Selena Gomez & The Scene: People's Choice Performers!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: People's Choice Performers!

Awesome news!

Not only are Selena Gomez and The Scene nominated for Favorite Breakout Artist at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards, they’ll be performing at the award show THIS Wednesday!

The band is up against B.o.B, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Ke$ha for the honor. And although she doesn’t think they’ll win, we’re still crossing our fingers for her!

DO YOU THINK Selena & The Scene will take home the award?

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  • JeNelle

    If she wins, I will have lost ALL hope in music.

  • Erica S.


  • Erica S.


  • Ema

    I hope they win!

  • hanni

    No I don’t think she’ll get the award.

    And her performing there is embarrassing because she can’t sing.. or dance.

  • jt

    No she won’t win. She should stick with acting. Her singing and dancing are not great. Autotune is her best friend.

  • Ella

    She and her band is up against her bf – Justin. ;D GREAT!

  • lacknet

    yes i hope so! They were great at the jingle ball. Her a year without rain performance (voice) impressed me!

    She cant sing or dance? Seriously did you watched another cinderella story? She can!

    Dont be jeaulos life is too short.dont waste your time by hating.

  • myself.

    Selena & The SCENE must win, they are awesome!
    & She always soundsso good performing AYWR! :)

  • Nina

    Her singing isn’t that great, her voice simply isn’t suited for singing. She doesn’t sound good live.

  • lulu

    She won’t win, not against Justin, B.O.B, Bruno and Kesha. I will be very surprised if she does win. I don’t think she can sing or dance, but that’s just my opinion and I will think it a little unfair if she wins.

  • http://loveDEMI4ever Shaadi

    I hoope Bruuno Maars will win, he haas such an amazing vooice…<333

  • http://loveDEMI4ever Shaadi

    I hoope Bruuno Maars will win, he haas such an amazing vooice…

  • vanessa&selena4eva

    i hooooooooooope she wins!!!! she’s fab!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    I’m actuallu shocked her band is nominated. I love her but here in Canada she is far from popular on our radios at least. Biebs, Bruno and Kesha on the other hand own our radios lol good luck! If I remember I’ll be sure to tune in to see her live performance. A lot of artists arent great live, look at Taylor Swift, but we all still love her.

  • blahblahblah

    I Don’t think She Will Win !! :/

  • dessy

    Seriously,She’s Against Bruno Mars…Of Course She’s Not Winning

  • Carmen

    Oh boy…
    living in Austria is so complicated…
    I wish there’s a possibility to watch it too!
    I want to see the whole show :)
    So please guys upload on Youtube :P

  • temii

    I Dont Think She’ll Win Because She’s Up Against Bruno & B.O.B. + Justin But Still It’s An Honour To Be Nominated Right ? :)

  • Rawr

    she is doomed

  • Fernando

    AMAZING I can’t wait! She should win!!!

  • Adam

    Well she’s more deserving than Justin Bieber and Ke$ha but not more deserving than Bruno Mars and B.O.B. Still an honor to be nominated, right?

  • assmaa

    GO selly <3

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    please she use a double stunt in the dancing scenes. She can’t dance at all but her songs are funny!!!

  • Anonymous

    She won’t win. She shouldn’ either. She can’ sing AT ALL and jumping on the stage like a monkey is not dancing. Stick to acting Selena…

  • Anonymous


  • Joey

    WE hope the truth is that Selena have to perforimng amazingfor award but she can do that:)we believe in you•X

  • A Selena Gomez Fan Forever

    Can’t wait she has amazing Voices.

  • Joey

    I believe n Selena she’s awesome she can do that is not first time when she sing and she’s make a good job there on stage maybe you say that becouse you can’t feel what actually means Selena Gomez and her music…maybe she’s not Celine Dion but who is?She’s famous and she’s not a fake,she understand love and feel music for sure she’s not like a lot of singers who sing just for money.If she’s gonna win or not is not yur probleme is her I hope for her to win and don’t forget EVERYTHING IS POSIBLE and you can be amazed about what she’s gonna do there on stage…I’m gonn take a look and that’s good for you too Guys•X

  • Noe


  • jessy

    I kinda get second hand embarrasment when i see her perform

  • Erika

    That’s cool XD

  • marta

    omg she is so photoshoped in this picture.
    i dont like her, she left Demi and start to hang out with Taylor, this is not what BFF do, also Selena please stop singing anymore. Stay in acting it will be good for you and us.

  • isabelle

    It’s not even a band. It’s just Selena…and some guys in the background….and BAND implies playing instruments that actually sound like the instrument being played, not some autotune keyboard mess. Group would be more appropriate. Also like how the category is called breakout ARTIST. 1. it’s a group. 2. Since when the hell has she been hugely popular like the other nominees? I’m from the UK and all i’ve heard is ‘Naturally’.

    P.s not hating on Selena. Sure she’s great. But teens and award shows are extremely messed up these days. It stresses me OUT.

  • tiger2

    Meh…. not that good

  • michellee

    I LOVE selena as an actress. I think she is AMAZING.
    but she cannot really sing and i don’t think she is at the same level as others who usually perform @ award shows.

  • Amy

    Her acting really isn’t bad at all. I think she’s te best actress out of all Disney stars. However,her singing is another story. Let’s just say no just no.

  • Ali

    I doubt her band will win. They are up against a lot of really popular artists.

    And I HOPE they auto-tune the performance! Not all Disney starlets are destined to be singers! Sure, some of her songs are catchy with her fan base, but that doesn’t mean she can – or even should – sing live! Stick with acting, Selena!

  • jay

    Please she used a stunt double in another cinderella story. It was actually pretty obvious….the double’s legs were way bigger.

  • Doug

    Winners are notified in advance, so usually stars don’t go to the show unless they know they have won.
    I have seen Selena & the Scene in concert twice, the second time was an acoustic show, and believe me she has a very nice voice that just keeps getting stronger. Plus she’s a natural performer and lights up the stage.

  • manal

    YES YOu go Selena&Scene!!!!!! So excited!!!!! CAn’t WaIt

  • bbygrl219

    @hanni: ur rite on that one

  • Selenacansingbitch

    I hope she wins! Selena don’t listen to those dumb-ass bitches. They’re just jealous because their idols aren’t nominated for a PCA ;)

  • bbygrl219


  • tanya

    Eh the only thing I’m exited for I’d LADY GAGA!!! She’s the only talented person that is ther

  • Mariana

    She will win!

  • Laura

    they deserve Selena is very talented!

  • Nick

    I sure will be a beautiful presentation and they deserve to win! I think they take that!

  • Nick

    I sure will be a beautiful presentation and they deserve to win! I think they take that!!

  • myself.

    Shut Up, idiots.
    Selena Gomez & The Scene are THE WINNERS here, like it or not!


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