Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: NYE with Friends!

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: NYE with Friends!

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene snap a pic with some of their best friends as they ring in 2011 in Los Angeles.

Ashley, 23, tweeted to fans and friends, wishing them a Happy New Year: “Headed to sleep after an amazing new years gathering with Friends and fam. This year has been so unbelievable and I’ll never forget it. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and loved me throughout 2010! I’m so SO excited for what 2011 has to hold. Happy 2011 everyone! Xo.”

Read Joe‘s here!

HOW DID YOU ring in the new year?

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Photos: via ONTD
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  • maddy

    Joe i love you, but open your eyes and see the piece of trash your dating!!! Heres an idea… break up with Trashley and go visit Demi <333

  • londonlemming

    @maddy: People like you disgust me. How dare you comment on the girlfriend of the person you supposedly “love”, if you truly did love Joe then you would be happy for that he has found someone he is happy with right now.

    Happy New Year I hope it brings you the chance to grow up.

  • Natalie

    Demi is a good person but she wasn’t right for Joe. Perhaps a little too young, a lot too insecure. Ashley is obviously a good fit for him at this stage of his life. She makes him happier than he ever seemed with Demi. I’m sure once Demi gets her issues worked out, she’ll be ready to be 100% for the right guy, but that guy will likely never be Joe.

  • SunLight Princess

    I love Jashley! People need to respect them, seriously.. You don’t have to LOVE them but respect that they want to be together, who are you to decide who Joe dates?

  • http://Mie mie

    i am glad they both had a great time together at new year, i dont get why people dont like them together really. well i never saw it coming that they would end up together, but they really look happy, and i think jo ended someone there was more grown up, so he didnt felt holding back. Not that i didnt liked demi but, i think aleast now they are not the perfect fix for each other. But im sure demi will find the perfect guy for sure, i just think it was time for joe to grown up, and demi might not be ready for that yet, so i think ashley seem like a good match for joe. i truly hope demi find someone soon for her to. i know she can (: i wish everyone on here a good year.

  • Laura

    i like ashley and i like jow, wouldnt say i like them together as a couple but i am happy for them. With fans being the way they are towards them is how it should be. If they want to be together then its their choice. They are both adults and decide things for themselves. Whatever happens in their future, good luck to them =] x
    Oh and Hope everyone had a good new year!!

  • Laura

    sorry i meant **Joe** and on the second sentence it should be **shouldn’t** not should. =P

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    they make a cute couple but they should don’t look happy in the pic?

  • allyt

    he really doesnt look happy at all

  • http://lalajonasick LALA

    they look awesome together <3
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  • Lauren


    r u blind!!!!!!!!

    he has a smile on his face, of course he is happy

  • Curtis

    Joe and Ashley may be a good fit for Joe NOW if he wants to be more publicity driven,not concentrate on his career and have that globetrotting with hot GF vibe.
    Or if he wants to be seen as not a virgin and pure anymore. Anything else and Ash is not someone anyone can even wrap their mind around as seeing him naturally dating.
    Demi will be fine. She is getting help for her needed issues. I think she will come back MUCH stronger and clearer in her mind of who and what she wants. People think she will want Joe but after the way he treated her, maybe unintentionally, I dont think she will look at him again. I think the only thing that Demi had at fault was taking too much to heart the negativity of haters and dealing with her own insecurity issues. I don’t think her “maturity” was the issue in any of her relationships, even in the one with Joe.
    Demi will probably focus on her music and acting career and leave Joe/JB to whatever they do.

  • Kelly

    look at the Purple Dress Girl’s eyes .. shes scares me LOL


    joe will dump trashley before u know it he hates her

  • well

    he always looks so SAD lately. he hasnt seemed like himself since he and demi broke up. i’m not a jemi fan, i never want them together again cause demi’s better than him. but he used to look like he loved the crap out of life, and now its always just like he’s powering through it. he needs to change SOMETHING cause i hate how everyone thinks hes a jerk now…including me! i want to love him again!

  • Zoey

    I have been a Jowe Jonas fan for a long time, and even though I wish it were me he was with, I don’t appreciate people takling about Ashley unkindly. Joe is happy with her! Don’t you see how much he smiles when they’re together! I good, fan would want him to be happy. It’s selfish to call her names, and talk about her disrepectfully. If you really, truley love Joe, you’ll see how happy he is.

  • SJS

    It cracks me up when people say he looks sad lately or “since he & Demi broke up.” I like Demi & hate twilight, so i’m not biased for or against anyone. Seriously though, the guy is usually all smiles in pics lately. The ones where he’s not are usually awkward paparazzi shots & you can’t bleame him for not being thrilled looking in all those pics.

    A picture can say a thousand words, but let’s be honest- no one ever said those thousand words would all be true.

  • SJS

    I just love typos. *sarcasm* That was supposed to be *blame* not “bleame.”

  • mochimonster

    i’m not saying i agree w/ anyone (well maybe just a lil’…) ok so i love curtis’s comment, and i thinking i’m liking Natalie’s lol (not completely sure…) , and i want to like one(SJS’s) ,but i’m not completely sure what you mean by your little quote which if i can i will totally borrow once you explain what you mean by it alittle more please :) *showing a very interested face in asking for this request*

    ” A picture can say a thousand words, but let’s be honest- no one ever said those thousand words would all be true.” -SJS

  • jamie

    Ashley is such a beautiful woman! She is a great actress and she seems like a very nice person! They make such a cute couple!


    @Lauren: will you open your eyes and wake up? he is NEVER happy in any picture he takes with the fake bitch and her fake friends, i think he misses his fans, his family, demi and his REAL friends who care about him ,bc she definitely does NOT care about him at all. and don’t be rude to me, that’s my opinion and if u don’t agree with what i have to say, gtho


    @allyt: i agree, he looks unhappy and miserable,and not having a good time

  • BLR

    Is the girl in purple dress Angelina? LMAO

  • mishybc

    Camera Whores.

  • Riyyah

    I luv u joe and demi

  • Riyyah

    Hahaha i luv u demi and joe.enjoy 2011.

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