Brenda Song: 'The Social Network' on DVD January 11th!

Brenda Song: 'The Social Network' on DVD January 11th!

Brenda Song is gorgeous in a green dress as she arrives at the The Social Network Blu-ray & DVD launch event in Beverly Hills on Thursday night (January 6).

The 22-year-old actress, joined by on-screen love interest Andrew Garfield, plays Christy Lee in film, which is gaining a lot of Oscar buzz. Cross your fingers we see her at the Oscars!

Brenda has joined fellow Disney stars Corbin Bleu and Alyson Stoner in The Little Engine That Could. The animated flick hits DVD in March!

10+ pics inside of Brenda and Andrew

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Sara

    yeeeeeeeey I love Brenda…I hope 2 see her at the Oscars ^^

  • hanni

    Love you brenda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holly

    shes so cute and hot

  • linaty

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

  • Soniya

    she looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous…first BRENDA post of the year!!

  • jorendalove

    Love her (:

  • briley

    She’s amazing..I <3 her.. so much!

  • briley

    AND OMG I know Bren will grace the oscars!!! she’s going to rock the oscars!! so proud of her


    she looked gorgeous last night. :]
    hopefully she does win an oscar
    i’m sure we’ll be seeing her at the oscars and golden globes soon


    I love her movie! I can’t wait to see it on DVD and in the cinemas again when they re-release it! I can’t wait for her new movies, it’s going to be amazing!!! all of her movies are amazing
    i also hope she wins the oscar soon =D


    omg i keep on saying the same thing over and over again! it’s like amnnesia!

  • lily

    ` she will definitely get nominated!! the Oscars will be amazing with her .. ?? she’s my BEST ACTRESS!!! ♥•♥

  • AMY

    Oscars are about talent as much as they are about politics. Movie Companies spend millions campaigning for them, The Social Network has been campaigned for heavily, has won every critics award and major award ever and it’s definitely getting several Oscars as well as its already nominated Golden Globes and SAG Awards. Brenda is great and amazing in The Social Network, all of the critics gave her wonderful reviews for her performance, and a lot of high profiled screenwriters/producers and directors praised her performance even Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher praised Brenda ( is predicting that she will WIN an OSCAR!!!!

  • AMY
  • mel

    brendaaa ! >3 epic amazing

  • BrendaSongFan4LIFE


  • Maya

    AAHHH she loooks P-E-R-F-E-C-T;)<3
    flawless, breathtakeing, amazing and a whole lot more:) love her soo much!:)<33

    OSCARS, here she comes!! I can’t wait for the oscar, she’s truly got an amazing career ahead=)

  • DJ

    brenda and andrew are so cute together, they’re so hot as a couple loved her movie <3333!!! i hope brenda sees andrew as spider-man! he’s awesome

  • emmy

    BRENDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DIVA ♥ omgggggggggg the oscars!!!!! brenda+oscars=total win

  • Sara

    wOW!! gorgeous!! she’s on top of her game!! can’t wait to see the oscars

  • sa3ooda

    I can’t wait for the social network, boogie town and the suite life movie

  • Mariam

    I hope she wins an Oscar.. I love her..I can’t wait for her new movies..She looks awesome


    I think she’s definitely on the right path. She has this super amazing career and is basically a shoe-in for the Oscars. She was working it slowly, Boogie Town and stuff like that, now she did it. She didn’t just jump in, she took the risks and worked slowly. She’s really young and has a long career ahead of her.

  • baby

    Shes so sweet….Love her :)

  • dalAL

    brenda will win oscars this year cause she is a talented actress and her fans will support her all along love

  • drift

    She’s really developing.

    She is already winning critics over from her great performance in The Social Network (for those who doubt her, you might want to check those reviews out before you continue your trash talking any further, it only makes you look foolish) and already started getting a good response from her costars for Boogie Town, where she plays the college student Natalie who falls in love with her family’s .

    She is making great decisions with her career. She is doing drastically different roles from what she is known and expanding her acting range. She is reaching out to different demographics, well done brenda.

  • Fiona


  • marwa

    brenda rocks


    you guys look at the CUTEST pictures of Brenda and Jesse EVER:

    woah, they seem so close and they’re so so so so so soo cute together but ugh I loathe people who make up rumors about them dating and ugh.


    Here’s what a critic said about Brenda in her movie:
    ”I had prepared some general topics for discussion based on the commentary and the documentary, and this look back at the outrage around “Fight Club” actually led right into one of the questions I had prepared. I told Fincher how impressed I was with Brenda Song in the behind-the-scenes material. “She’s on fire. She’s amazing. Like just a great presence. And you guys took some heat over her character in the film. And when you get criticism on something like that being anti-Asian or anti-woman or something like that, and then you turn around and you look at how strong she is as a performer and the choices that she’s making on-set and how she gets the role completely and understands what she’s playing, does that…are you able to shake off that kind of an attack because you know how completely ungrounded it is? Or do you feel like that’s criticism that, okay well now somebody said this and now I have to respond to this?”

  • jojo

    g o brendy

  • m

    lol did u guys see the movie? brenda gave the buy a blowjob lol

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Brenda would probably be the only Disney actress to win an Oscar. She’s the only Disney star who’s taking major roles. It’s still kind of hard to beeliee that she has done so many great films and yet she’s still under rated. Wendy Wu, Like Mike<,Get A Clue, Stuck in the Sunburns, and a lot of others.

  • lizzie

    @m: She played a pyromaniac character, do you know how hard that is to pull it off? she portrayed a psychotic human and she was great at it, a lot of critics loved it.

    So yeah, she did give a boy a blowjob (it was implied she did) but the character was mentally ill therefore her behaviour is not on trial for being sexually suggestive. Do you know what that means?

    Brenda is prude, she doesn’t go around stripping therefore sets a good example for her young fans. She portrayed a mentally ill/pyromaniac character and Disney didn’t condemn it because it was a portrayal of a crazy person.

    You do realize the movie’s writers aren’t going to spell out her pyromania for you? if you know what pyromania is and have read Vanity Fair magazine’s article about the character, that clearly says Brenda’s character is pyromaniac, you would understand and not just judge a role based on the psychotic behaviour of a mentally ill person.

    Now run along and stop hating. Your opinion really doesn’t matter anyway lol. Because people are still going to applaud her and the movie. lol

  • lizzie

    @m: Did you see the movie? I have a hard time believing that because anyone who saw it would recognise pyromania at first sight

  • Sidra

    her smile and her talent <3 she’s destined to be at the Oscars <3

  • hales

    She’s stunning!

  • Lails

    sHE Is sO hAPPy AnD PrEttY !!!! i LoVe hEr!! tHe oScArs are hers!

  • Leyton

    Brenda is a divine godess :D I can’t wait to see boogie town and her at the oscars!!! I

  • starry

    Fantastic! Brenda is the next Angelina Jolie, her acting skills are absolutely amazing and she can pull of anything from a poor orphan to a a psychotic college student. JAPAN LOVES YOU,,BRENDA!


    The 7 Things I love About Brenda
    Her passion
    Her Good morals
    Her love for this
    Her god vices
    Her style
    Her fine work of art
    Her love to everyone

  • bree

    Brenda looks beyond gorgeous …. she so classy. It is good to she her getting involved in other projects. Her performance in The Social Network was amazing. LOVE U BRENDA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bbgood2me2

    The movie isso excellent and darker more serious than her other movies. I love her to death, I can’t wait to see this again. Brend is beautiful, talented, sophisticated and charming, I love her.

  • Lolo

    omg shes so hot she’s growing into a bigger, better and stronger person. I admire her for everything that she’s done and how she’s dealt with some of the ‘troubles’ in her life.

  • SLODfanatic

    goooooooooooooooooo brenda

  • dizneyfan

    I think the new JJJ headlining top stories boxes are way too huge.. miss the old ones alreeady

  • fredemily

    she is has a hell of a future! shes a legend in the making

  • Savvy

    she’s gorgeous.. i love her and her movie and so sure she’ll be at oscars!


    It’s strange people feel the can judge a young actress’s work and potential through kids films. Brenda is an amazing actress and it’s written on her face, in her movies, in everything she’s done in 2010. She’s great in every form.

  • Sam

    OMGGGG we all knew it will happen, but when someone saysit out loiuuud I GET SO HYPER!