Vanessa Hudgens: Chiropractor Cutie

Vanessa Hudgens: Chiropractor Cutie

Vanessa Hudgens pulls her hood over her head as she heads back to her car after an appointment in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 4).

The 22-year-old actress stopped in for a quick adjustment from her chiropractor.

Vanessa will soon be heading back out to finish up filming on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The second half of the film, also starring Josh Hutcherson, will be shooting in North Carolina.

10+ pics inside…

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • ma


  • http://lipkin19 lauren

    what does swht doel day besides shop? he do all.d

  • fAUVE

    Vanessa always the fashionasta looking good, and love seeing her smile. I hope all is well with her and we see her tomorrow at the Peoples Choice Awards Show with Zac!

  • http://lipkin19 lauren

    lol i ment to say what does she do all day besides shop?

  • angel


  • roxana

    so cute! love her nails

  • Chanon


    Even though you went back and corrected your spelling errors, your grammar still sucks. So, if you want to go make fun of a celebrity over the internet and have to type the words out, you should try to learn how to spell first, ;)

  • kami

    ♥ she looks incredibly cute and comfy. ♥

  • Monique

    @lauren: She wasn’t shopping, she was at a chiropractor appointment.

  • a

    Well, she’s not shopping…..but if i was her i’d be enjoying my time off as well. She does have to go off and film again soon..

    she looks cute in that coat <3

  • kami


    she’s not shopping. do you even know what a chiropractor is? duh.

  • maik35

    sie is so hübsch
    ich liebe sie, sie is super
    hoffentlich kommt sie mit zac wieder zusamm

  • http://lipkin19 lauren

    sorry to get you all mad,
    wonder how long it will take to someone to mention
    “zac” or “zanessa” (sarcastic comment)

  • b

    She’s always gorgeous.

  • tina

    I think she looks so cute. Wow, the paps have been on her so much.

  • kami


    you were the first to mention zac and zanessa. you win.

  • Listen to

    Cute coat! Love the nail polish. Only v can pull off anything and everything!

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • sky10

    hope to see Vanessa and zac together soon…GOD bless to both of them.




    Vanessa will soon be heading back out to finish up filming on Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The second half of the film, also starring Josh Hutcherson, will be shooting in North Carolina.

    Read more:

  • ella

    lovely. :)

  • Monique

    @kami: HAHAHAHAH


    you were the first…

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    She is so Beautiful and Gorgeous Love what she is wearing.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever


    Why Does every Vanessa Thread always turn into some talking about Zac or Zanessa they are not Together right now so leave this poor girl alone.

  • BOJI

    Looking good in her furry hoodie. All smiley, our girl. So far there have been many smiling pics of her, this just means that she’s happy with her life and we needn’t worry about it. Lucky Girl!

  • Daisy

    @lauren: Shut up

  • nathalia

    vanessa is beautiful
    I loved your outfit

  • vicky

    Here it is… THE MOST AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED GIRL OF ALL… Not to mention fashionista ;)

  • caroline

    @Lauren: What a fu*k, fu*king b*tch?

    as would say lafayette, hahaha (:

  • caroline

    I love ness :)

  • pop86

    I love the coat she is wearing.

  • http://lipkin19 lauren

    wow, hence my comment sarcastic! my fuckin god, most of u guys r hyocrites . how im i a bitch? please explaine.

  • maria

    @kami: Good one!!

    She looks so pretty…….even with her hood up! She’s smiling, and looks content. She must have really loved being home with her family for the holidays, before she heads to North Carolina. And she’s going to be super busy after NC……what a spring she has coming up!

  • Haters Suck!

    you know, for someone who b!thes out people for no reason regulary on this site, you don’t like it so much when it happens to you so watch who you call a hypocrite.



  • Vanessa Hudgens Biggest Fan

    @Haters Suck!:

    Totally agree right If people don’t like Vanessa then why do they Post.

  • A Vanessa Hudgens Fan Forever

    @Haters Suck!:


  • Miranda

    Oh, I like Vanessa’s outfit. Its cute and she’s smiling :)

    Praying her and Zac go to the the Peoples Choice Awards tomorrow
    since Vanessa doesn’t go back to filming til January 16th.

  • Silvana

    I love Vanessa! :D

  • toty

    love u V soooo much… I wish I had your
    you’re so pretty and so pure inside..& I can’t wait till I know who will win 2morrow??

    Go Vanessa Anne Greg Hudgens!!! Love U

  • beatriz

    i love her :)

  • miranda

    @toty: Its just Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

  • toty


    agreed I want them to go holding hands as usual(if they’re still 2gether) but her name wasn’t among the names that were confirmed to go.I don’t know? but let’s just wait..actually here in my country we’re already 5th/jan

  • emily

    it’s been 65 in LA everyday. you don’t need a fur hoodie. you look ridiculous.

  • toty

    well, don’t we mention her dad’s name?? silly question??!!

  • Deb

    For all of you hoping to see Zanessa at the PCAs, don’t hold your breath. Zac is scheduled to be there. Vanessa is not.

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