New Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Duet in the Works?

New Miley Cyrus & Nick Jonas Duet in the Works?

According to tweets from music producer Shakur Green, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus may be headed back into the recording studio for a new duet.

Shakur tweeted that he was headed back into the studio with the former couple for a new duet next week. “I will share this info: It’s going to be a double disk duet album!” he shared.

TELL JJJ: Would you want another Miley and Nick duet? Do you think they’re really headed back into the studio?

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  • Olivia

    I am SO excited!!!

  • Sahina

    ooo??? their duet of Before the Storm was good. wonder if this one is good too.



  • oh Nana

    I hope it’s true because i love Miley & nick and a duet would be amazing

  • Nati

    This is rediculous ¬¬

  • camila

    I loooove Nick, and I think Nick and Miley match. But I don`t think they should work on a duet album. Maybe to other songs or so, but not an album! Anyways, I wish them best of luck because they are both awesome and I love them!

  • Lesleyrock

    Of course! It would be AMAZING!!!! :)

  • anon

    exactly how legit is this?

  • iTellItLikeItIs

    O Lord, here we go again .

  • headstrong

    the sound so good together. hope its true.

  • jt

    Anything with Nick is good. As long as we don’t have to hear the they are back together trash. Personally they’ve moved on. Musically, they sound great together.

  • skye

    YES! I Love Niley and BTS is incredible and beautiful. Please be true but he has worked with them before why would he lie? I will buy so many copies of this just to support them,they deserve it.

  • skye

    To haters or doubters I will only say you don’t know what’s going to happen any more than anyone else and Miley herself even said they will always come back together no matter what happens so yes a reunion is always a possibility and I hope they do someday. For now if it’s only friendship and music I’ll gladly take it. I’m so excited! God bless Niley!

  • Amanda

    @iTellItLikeItIs: same here im with you there

  • Amanda

    @jt: i agree they sound perfect together but they’re bettter off friends.

  • JAna

    I hope this is true !!! Their voices match perfectly !!! I love them :D

  • anon

    Isnt miley supposed to be filming? So how are they suppose to record it? Not hating, just wondering.

  • lanee

    Can’t wait both talented musicians. cant wait to hear their new material

  • good-one

    Huh? Niley? Redux? Okaaaay.

  • headstrong

    @anon: i guess she can do both

  • marimadness

    ugh so stupid i seriously hope not. Miley ruined the track “before the storm” and i think nick and her arent a good couple together? NIley? Get over it, they wont be together again.t hey dont match but i digress. Hope its not true i dont like when they do duets together it just ruins the song. So ridiculous…ugh.. Just my musical opinion, not a hater. Just a thinker.

  • mrsdestinyhope

    LOL! Now all the Niley kids will think that they’re d8ing again. And the minute the song flops on the charts, they’ll breakup again. Why is it that the only time Nick even cares to bother Miley is when he needs to cr8 some shitty duet? He doesn’t even care about his friendship status with her. All he wants is some eye candy for his horrendous solo album.

    I also herd a rumor that Niley fans didn’t buy CAN’T BE TAMED because of the fact Miley wrote 2-3 songs about Liam. [And you guys know Niley stans h8 everyone Miley d8s that’s not Nick Jonas. They give him some crzy nickname *FameWhore(Justin) Monkey(Liam), Caveman(Avan)* and then they start to make up all kids of false breakup and cheating rumors . Anything to keep their false little hopes alive.

  • a

    BTS was amazing, I think Nick and Miley compliment each other musically and they respect each others talent. This is going to blow up rumors of a relationship though which is no one’s business.

  • skye

    @anon: She can always do both like she did some of time of our lives while filming The last song. And she and Nick don’t have to be in the same place to record. But maybe he will go to NE so they can do it together.If he’s still in Texas,that’s not that far from NE.

  • memo

    Can’t Wait :D

  • http://TWITTER.COM/SUNRISE67 Rachel

    I don’t want to hear them together ,I love to hear him but her to me she can not sing at all I don’t like any of her songs

  • Lala

    i completely agree with rachel… nick sings amazingly and miley can’t sing at all she just screeches!

  • britney

    I want a duet, but i dont want them to date again.

  • gaby

    Can’t wait This is super cool :):):))
    Love it :)
    Because his song is always great …….Miley and Nick write a songs whit your heart and that is amazing :)

  • Tiffany

    miley doesnt screech, she sings fine and nick definitely cant sing that well either, he always sounds like hes constipated, like hes straining his voice to reach a high. I

  • samantha

    guys, your forgetting that it might not be an album of just them, Miley could be doing a duets album?

  • dragon

    Yeah! best friends always make the best music! It’s true, lol

  • Paula


  • hetevbh

    i want a duet, so excited

  • Caroline

    could be Justin and Selena right…but be weird…Justin don’t have a really strong voice..but Greyson Chance has a amazing voice…anyways…Miley and Nick a duet a hope will be good like Before the storm was..and hope they be together again…<3 Can’t wait to see Selena here in Brazil

  • Dari

    Now this music producer is saying that his tweets were misunderstood… although there wasn’t much to misunderstand. So 1)It was true and he wasn’t supposed to say anything so he’s covering it up 2)It was a joke and he never thought that it would blow this far up 3) He did it to get more followers and knew that it was a bold lie from the beggining. Seeing as I would hope this guy is professional enough not to use false rumors to get followers or make dumb jokes, I am going to hope that #1 is true. I WANT A MILEY DUET ALBUM 2011. Nick or No Nick, I don’t care… although with Nick would be super cool, because I think he is talented and their voices go well together!! AHHHHHHH, I NEED TO KNOW for sure!

  • http://justjaredjr. jan

    Miley has said that Nick is too conservative for her. I’m sure that Miley is too “wild” for Nick. (What kind of First Lady would she make?!) I would think that all Niley fans can give up any hope of them getting together romantically. They can be friends; they can record; don’t see a romance happening again. It’s been over 3 years for heaven’s sakes!

  • Jennifer

    Hell NO!!! I hope tht they do not record together. I truly love Nick, but i HATE miley cuz she is a little slut who sucks at life. I really hope she dies from an std!

  • anh

    woohoo!!! i can’t wait!!! they sound amazing together!

  • Kim

    Dear God I hope not.

  • http://rollaash rolla ashraf

    the two sound is soooo good but why miely and nick why dont be selena or ashely but miely and nick are the best

  • Kevin Oneal

    HAHA!! i Haved Always said ” Miley And Nick Will Belong to Each Other For Ever.!!! ” LOL!

  • Gossip Girl

    Take a breather guys, kken Baker from E! says there’s no Niley duet in the works

  • Karina

    If it’s true, that’d be great!


    OMG this would be amazing

  • Sara

    yeeeeeeeeey :D

  • blahblahblah

    I Wish :O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Niley So Fucking Much !!!!

  • Erika

    Awesome XD

  • blahblahblah

    Your ridiculous !!!!!!!

  • xoxo

    i love nick&MİLEY<3<3<3……and i love before the storm…i hope this is true