Emily Osment is 'Lovesick' -- Video Premiere!

Emily Osment is 'Lovesick' -- Video Premiere!

Emily Osment‘s official music video for “Lovesick” is out!

The 18-year-old musician/actress released a fan-video for the song a few weeks back and has gotten great feedback on it. Let’s see what you think of the real one below!

Be sure to check out Emily‘s New Year’s resolutions, too!

The video will also premiere on MySpace next Friday, January 14th.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Emily’s new video — HOT or NOT?

Emily Osment – “Lovesick”
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  • Ginny

    Not,I usually like Emily but this clip is weird,but the music is a kind cool

  • http://heyitsroasher Roasher

    This video is so awesomeee!!! I love it..

  • May

    I love it!!! :D

  • MADI

    i love it i think she will be big.

  • Yesica

    It’s much artsier (?) than I expected…
    Still love the song though, Fight or Flight is her best album yet :)

  • brenna

    wow, that was the stupidest video I’ve ever seen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anibalex Anibal

    nice :D

  • Dannie

    I love the song.

  • Lauren Sutcliffe

    A lot of Gaga and a pinch of Kylie Minogue

  • eve

    luv it <33 :)


    premiere? this video was publish one week ago. :) i saw it. it’s great!

  • lacknet

    its cool but i expected a bit more.

  • http://www.twitter.com/maximummiley maximum miley on twitter

    She looks so pretty, nice to see she has new projects in the works!
    She is really amazing!

  • YeahWell

    Really cool!
    I love the colors.
    It’s amazing and I love the song!

  • ronnie

    I like it, a bit disappointed though. Didn’t see much of her great costume in the video.

  • katie

    its cool!

  • arthur

    It’s very… different. Either it’s the smartest thing she’s done or the most stupid… only time will tell.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    too much ga ga – kesha and autotune, but I think is perfect for the music business right now!!!

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Erika

    I love that song! The music video is really cool XD

  • jess

    holy crap that was AMAZING!!!

  • none

    I feel like I am in Tron after watching that video.

  • http://TWITTer.com/elisablancher PRETTYLITTLEFASHIONG

    NOT at all soooo weird

  • http://TWITTer.com/elisablancher PRETTYLITTLEFASHIONG

    not at all !!! the song is nice but the video is horrible

  • Tex

    I don’t get why she didn’t signed for Hollywood Records like the others from Disney. She would have obtained a lot more promotion.

  • brrybryxs

    No affence… Is it me or does it sound like shes got a cold when she sings ?

    (Shes Probs singing through her noes)

  • hetevbh

    i love this song, i love this video, i love this lady (emily)

  • joselyn

    I love it!!! :D good luck emily. And the video is pretty good actually ♥

  • Brooke

    I think the song is the worst thing ever. But I like Emily and I think the video concept is cool.

  • MATT


    She wanted creative control, and she wouldn’t have had that Hollywood. It makes perfect sense given what she likes in music.

  • meggg

    I don’t like this song at all, it sounds creepy, but when I watch Emily in interviews or sth she is so cute and funny that I can’t not like her :)))

  • Mae

    Uh, her Jared…Emily is 18 at the moment, but in about 2 months she will be 19. :]

  • none

    what was up with her dress? looked kinda what Lady Ga Ga would wear. i expected a bit more. the video was cool but sorta boring..but i do love the song! :)

  • anybody?anybody?

    i don’t understand how good singers like emily are so underlooked and others like miley who have one good song to every 10 of emily’s get so much exposure. they reward those who don’t deserve it. but i like the vid, love emily and hope she keeps it up, and does she remind anyone else of yvonne strahovski??

  • http://wowbieberwow BEX


  • http://www.twitter.com/Sara___23 Sara

    I love it and the song ^^

  • Rhay

    i loooove it!

  • bbygrl219

    not, the music video is kinda weird

  • Tessa


    Lol. That was hilarious!

    I like Emily Osment, but found the video to be quite WEIRD! She’s obvioulsy trying to go a different route than her Disney Channel colleagues.

  • Shan

    pathetic this is not music she cant sing and this video is horrible and makes my head hurt i see why no one is producing her well she sucks

  • tammy

    yeah…i hate the song and video, but i do like emily :) but..not loving this!

  • Lis

    i like the song… but i dont like the video, its to 80′s low budget…

  • http://malyn.se malin

    Wow! I wouldn’t know it was Emily if I didn’t know it. This song is so different from her other ones. This could actually turn into a big hit that’s gonna be played in the clubs and things like that. :) Good work, Emily!

    And I actually didn’t know about her other cd so I’ll have to listen to the songs now… haha!

  • kirstyb