control. Will life be perfect. No, because the reward you are to be given isn’t in this world, it’s in heaven. It is all about enlightenment and finding peace within yourself through Christ. I understand you opinion, however I see no solid foundation in it. You say you spent time in Tibet, and that Buddhist are the ones closest to God. If that is so, why do they need Idols. I don’t. BTW, my Grandmothers brother is a Buddhist Monk and I know a lot about about the subject. Buddhism has a lot of parallels with Christianity, but they are not Christians, and so cannot be close to God. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much good you do in this life, you cannot go on to heaven unless you accept Christ as the Son of God and as your savior. The Bible leaves a lot to personal interpretation, but their is a lot in it that is not open to personal interpretation. It’s about faith in a higher power, beyond yourself, and to that end, I am more like my Christ, than Mahatma, Gandhi was.

  • Warren

    My sexy hot Miley is back! She has the most beautiful face and the hottest legs. Wonder what she has going for New Year’s. I love Miley forever!

  • Haters Suck!

    I really think y’all need to change the subject.

  • Warren

    @Stan: Hey, you’re harshing Miley’s mood! UR taking this way to seriously. Miley’s just decorating here, it doesn’t mean she is joining a cult or anything.

  • amtfan

    She looks so beautiful. Love her so much, I don’t care about the haters honestly.

  • what

    no one is hatin chillax

  • c

    @hi: Actually I do know your god. I was raised catholic, went to catholic school, and I do believe in god. But I practice Buddhism because it is more open minded than the bible.@Stan: To say that only Christians can be close to god has got to be one of the most ignorant statements EVER. But whatever, I know for a FACT what happens when we die. And once you pass on, you too will find out what it is really like. Who knows, in you next life, you will probably be a buddhist and learn that the “Christian way” is not the only way.

  • Jessie

    @Stan: Considering that you are telling people they should only be Christians, I highly doubt you are closer to god than Gandhi. Gandhi was an incredibly intelligent man who was more wise than you probably ever will be.

  • emily

    @Stan: people like you make me sick

  • emily

    @Haters Suck!: haha agreed. i like your attitude!

    totally not the place for a religion debate.

  • Hi

    @c catholic is some what different than christian trust me. Let me ask you something. You kinda know a person and they start talking about you like if they knew you and not only that but they start hearing things from others so they start believing that your that certain person that they hear. Wouldnt you much rather have the person get to know you really well instead of asuming things cuz they heard from other people? Thats kinda how it is with God and The Bible you assume. Take your time a read it and actually get to KNOW and i promise you its worth it. See i can choose to follow God or not but i actually took my time and learned about him and it was worth it. Ppl these days just talk and talk they dont know.

  • c

    @Hi: WTF, I have read the bible, and I did take the time to know it. Like I said, I went to catholic school my whole life. Even went to church every Sunday. Which is why I choose to follow Buddhism because I believe it is much healthier than the bible.

  • Hi

    @c: i understand you but theres a big difference see one thing is just making God as religion and another is having a relationship. When i mean a relationship i mean that you talk to him like you talk to a friend, someone that you tell things to. The bible is a guide he left you so when you need advice you can read it. Just think about that.

  • smileymileyfan

    wow! when did this story become a religious debate???????????

  • Warren

    @Mika: Like 58 for highs and 40s for lows isn’t really that warm. I wouldn’t wear shorts, but Miley is one HOT woman! And maybe she has hot coffee and her car is close.

  • Amira

    When did this become a religious debate? I mean seriously? -.-

  • Welllllll

    @Amira: let it be!

  • Warren

    I thought Miley got a tattoo on her middle finger and Denika did too. I don’t see it. Guess it was just a rumor.

  • Jola

    She is fatter

  • Lolo


  • blahblahblah

    Are You Blind ?!!!

  • IndiaLovesUBrendaSong

    These pictures are from yesterday……………………………………………………………..

    and still no pics from december 29

  • maximum miley on twitter

    Miley is amazing and she looks so beautiful here:)
    I am very happy for her..she is getting some time for herself. She is one strong,hard working girl, I love her:)
    Haters need to get a

  • actress

    Wooooow some of you are wayyy too into this I’m with @warren the girs just decorating!!!! If you don’t like it don’t hang out at her place..oh wait you guys won’t CAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HER!!!!!!! So…leave her interior designing skills alooone.

  • Naomi

    Since when did this become a religious debate? Does it matter if she puts Buddahs in her house? NO! If she wants to put them there, let her. I was baptized as a Catholic and right now, I question it. I’m not a religious person and I don’t criticize anyone else’s religious beliefs. I believe that religion causes conflict and I hate it when people kill each other over it. Why can’t everyone accept people for who they are? You don’t have to like that person’s religious beliefs or whatever, but just try to understand it. That’s all I have to say.

  • luss

    pretty mileyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

  • V

    Miley must really love that necklace to wear it all the time. I wonder where she got it from… it’s cute.

  • Tia

    Lol. she’s never embraced her native american heritage before. she said herself in an interview that she doesn’t care, or feel native american at all. now all of a sudden she’s doing room cleanses? That’s annoying to people like me, I’m from the Salish Nation, and I’ve respected and embraced my heritiage from birth. i didn’t just decided to start acting native one day because i decided it was cool now.

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    MIley’s not in The Big Easy anymore? Wow, that was a quick stay

  • headstrong

    looking good miles <3

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @c: when u say ‘god’ ur obviously talking about an idol and not the one true GOD.. There’s only ONE GOD. And that’s the one who sent His Son to DIE for us. Any other gods are considered idols. That”s why they’re written with a lower case ‘g’ because they’re not the TRUE GOD.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Jessie: hate to break it to ya kid, but Christianity is the only TRUE RELIGION. If you noticed in text books, when learning about different religions, the word ‘god’ is written in a lower case g. That is because those ‘gods’ are ‘idols’ and not the true God. The only TRUE GOD in this world is the one who sent His son to die for us. And THAT God is the only God that can get u into Heaven. Don’t believe me? Pull out a Bible and turn to the book of John. John will tell u like it is.

  • alex


    “Buddhism has a lot of parallels with Christianity, BUT THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS, AND SO CANNOT BE CLOSE TO GOD.”

    Way to showcase your total ignorance to everyone on the internet, Stan. Jews and Muslims believe in God as well. I agree with your point that in order to be Christian, one must take all of Christ’s teachings to heart and not just pick and choose, but you should know that both Jews and Muslims worship God; they just call him by different names and just because they are not Christian certainly does not mean they are not close to God.

    But this post really didn’t need to turn into a religious debate, so I’ll just say that I hope Miley’s new home turns out well for her.

  • kk

    interseting idea, but when did she become sucha boho hippie?