Destinee & Paris: Happy Holidays!

Destinee & Paris: Happy Holidays!

Destinee and Paris brighten up the place with big smiles and little red dresses in this brand-new video, wishing all their fans Happy Holidays.

The girls performed both “O Holy Night” and “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” — tell us what you think of their performances below!

Stay tuned to JJJ for more Destinee and Paris — we’ll have exclusive details on a big project coming soon!

Destinee & Paris: Christmas Caroling
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  • Cordelia lauryn

    Destinee & Paris look beautiful! <3 They’re so pretty. I can’t wait to hear their new music. Their voices have matured so much. Love it, love them!

    Fan Since 07,

    *i never got the autograph i was supposed to get from Destinee’s sweet 16 contest?*

  • Christina

    No offence but they look alittle bratty
    Im not trying to offend anybody but thats my opinion

  • Precious

    @Christina: No, I agree…did they always act like this? Paris seemed the most bratty…

  • Precious

    And their lip syncing is pretty bad

  • JiYoon

    Are you playing with me, right?
    They are so amazing! The most powerfull voice that I ever hearded!
    They aren’t bratty, they are lots of fun!

  • Hyuna

    @jiyoon I totally agree with you… they are great singers!

  • Natxhypy


  • iloveyaa

    They sung so good! love themmm ! <3

  • Alexa

    I think they look amazing and sound so beautiful! @Precious bitchy much?

  • Louise

    I think they have grown so much! but in a good way! they are so talented, and it really shows… wow :) and about the lip-synching… you can so tell that they did this live, stop being so jealous @precious.

  • Amanda

    Just can’t believe these voices come out of these young girls! They are so pretty and really polished but I was most impress by how funny they are. They seem really down to earth. This is my first time seeing them. Where can I see more of them. They look like real stars and I think they will go really far. We need some new, young, fresh talent like this. They look like they would be a good role mole for young girls. Can’t wait to see more of them

  • emma

    wow! they are soooooo good! How are they bratty? I’m not getting that, they sounded so sweet in the beginning, and they sounded really sincere, sharing a gift with their fans..? whatever, I think they are great! Good job girls!

  • Amy

    I think their voices are the most amazing voices I have heard in a long time. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone that compares to them except Mariah and Christina. I like how they express themselves and the hand moves and all. I love when a singer does that. This is real talent. havent seen that in a very long time. opps forgoet Beyonce, she’s my favortie. by the way they are really funny on the bloopers. love it.

  • jacie

    Who are they?

  • Alex

    Luv their versions!!! They are so talented. That speaks for itself. The only versions of Christmas songs I’ve heard comparible are from singers like Whitney H, Mariah C, and Christina A. Looks like they are having fun and playing around in the bloopers. Give us more!

  • shelley

    OMG! They sound so good. Their voices sound so much more mature than they did 2 years ago. I loved the bloopers. They should have there own TV show. So funny. :)

  • Nicole

    They are so FAKE!! Christina and Precious, I agree with you guys. Just Jared Jr., why do you even update on these two no names anyway?

  • http://none Gigi

    I literally laughed so hard, just watch Paris’s facial expressions, she thinks shes so amazing and the fact that they are over doing the hole song just makes them that much more ridiculous. Honestly who do they think they are? And Precious I agree their lip syncing is pretty bad.

  • Nicole

    Gigi, I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • shelby

    ive actually saw them sing live and if you did too u would know they arnt lip syncing. they are amazing and i cant wait for there album music videos and more in 2011

  • Ana

    @shelby: actually, they are lip syncing. and they said their album was supposed to release back in 2009. i doubt very seriously they will release it this year. they never keep to their word.

  • Ana

    @shelby: actually, they are lip syncing. and they said their album was supposed to release back in 2009. i doubt very seriously they will release it this year. they never keep to their word.

  • Jenn

    They actually aren’t lip syncing. I’ve heard them live, too and they sound like that. lmfao.

  • Rawr

    Um I don’t even know who they are…

  • tlc

    all I can say is you people that make negative comments are so jealous at least I can say they are two of the most grounded teenagers not to mention beautiful and happy. People need to stop wasting time on making something negative into a positive and be happy Destinee and Paris you girls rock

  • Kristen

    obviously @Gigi and @Nicole are jealous. You shouldn’t judge people you don’t even know so if I were you I would stop making negative comments about innocent girls who are following their dreams and are very talented.

    You girls sound great! keep up the good work :) can’t wait for your new album!!


    u have got to be kidding me they are so good! they are going to be the next big thing! @Gigi and @Nicole and @Precious you mean girls are just so jealous stop wasting your life hating on people that are living their’s!! Dream killers… get a life. I’m so happy for them! Loved the bloopers!!! :D btw you guys look amazing! I love your dresses and not to mention ur voices (:

  • smileymileyfan

    im not trying to be mean o anything but who are these two?

  • smileymileyfan

    normally i would never do a double post but here it goes…
    they do seem really bratty especially the one with the straight hair and their faces are pretty funny and the echo kind of annoys me. (did i spell annoy right? oh well) * but im not a hater just stating my own opinon* HAPPY NEW YEAR = )

  • Precious

    @shelby: Yeah they may sing awesome live but it’s really obvious that they’re lip syncing now; watch their mouths closely and you’ll see…

  • lalala

    Ok, there names are Destinee and Paris Monroe, formerly known as the Clique Girlz. They have changed themselves so much and I don’t know why. I used to like them before they tried to change themselves physically. They have veneers now and if you see the way they dressed when they were younger, it’s COMPLETELY different than now. They always act like they are amazing and so much better than everyone else and it really annoys me. Why can’t they be themselves? I think ppl will like them much more if they were themselves and didn’t flaunt the attitude they have. They come off super snobby! That’s just my opinion. Sorry if I hurt any feelings. I’m just stating the obvious. Destinee and Paris, you are very good but as some advice – stop acting better than others, stop changing your outer apperance so much, and just BE YOURSELF!

  • Todd

    @Precious: Kinda like Willow Smith lyping at the NYE Dick Clark show?

  • Amanda

    are you serious? this is not lip syncing. I have watched closely. get a life! these girls are the best singers I have ever seen. They have real talent not like all the other young kids out there today. they are wayyyyyyyyy better than all of them. bet they will take over the music scene this year.

  • Christina

    Is it just me or the one with curly hair looks like she has too much makeup on

  • hmmm

    Gotta love these girks! They always look so beautiful and i love their outfits! And i lovelovelovee the video <3 haters can drop dead! Destinee and paris are awesome girls! Stop the hate!

  • Nicole

    @Christina: It’s not just you. I agree

  • Tina

    I dislike them. They are so annoying. I’ve seen them at premiere after parties and they prance around like they own the place and are important. they are just seeking fame and not talented. justjaredjr, please don’t post more of these two. we don’t want to know about their projects.

  • eyeris6

    Sooo wikipedia informed me that they have been trying to break into the buisness for a while. I’m sure the fact that they have 2 ex members from 2 different group attempts is testament enough to their brattiness and obviously the fact that they have not been able to “make it” is due to their lack of marketability or appeal. more the latter.

  • lulu

    they look like little dolls. and their miming was bad!

  • Erika

    Who are these girls?

  • Daniek

    who is that?:$:$:$

  • lalala

    They’ve changed way too much! They even got veneers. Destinee and Paris need to stop changing themselves for hollywood. Who gets veneers at the age of 14 and 16??? They need to be themselves!

  • ShevsRJW19

    It’s funny, I’ve heard Ariana Grande sing both songs, she did O Holy Night as a duet with Graham Phillips, her friend from 13, and she did Have Yourself by herself, and she owns these two!!

  • Alicia

    their lip synching is terrible….and the one with straight hair is doing CRAZY things with her hands…..and she’s dancing around when its a slow song? its really obnoxious. they were cuter when they were younger…. but they’ve changed… i was kind of creeped out

  • woo

    the girl on the right looks like kendall jenner

  • chelsie

    haven’t they been trying to make it big for like 3 years? and they still haven’t made it…why don’t they just give up.

  • Alex

    WOW Haters… Picking on two most talented singers trying to wish you a Merry Christmas. Bah Humbug!!!

  • Shelley

    Can anyone tell me the name of any better teen singers than these two. OMG I never heard such real powerful awesome voices. It’s crazy!

  • emma

    If your really honest and neutral in your musical opinions, you would have to acknowledge that their aren’t many other singers out there at there ages that compare to this level of talent. Am I right.? Please don’t say Miley or one of the Disney or Nick vocal light weights.

  • Chrissy

    I live these two. Who are they? Such big voices for young girls not to mention their great personalities.