Meet Since Forever -- JJJ's New Band Obsession!

Meet Since Forever -- JJJ's New Band Obsession!

Check out Since Forever — one of JJJ‘s newest music obsessions!

The pop band from Nashville are made up of Zach Easterwood, Taylor Easterwood, Jason Friedman, Brendan Johnson and Eric Woodie and just released their debut “L.O.V.EP” late last year.

The band are famous for their “House Party” tour concept — where they played at fan’s houses from Florida to Maine throughout the fall of 2009.

“The best thing about house party shows is that one fan will invite 20 to 30 of their friends who end up really liking our music and becoming a fan themselves,” drummer Jason shared, “You just don’t get that kind of response touring small clubs at our level.”

Peep their music video for “Coast and You below” and check out the links: YouTubeWebsiteTwitterTumblrFacebookMySpace

Since Forever – “Coast And You”
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  • Sherry P!

    OH MY!!!



  • Babygirl

    OMGG! these guys are sooooo good! and cute too!

  • Jessica

    Umm yes please!

  • kendra

    These boys need to come to chicago soon!

  • Maria


  • Ashley

    These guys are beyond amazing. :)

  • http://2bellasmommy sb

    They are following me on twitter!


  • Taylor

    This band is super awesome! Worth the listen!

  • Ashley

    hey kendra! they will be coming to chicago if you hit them up on twitter! they need some of your fav venues and local bands :) then maybe you’ll meet emmm!!!!

  • azmosis

    that’s so cute! Since Forever are my new band obsession too. how could they not be?

  • Erica_danger

    Well, thanks to the fact that All Time Low has taken forever and a day to put out a new album and Fall Out Boy is on indefinite hiatus, I’ve been searching the market and HALLELUJAH I think I found a contender. Have I mentioned I have a thing for gingers ?

  • Marissa

    Love these boys. <3

  • Laura

    Since Forever ROCKS!!!!! Great talent and great music!!!

  • Rachel Rahill

    They guys are truly amazing, As a band and as people. You couldn’t find a boys with bigger hearts. I love you guys, and I am proud of you! <3
    - Rachel


    I love Since Forever!! I have been a fan for a 1 1/2 year :DD they are sooo awesome! I had a house party and they are super sweet guys and fun to be around!! If you haven’t listened to them yet then you really should :D

  • stephanie Lee

    I love these boys with all my heart. They have such amazing music and put on an absolutly amazing live show. If you haven’t had the chance to see them live, you really should, I pinky promise you won’t be disappointed. Yes, they have amazing music and stage presence, but they are great guys too after all that. They work so hard to break down the fan/band barrier and they really make you feel like friends. I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen the guys this year alone, I lost count, but I can tell you that I have never been disappointed. These boys deserve the world and I am so happy that they are starting to get the recognition the so greatly deserve.

  • sierra smith

    And that black dress that I bought on your birthday. love it!

  • Ashlyn

    These guys are quite possibly the most incredible guys I have ever met. Phenomenal music talent and they have the personalities to go with it!(: You will be blown away by how awesome they are. (: They reach out to such a range of ages, from 12 to people in their 20′s. It’s quite awesome. :)

  • Sierra

    These guys deserve nothing but the best, they have the biggest hearts and I consider them good friends of mine. I discovered them about a year ago and I feel like I’ve been listening to them for years. Since Forever’s music is amazing and I’ve never been disappointed at a show. I’m so proud of all they’ve accomplished, check them out if you haven’t already! (: