Justin Bieber Makes 'Good Music'

Justin Bieber Makes 'Good Music'

Justin Bieber isn’t one to let a genre define him.

The 16-year-old musician revealed during a press conference at the end of last year (via MTV) that he’s labeling his kind of music, “Good Music.”

Justin shared, “Whatever comes out of my mouth is just what you guys are going to hear. I don’t know, it’s not a specific type of music. Whatever music I write, I wouldn’t say I’m pop or R&B or country or anything: I would just say it’s just good music.”

TELL JJJ: Is Justin’s music “good music” to you?

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  • bELL

    “Whatever comes out of my mouth is just what you guys are going to hear. ” right so I guess is a bunch of CRAP MUSIC! lol

  • http://nickwardDM @nickwardDM

    All of his music is bad

  • bELL

    @@nickwardDM: @@nickwardDM: he doesnt even know what is music doubt what “good music” means…lol

  • http://justjaredjr.com smileymileyfan


  • indialovesubrendasong

    No, his music sucks.

    It makes me ears bleed. I would rather listen to Heidi Montag sing all day then Justin.

  • indialovesubrendasong

    He’s so arrogant, I’ve never seen someone this arrogant before.

  • alana

    He sounds kind of conceited.

  • lovelovelove

    “Is Justin’s music “good music” to you?”

    No, no it’s not.

  • Notinterest

    He thought he is good on everything,I don’t think he is cute~~He is not talented,” Solves A Rubik’s Cube in One Minute and 23 Seconds”….come on… there’s way more guys way faster than him…lol

  • Joe
  • http://twitter.com/kristinviann319 Kristin schaffrick

    I am still surprised he’s around. He has enough people that hate him and he’s still making music. He doesn’t even write his own shit. It’s pretty ridiculous. Arrogant little boy.

  • http://Eu1997njj JB forever

    Of course not. His “music” is not even music. They say stupid things and it is only a phrase that repeats over and over again. I don’t even consider him a musician.

  • http://ahmazingamy Amy fitzgerald

    All of you just shut up! His music is good! He sings from his heart. About how guys should treat girls. Other artists make songs about going from girl to girl and getting high/drunk. Okay, that’s NOT good music. Girls blab on and on about how they want a guy who will treat them right for once. JUSTINS MUSIC TELLS YOU HE WILL DO THAT!!!! if you understand what he’s saying for example ” I’m gonna put you first I’ll show you what your worth. If you let me inside of your world, there’s gonna be one less lonely girl”-OLLG. Guys, girls, who ever you non beliebers are, stop saying you wan a guy to treat you right then Say ” ew his musics terrible” your not making any sense because he’s telling you he treats girls with total respect, your just hating and listening to crap that people say I’m gonna use you then go to another girl and a few more after and get drunk and high 24/7. Which type of guy do you want? I say Justin.

  • nicole

    What the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! does this dude not have ears or something, his music sucks ass

  • Adriana

    @JB forever:

    Your name must be referring to the JoBros then? Good! The real JB!

  • ashley

    ill tell you JJJ. NO!

  • http://KarenJieber belieber

    i think he is an amazing mucisian and i believe in his words and also is a very grateful person so if u are putting bad comments about him it means youre jelous,sorry thanks

  • Su Taiyuan

    Whether Justin you. Development of good or bad.
    We will always support you.
    We are your fans in China. I hope you soon come to a concert in China.

  • good-one

    “Good” in the sense of not being mediocre, nor hack pieces, nor rude, shocking, vulgar, offensive displays of angst or anger. Songs that have enough popular appeal that lots of people genuinely like to hear them and wish him well on each new tour or album and delight in his discovering the creative process, wherever that might take him along the way, because then we’ll know that we’ll be sure to enjoy his next inspired, thus, inspiring creation..

  • Su Taiyuan

    Only sixteen years old on a Justin, it has developed into the case. For anyone who is not easy. Justin is also trying to do things
    Whether Justin you. Development of good or bad.
    We will always support you.
    We are your fans in China. I hope you soon come to a concert in China.

  • Lucie

    No, it’s not. That guy really needs to get over himself. I can’t believe Selena Gomez is dating such a jerk.

  • Saad

    good music ! lol nice joke miss jb.

  • Tex

    I knew the kid was modest, too. Remember the end of Narcissus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissus_(mythology)

  • https://twitter.com/marasu66 HTwoWhoa

    Well, it’s good to me, and I am neither a girl nor a teenager. Will he continue to make good art when he’s Selena G’s age? I hope so. (^:

  • alex

    ‘I would just say it’s just good music.”-Justin Bieber

    ….And I would just say that that is debatable.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ Erika

    He makes awesome music XD

  • itsme

    Oh yea… really good.
    So the song’s called… uhmm.. “BABY”? I’d never have guessed so…
    Yes, bieber’s music’s so damn deep.

    ps: he wasnt serious, right? ಠ_ಠ

  • :D

    yes it is <3

  • Ughhhh


  • amirtha43

    Good music???? LOL!!!!! JB is such a big head. I don’t know why people even buy and listen to his music. I wonder how long his music last???? Maybe until he has some hair on his face!!!!

  • Miia

    @alex: Agreed! He might think he’s making good music, but to me it’s just an irritating sound. I have a solution: don’t listen if you don’t like it.

  • http://twitter.com/Bieberpadalecki Adriana

    Everyone saying that his music is bad, you guys obviously have no taste in music. Justin sings from the heart. His music talks about REAL LIFE and about how he feels. He sings about how he treats girls with respect, and how he would give them all his love. His lyrics MAKE SENSE and they touch people’s hearts. He writes music that has meaning. His music IS real music, not that crap that everyone’s listening to like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj and her crap. And those saying Jonas Brothers are the real JB, uh no. Justin Bieber is the real JB because HE WAS BORN WITH THE INITIALS and the Jonas Brothers use it as a LOGO. Last I checked their names weren’t Nick Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas Brother, and Kevin Jonas Brother. And those Jonas fans dissing Justin need to shut the heck up because I know that you guys don’t like it when other people call them gay or say theyre music sucks. No, you don’t so respect Justin just the way you would want people to respect the Jonas brothers. We’re just like you, devoted fans except we have other opinons and like other people. And for those Justin haters, get a life. he doesn’t listen to your ignorance. hes the one out there making a name for himself and gaining respect while your sitting behind a computer hating on an amazing, talented, sixteen year old boy living his dream and frankly its pathetic. okay. nuff said.

  • jo

    haha his music is pretty bad….nothing new, exciting, or original coming from him. he’s just in way over his head in my opinion, and he comes across as thinking he’s the shiz.

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