Miley Cyrus: Thank You For an Amazing Year!

Miley Cyrus: Thank You For an Amazing Year!

Miley Cyrus has a special message for all her fans!

“I want to tell you guys thank you because I think this year has been really important and you guys have definitely proved to me your love and this bond that we have,” the 18-year-old entertainer says in a new video.

“Thank you so much for an amazing year. This has been the best year yet, but I’m ready for 2011!” she adds.

Miley also took to her blog to predict that 2011 would be great year for the fashion brand Grey Ant.

“This line is my newest fashion obsession!” she wrote on her website. “I instantly fell in LOVE with [its designer Nat] and the collection! Hope to rock it on stage someday.”

Miley Cyrus Wishes Fans a Happy New Year
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  • dcstarinthemaking

    Ugh I hate her so much, the fakest celeb on the planet.

  • mia

    @dcstarinthemaking: I can see that you care about her, cause you’re writing this + cathing the vid

  • mia


  • mia


  • mileyroxx

    Amazing!!! i felt the love when Miley was talking! So sweet…love u 2!!!

  • Thaynara

    so beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. this is the best video of year that one fan could watch in the first day of year. Happy new year of great success and that all dreams come realidade.Te love very much.

  • Thaynara
  • yay me


  • mrs.Jonas

    She’s a wench! i hate her… after i found out she bullyed girls- who not to mention were overweight.. i get bullyed im also overweight.. but how mean! theres nothing in the world i hate more than bullys! there so evil n heartless.. i used to like her n look up to her songs.. now she just disgusts me.. the B****! she came to hollwood as a-poor-inocent-smalltown-girl… makes sense cheer leaders r b****y and mean n her father was country sweetheart famous n who would dare touch wretched spoiled loser.. shes so wrecked… u can read a article on VH1… she disgusts me… @dcstarinthemaking: yeah ur rite… n@mia: i havent watched the video cuz i cant stand her crap lies and her stupid talks.. shes horribly sick.. look at hilary duff she was also a disney star and she went on singing n then acting.. but u dnt see her do stuff like this slut… gross 8-/

  • blahblahblah

    I Love Her So Damn Much <3<3

  • mia

    @mrs.Jonas: for you she’s a B****H for me she’s not. end of story, and I don’t think she’s talking crap, right now, I think it’s you that talks “crap”

  • maximum miley on twitter

    Miley is amazing and sincere to us true fans, all the haters are wasting their time..all hate does is eventually destroy yourself from inside.
    thanks Miley for all you have given us and showing your strength and composure through some rough times.

  • maximum miley on twitter

    @mrs.Jonas: Get a life you poor thing I think you obsess on Miley and her family a bit much. Think about it and do something positive with your life..What would Mr. Jonas do if he found out you were bagging on Miley?

  • maximum miley on twitter

    @mia: Nice Mia, great job on the Miley support:)

  • maximum miley on twitter

    @blahblahblah: Couldn’t have said it better myself:)

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Ugly crap

  • maximum miley on twitter

    @yay me: Yeah, all of Miley’s work has made all us true fans happy..I feel likewise:)

  • Lila

    I dont get were u guys actually get this info she bullied ” fat girls” , I was once fat and I judged people like me too , I used to be like your eating too much , your a pig stop eating , but then I was fat too that did make me a idiot because I was calling myself fat as well , but to point it all me saying all those things were not because I found the fact that the person was eating hilarious but I wanted to help them out , everyone thinks just because you say things like that your being a meany , NO! But the person might be telling you all the junk you filth down your mouth is fucking you up on the inside and stop eating it. She never bullied any one for being fat , but fat girls are mean too , just because your fat does not make you less meaner , I know fat girls that bullied skinny girls. I dont see how she’s fake if she was fake she would hide all the shit she does and deny like it never happened , but she herself says “yes I did that” , I dont see how that makes her fake??? If you hate her leave the page , and don’t comment , freedom of speech is good but you need to know what you write before , you go on and say something that filthy newspaper people make you believe.

  • lalala
  • blahblahblah

    I Totaly Agree Like If They Hate Miley Why The Hell Coming To Her Posts ?!!

  • headstrong

    lol at all these haters.
    Happy new year everybody!

  • anh

    love her!!! Be Strong Miley..U can do it…don’t let other negative influence you. U go girl. Happy New YEar!

  • smileymileyfan

    dont you think that its a coincidence that in her book like 3 yrs ago she sayed when SHE was being bullied her “best friend” betrayed her and now her “best friend” comes out and says she was she was a bully?
    idk maybe its just me. HAPPY NEW YEAR though lol

  • smileymileyfan

    *sorry if that makes absolutely no sense*lol

  • lauren

    I think she posted this message to revamp her image. Just my opinion. Hope she gets her life together in 2011.

  • Jessica

    Miley is just save her own ass right now she knows that she getting negative press and her young fanbase is dwindleing down because of her actions . she wants to be adult and have people in there the 20′s to like her I used to like her and she thought she was another hilary duff or raven simone but she not . she build her dreams on the backs of little girls she makes millions over millions from these little girls and once she turned 17 it was like the young fanbase was not cool enough for her but does she really think people in there late teen’s are going to like her. Does she really think that acting like a slut make you mature I think not the way she dress and act on stage is too much. People in their late teen and 20 dont like her music they like Kings of Leon and other people not Miley Cyrus . You can be mature and an adult and still remain classy like Selena Gomez she has a older fanbase now because she is so much better.

  • Gaby

    I love you too miley!!! Happy New Year and I hope to see you on tour!

  • Tanja

    Happy new year Miley <3 Thank you so much for making 2010 so special to me! I really hope you can come visit Norway some day :)
    Love you! :*

  • gaby

    Just Miley <3

  • Africa

    That is a nasty thing to say about someone, Bullying is also speaking badly about others who are not there to defend themselves, so before you feel the need to call someone on their “crap” I strongly suggest you look in the mirror and check yourself and Mrs.Jonas That video was not for you, She sent this to me and her other
    Fans so why do you feel the need to drop your two cents in to the bowl? Your facts does not check out, making you a liar and just as pathetic as the others who feel the need to put others down, kind of like how you said Miley was. And a Similar thing can be said to Jessica #22, You know nothing about her, and if you once upon a time liked her you would have stuck with Miley because a real fan would not give up, and to Compare her to anyone else is a Mistake because She will win each and every time, and Just because you feel like you were left behind because Miley did not want to stay a Child forever is your problem so don’t try to taint everybody else love for Miley. Haters!

  • Cassidy

    How do you know she bullied fat girls? Do you know Miley personally? Doubt it. Nobody really know whats shes really like. We never will. So stop. Geez.

  • http://miley teagan

    love u 2 miley i hope u do go on a tour dont listen to the haters everyone has haters

  • http://miley teagan

    nooo and miley cyrus is wayyy popular than miley HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • http://miley teagan

    i meant miley is wayy popular than selena ewwwwwwwwww i hate selena happy new year miley

  • britney

    I dont hate her i just hate her music and kinda her acting, but she is a nice person. Happy new year miley!!!

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    @mrs.Jonas: ok I think everyone gets that you hate her try to avoid these posts then, I am not a fan of Miley but I won’t come here and rant about how much I don’t like her it isn’t benefiting anyone so it didn’t make sense you even mention anything about your hate towards her, and when you make false accusations and assumptions about her Her fans take it quite seriously so if you can’t stand her, purchase a diary or journal and let out your anger about her there. She didn’t nothing to you to have so much hate towards her in the first place, and if a a person that isn’t a fan of her tells you your comment was way out of line it’s pretty serious that you even convinced yourself to type that.

  • bigbang

    selena + older fans =not gonna happen
    really if u love selena so much just go to her post not miley’s.
    selena is a goody bublegum disney girl .
    ok i admit that she has older fans but not as much as miley .miley has lots of older fans(fact)her younger fans has all grown up .if u say that miley’s fans are 8-12 thats stupid because alot of her fans watched hm at 8-12
    and now a lot of them are 14-20 (teen)
    fyi selena will never be popular if she has an image like that in holywood(fact)

  • bigbang

    me too! i hate selena first i was not a selena hater but when her fans make rude comments at every single miley video it kinda pissed me of! a lot of selena haters exist because of her fans that are so annoying exp:selena gomez is better than miley)pfffft soo not..
    miley is a legend just because of her, people and the media start taking a second look at disney(fact) and btw selena a disney bubblegum ofcourse people will think she’s innocent but she is so not
    she take nick away from miley (her bestfriend but now they’re not.)
    love ya miley!!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @mrs.Jonas: Aww, u hate her cuz she’s still relevant and that Justin Bieber took away the Jonas fame. So sad. And without Miley, the JoBros woudl’ve never existed in the first place. So u outta be coutin ur blessings instead of cursing them

  • Gossip Girl

    @Jessica: if older people don’t like Miley like u say, then how come she was albe to sell out a concert in Los Angles that was only opened to people 18 and UP? And Selena, darling people barley know who she is. That’s why her songs barely get airplay outside of Radio Disney.

  • himiley

    i am happy that miley made this video . in this rude world who takes their precious time and talk to their fans . i dont think selena did or any other star did but miley always does because she is great . love u miley . your true fans will always be with you .

  • http://orkut honey


  • jasmin123456789
  • blahblahblah

    I Hate Selena 2 !!!
    Miley <3<3 Is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Better Than Selena :S

  • natalie

    Miley didnt bully any 1 i luv her i hope she tours australia

  • Dana cyrus

    i think 2011 will be good year

  • Warren

    Miley haters must have had a bad New Year party. They spent their time online dissing beautiful Miley. I, myself had a great time and look forward to a great Miley New Year with movies to see and maybe a concert and lots more. Miley is hot!

  • Taylor

    @bigbang: Selena Gomez has a huge amount of older people who like her. I’m 22, and I think she’s fantastic. i think she’s funny, and talented, and i really appreciate the good example she sets for kids. a lot of older people respect selena one million times more then they respect miley. miley does very little to earn anyone’s respect in my opinion. a girl who makes a fortune by acting as a role model and idol for children, and then completely chucks it out the window like it’s no big deal as soon as she gets bored of it, is not that impressive to me. I don’t know why miley’s so needy for her fans to be loyal to her, she completely sold out. she’s barely maintained any of the values that got her that huge fan base in the first place. any fan that will just blindly follow and support whatever she does no matter what is really silly to me, and needs to be more realistic about the person they are idolizing.

  • neena

    An amazing year? What’s so amazing about showing the whole world that you’re a self-centerd teenage tr*mp who doesn’t care at all about the millions of young fans she’s now asking to be loyal to her?

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    Ok Miley fans stop bashing on Selena it doesn’t make you less of a person who hates Miley the two should not be compared because they are popular for different reasons yeah we all know that Miley is more popular than Selena and Selena fans know that too and that is why the feel the need to make hate comments about her to tell the truth I don’t like neither but bashing on Selena when has nothing to you or Miley is just real low, Don’t turn this Miley thread into a damn Selena thread if you guys don’t like Selena you don’t need to make any comments about her at all It’s not going to make you guys feel better if you do so stop the hate and love the person that you guys came here to make a good comment about jeez.