Demi Lovato Wins at People's Choice Awards 2011!

Demi Lovato Wins at People's Choice Awards 2011!

Sending many congratulations to Demi Lovato for winning at the 2011 People’s Choice Awards!

The 18-year-old actress, who is away from the Hollywood life for the moment, took home the award for Favorite TV Guest Star for her role on Grey’s Anatomy.

Demi and her Camp Rock 2 cast also took home the award for Favorite Family TV Movie, beating out iCarly: iPsycho, Beauty & the Briefcase, Revenge of the Bridesmaids, and Starstruck.

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Credit: John Medland; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • mishybc

    I don’t remember this at all airing LMAO!

  • Miesha

    Congrats to Demi! I voted for her. Hope all is well with her

  • Emem

    Yay for Demi! Great way to start off 2011 :)

  • http://deleted myself.

    she is sucha loser in EVERYWHERE Else.


    Not that talentless fugly bitch. ;)

  • hi

    It didnt air, cause it was not important. xD & a rigged category, lol. ;D

  • Miesha

    @mishybc: she was nominated though, they didn’t show all the catagories that were posted on the PCA website.

  • http://FACEBOOK catherine

    yes i am so happy for her that she won…britney did not act at all in the glee thing she just said one or two words demi put her heart in that part at Grey’s ….. proud of her

  • tia

    congrats demi !! you’re the best

  • hiha

    out of sympathy?

  • Ditto

    Congrats to demi she really deserves it

  • Ditto

    Congrats to demi she really deserves it

  • http://deleted/ myself.

    just kidding b4, congrats Demi! ;D

  • Cat

    Myself : please go and hate elsewhere. If you wanted Britney to win then you should have voted your socks off! Demi’s fans did and she won! Sorry! Britney didn’t deserve that award – simple.
    Demi deserved that award. It was out of her comfort zone of Sonny and Camp Rock – she put everything into her guest appearance. Everyone who voted for her, fans or not, should be proud of their efforts!
    Here’s to an amazing 2011 for Demi! You rock girl!

  • Cat

    Um, no! She was in G.A and got great reviews for it WAY before the tour stuff happened. She deserved it for her acting – not sympathy.
    Fans are fans whatever happens.

  • hetevbh

    demi is not a looser, thats why she won the award and britney didn’t

  • hetevbh

    congrats demi. u deserve it. i love u

  • bimark

    When is the People’s Choice awards?

  • meliza

    Demi is an amazing actress! She deserves to win everything hahaha Congrats!

  • gözel

    stop hating!!!! her fans voted for her and she won!!!! congratulations!!

    i hate alll these haters!!!!!! find another hobby^^

  • Sara

    I think Starstruck should win that award, it’s a better movie then Camp Rock 2 :(

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Whoever voted for her as Dave guest spot on Greys obv just voted cause it’s Demi not because of the roll because honestly she was barely on the episode. She spoke like 3 lines. The episode revolved around the old couples case.

  • http://op eury

    demi es la mejor no sean ardidas

  • limba

    yeeees’am so happy for her.congrats demi! way to go sweetie.wish u all the best

  • lovato95fan

    heii,i want to ask something.i just want to know,did Demi show up at PCA ? from malaysian.

  • Shona

    Demi deserved to win, so go take your whining somewhere else losers. You don’t seem to be able to handle the fact that she clearly was the best and THATS WHY SHE WON.

  • DemiFan

    is there a video?

  • http://yvonne_88 Yvonne

    Congratulations, Demi :D U deserved it. Hope everything is good with u, and that you’re getting well soon. I love u and miss u. And once again, congratulations with the awards. I voted 4 u with my heart :)
    Love u always, Yvonne.

  • kary

    ¬¬ this is a jake no??
    i voted for CAMP ROCK 2, no for demi, aaah this is stupid :/

  • Anonymous

    she totally deserved it. Great way to start 2011 :) This year is gona be her year. She deserves a lot of great things.She’s just so talented in everything :D

  • http://noonaah nounah

    She was amazing in G.A! She deserved to win! Congrats Demi and congrats to the Camp Rock 2 Cast too :)

  • Liz.

    @Listen to mayday parade: If it was soooo much about the old people why didn’t they get the nomination? The storyline with Hayley was realy good. And Demi’s acting was amazing.

    Point is SHE WON! Everyone can stop whining because it’s not going to to change that fact. :)

  • stephanie

    congratzzzz, demi….

  • Glory

    Congrats Demii ! I love Camp Rock 2 .

  • MJ

    Demi deserved it .. CR2 not so much.. it wasnt that good… Beauty and the Briefcase was better :P ..
    but Demi did a really good job in grey’s even my sister who’s a fan of the show said so.. and she didn’t even know it was demi xD

  • Joey

    I’m proud of you Demm You’re the best and Love Yaaa

  • marsmars

    Congrats Demi!!!!!!!!!!
    You deserve it!!!! u ARE AMAZING!!!

  • jj17

    @myself.: LMAO! Go get a life loser!

  • ma

    I LOVE YOU DEMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVED IT

  • Gossip Girl

    I just love how people always make up an excuse every time Demi wins something and yet , they cheer on everyone else. What is it that everyone has against Demi. This girl DESERVES everything SHE GETS. She’s SUPER TALENTED, and yet she’s the most UNDERRATED DISNEY STAR on the effin CHANNEL. And it’s only because Disney forces her to live under the Jonas Brothers and Selena’s Shadow! 2011 is the year for LOVATO! She’s rumored to go on tour with Miley this year, her show Sonny is awaiting the green light for season 3, and she has a3rd album to complete. So suck on it h8rs. Demi is slowly conquering the world because she is a HARD WORKING young lady and a BEAUTIFUL and TALENTED one AT THAT! So EFF off h8rs and QUIT SIPPIN the HATERADE !

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @Listen to mayday parade: the word ur looking for is ‘role’ not ‘roll. and Lord,, please stop making excuses for Demi’s win. She deserved both of her awards ! Her fans were the ones that worked for that award!

  • hetevbh

    great job demi. love ya

  • http://orkut honey

    well its good to see demi wining something,iam soooo tired of seeing that stupid selena win everything,i hope this year miley and demi are gonna do great,[but i think that some people voted her [not her fans] just because she went to rehab and wanted to support her,just my opinion dont hate]any way love u demi,

  • James


    -sniffs- I smell a jealous Biach!

  • James


    No this is not a JAKE you moron.

  • clz

    Yessssss!!! I voted demi! and she won the awards! congrtaz demi!!! :))

  • Ella

    congrats girl!! It’s a good way to start the 2011. ^^

  • TORI

    Love Demi, she deserves all the awards she gets. She’s beautiful and talented and the only reason anyone hates on her is because their jealous.!!!

  • Melissa

    Demi DESERVED it soooooo much <3
    she did an amazing job at Grey’s anatomy!!!!!!

    2011 is going to be DEMI LOVATO’s year <3

  • broeranita

    screw u bitch!!!!!!!!!!! u can´t say nothing bout DEMI SHE´S A GREAT PERSON!!!
    she really deserves it!!

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    @honey: her fans did vot that award. They vpted for her to be nominated [Before she even went to rehab] and they voted extra hard so that she can win. I knew it was only a mattr of time that people would start saying “She only won cuz she went to rehab”. Pretty soon, all non-Demi fans will be blaming every success this girl has on the fact that she went to rehab. Just like the idots who say Taylor Swift is only selling millions of albums cuz she d8ed a Jonas / because people felt bad that Kanye stole her moment at that award shows. That”’s EFFING BOGUS. Demi won because her fans wanted her to win. Plain and simple. And now, we’ll also be hearing people blame Selena’s success on JUSTINE BEAVER.

>>>>>>> staging1