What Would've Happened in Season 2 of UnNatural History?

What Would've Happened in Season 2 of UnNatural History?

We were devastated to hear that Cartoon Network’s UnNatural History would not be back for a second season and it looks like fans were as well.

Deadline got a chance to chat with creator Mike Werbunnatural-history-s2-thoughts about the series and found out just what would’ve happened if the show was picked up for another run. Read his note below:

“I am sorry but we have been unable to secure a second season from another network. The reasons are too tedious to get in to but thanks for loving what was. It’s nice to hear that the show I intended to make (a show that both kids, teenagers and parents could watch alone or together without ripping their eyeballs out — reached some people — even if that audience wasn’t large enough to satisfy the network. There’s some website on facebook where people hit “like” to request that Warners release the season on DVD. In case you are on FB and so inclined — I think it’s called ‘unnatural history dvd release.’

“SEASON 2 THOUGHTS for those interested: I had planned a 2-part opener with extreme adventures involving Genghis Khan’s tomb, a Mongolian death worm, Henry’s disappearance in a sand storm, the rescue of a newborn camel as well as Henry’s (Kevin Schmidt) parents and uncle Bryan. The rest of season 2 (upon the leads return to DC) would have covered subjects ranging from the kids finding the 18 1/2 minute gap of the Nixon/Watergate tapes, Hemingway’s lost novel, vampire finches (they really exist), a Stradivarius violin, a Native American mystery, DB Cooper, the underground railroad, etc. etc etc — plus a deepening of the triangular relationship between Henry, Maggie (Italia Ricci) and Jasper (Jordan Gavaris), the return of Jasper’s mother from France — among other familial and emotional issues set against historical and scientific adventures.

“Anyway, for the handful reading this — wishing you all a happy, healthy 2011.

Mike Werb, creator, Unnatural History.”

IF YOU WERE THE SHOWRUNNER, what would you like to see in season two?

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  • Gossip Girl

    It really pisses me that CN would cancel an amazing show like THIS and keep crappy shows like DUDE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN and DESTROY BUILD DESTROY. If Tower Prep doesn’t get a season two, I am BOYCOTTING the freakin Network.

    Besides those two shows, the only good animated shows they have on there are Symbiotic Titan , Generator Rex, and Ben 10.

    Ugh, Right when I was starting to restore faith in CN

  • anisha

    ditto to the above comment I absolutely loved Unnatural History & I’m sooo freakin mad that they canceled it well hardly anyone watches CN anymore if it was on a different channel we’d be fine & now Tower Prep comes along and it’s amazing too but even then that might not be renewed too! This frustrates me so much b/c these two shows are fantastic & CN would/did consider getting rid of them </3


    why axe such a great show , season 2 sounds like it would have been better than the first, what r they going to do start another show get us hooked and then cancle that because it didn’t get great ratings , if they keep this up fans will get very pissed off the and will refuse to watch the CN channel all together stick to a show and give it a few seasons before u decide to give it the chop, if stargate universe got a second season this should get at least get 2 more season.

  • Oh my got

    wen i watched the last episode at the end it said “to be continued”. so of course it should be continued. its a awsomest show i ever watched that made me want watch mor! and that doesnt happen very much…i cant believe they discontinued it just because the first season didnt hav as much veiwers as they wanted, this is my own interperation. they should continue it anyway! im srr that the second season would have way mor veiwers than the first one. just lik wat EAMMON said the second season so does sound lik it would hav been better than the first.

  • http://lcstories555 Lauren

    It’s “DVD Release of Unnatural History, Season One” get your facts straight, and maybe will have more likes, I’m not the owner of the page sadly, but I still thing they need more likes, come please help us! go to: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DVD-Release-of-Unnatural-History-Season-One/183490668333917 and please help us get more likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drawninward

    Sign to a different network!! CN is shit!! They’ll get double the views if they put it to a better network!! This show CAN’T be cancelled!! It can’t!! It’s one of the best shows ever! Its interesting and great and just exciting to watch.. It NEEDS to continue if not my world will end!!! :’(

  • marissa

    it makes me mad that unnatural history got canceled and now tower prep might also get canceled i mean that sucks those were the only 2 shows i watched on CN but now i don’t watch it anymore sense those shows got canceled

  • http://www.sarasotahomesforsalenow.com Mike

    Both Unnatural History and Tower Prep gave my son and me great TV time together.

    Great fun and intrigue. With Unnatural History, we loved how they combined mystery with LEARNING…in a FUN way.

    Instead, Cartoon Network gives people exactly what they (apparently) want – worthless programming.

    This is not Cartoon Network’s fault. Ultimately, it’s parents’ fault – it their kids don’t watch wholesome programming (whether by choice or by parental selection), then advertisers won’t advertise.

    It’s a $$ business, not a feel-good charity.

    Until more kids and adults get their ACT together, TV will continue shoving garbage down viewers’ throats. :(

    At least, we got to enjoy Tower Prep and Unnatural History while they lasted.

    Mike (father of 2 kids)


    Both Unnatural History and Tower Prep had me glued to the TV for those shows. I am a 52 year old who enjoys escapist programming that is well done and interesting. It is too bad that Cartoon Network doesn’t give these quality shows a chance. It would be great if another network understood their value and picked them up.

  • KittenBase

    i agree that CN is stupid for doing what they did to unnatural history and tower perp. i want both to have a second seasons, but you have to think now. a year has past and if they start second seasons now they probably wont get all the same actors. sure it would be great to have the seasons, but it will also probably wont get a lot more views then the first. because they wouldnt like the new actors and get mad and wont watch it.

    i love this show too. it was sooo awsome and sure its great but (I THINK) its just best for this show not to have another season now sence its already been a year sence it was cancelled.

  • skeeeee

    I absolutely LOVED this show! It completely made my day every time it came on, and so far, it’s been the ONLY SHOW that I’ve actually made people change the channel to when it was on! I don’t see how it didn’t get enough ratings, but it definitely should have been brought back for another season, if only because they PUT the, “to be continued” at the end of the last episode! It’s should almost be a promise that there’ll be another season!
    I don’t really care if it’s on another channel, this just needs to come back!

  • RoseThorns

    I agree completely with the first comment, I mean come on I loved tower prep and unnatural history. They were probably the only reason most kids did their homework early just to watch them. The only other shows that I liked were robotboy, generator rex, secret saturdays, and code lyoko which if I recall most of thhem got canceled. They may be cartoons but at least these were interesting with some kind of plot going on.

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