Selena Gomez & Mom Mandy: Galleria Girls

Selena Gomez & Mom Mandy: Galleria Girls

Selena Gomez hangs on to her mom Mandy as they head through the Sherman Oaks Galleria Mall in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (January 8).

After hanging out with her parents, the 18-year-old actress headed over to meet with friends Francia Raisa and Darnell Appling to catch Black Swan.

Selena tweeted, “Teach @darnellappling how to cat daddy @Quincy …yup. And @therealfrancia keep eating MY popcorn girl. I love my friends :)

“Gimme yo goobers!!! We need to practice our cat daddy and dougy yo!,” Francia tweeted right back.

More pics @ X17!

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Photos: X17online
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  • jt

    Not impressed with her at all these days. Now she tries to show she’s just an innocent mommy’s girl shopping at the mall. Sorry Selena, we know better. The proof is in the pics.

  • mmbop

    So cute. <3

  • Mellz

    Share time with family n friends..:) love u selena..
    Let the haters talk,it aint gonna change my respect n love for u
    Simply the best <3

  • Lilo

    @jt why are you “not impressed with her at all these days”? She hasn’t done anything bad. I’m sensing that you are one of those thousands, if not, millions of jealous “Beliebers.” To all his fans reading this, life is not worth obsessing over Justin Bieber. I like him too and I admit, I read gossip sites occasionally, but at the end of the day I have my own life to think and obsess about. Also, there are some of your who spend too much time on Youtube, tumblr or twitter doing something that’s about him, which means you have less time to live your real life. You probably wont believe this, but in a few years, you’ll wonder why you were so obsessed with him in the first place. To be honest, I used to be a big Jonas Brothers fan-I was not a crazy and jealous type of fan though. There was a short period of time when I read about their personal lives often and I actually ended up constantly thinking about them when I was in school, at the mall or even in my room. I still do like the Jonas Brothers, but I am just so happy that I have more time to think about reality instead of pop culture and live my own life.

    What Justin does in his personal life shouldn’t affect your opinions about the women in his life. Just be happy for him that Selena brings more joy into his life. Life is to short to hate others.

  • lexie

    @jt: she’s always been a ‘mommy’s girl’. They go shopping and hang out all the time. She always speaks highly of her mother and she never said she was innocent, that’s just what people perceive her as because she’s not as scandalous as miley. and what are these pictures you are talking about? if you’re talking about the one’s of her and justin bieber, you have got to be kidding. is hanging out with her boyfriend a bad thing?

  • Mina


  • Erika

    I love Selenas style XD

  • http://deleted hi

    Selena Gomez is one of the FEW real people in Hollywood & I LOVE HER FOR THAT! ;)

  • elisavet


  • Ella

    I don’t like her outfit, but she still looks beautiful as ever! :)

  • chris

    Uhmmm. She’s latin and latin women are attached to their moms. That is just the way we are, we need them a lot.

  • andy

    Cutie pie!! <3

  • That guy

    She loves her mother very much so their is nothing wrong if she enjoy’s shopping or hanging out with her.

  • Naomi


    Thank You!!! Someone who actually has sense. People get too worked up these days.

  • Lo

    Lexie that is exactly right, she has never really said she was innocent in fact she has stated on occasion that she is not so innocent and makes mistakes. And that she trust her Mom and Stepdad to keep her in line. So maybe she wasn’t doing what she is accused of and was just hanging with justin getting a tan and joking around the teens out their in la la land needs to understand you can kiss on the lips and hug a friend without it being anything more than friends
    And speaking of miley really have you went to your local mall during summer the teen girls going down as young as preteens act and look like they should be working at the adult strip clubs.
    Also miley has not done even close to what some of the other female celebrities are doing right this min. it just she a young adult and the teenie bobbers take more notice of her doing thing the older starlets get away with.

  • Selena4ever

    @Lilo: I totally, 1000% agree with you… Selena is an amazing person and if someone has a problem with than, then their just jealous….

  • Lo

    Also folks have you read the lastest news about your little Justin he starting to flirt with the actress, Raven wanting to dance with her.
    I think the Selena haters need to realize that Bieber is a little boy going thru purberty and he his flirting with all the girls he is the one chasing Selena not the other way around. And I still think Selena was just tanning and hanging with a fellow actor even though Bieber wanted more he never got what he wanted. Now he is after 25 year old Raven.
    So just let it go this little fellow will be trying to jumb other starlets in the future, will you Biebers hate every girl he goes after. It is not the starlets that you should be angry with and stop listening to.
    It is Little Bieber you twitter to settle down, WITHOUT DEALTH THREATS, no one should be place into that postion and you should not get that angry over any actor or actress.

  • Kate

    @jt: That makes no sense what pics? Also who said she wanted to be innocent, she just loves her family and actually understands they are very imortanat.

  • hiha

    selena and her mom are looking good!

  • sue

    selena always always looks pretty even when shes casual, love her!!! and she definitely has natural beauty ;)

  • Smile

    i kinda agree with jt (about the pics). I mean she says she and Bieber are just friends, actually he’s like a little brother and then we see the pics. The thing that bothers me is if they interview her about Bieber she’ll still say the brother thing. Which is not true, at least not anymore.

    Anyways, I love how she hangs out with her mom <3 sweettttttt

  • aria


    what are you talking about, she is much better than mrs. miley cyrus. such a better role model! she’s old enough to have a boyfriend!

  • Quivox

    I didn’t know She was friends with Francia Raisa. Is this real?

  • http://deleted hi

    Selena Gomez is THE BEST! ;)

  • victoria

    i cant belive she saw black swan.. she seems too innocent for that, like she had to have been really uncomfortable with masturbating and lesbian sex scenes every two seconds -_-

  • Mika

    She’s so ordinary looking. Why do people keep calling her a beauty? It’s the make up and clothes that make her the brand she is.

  • Lo

    So what mika how may girls out their in the real world that you know of that doesn’t wear at least a little make up.
    Most girls now days won’t even answer their front door without doing their makeup and dressing.
    Although if you would check her images on the net, while she shopping or one of her net social pages where she hanging with friends and just a little makeup she still is a pretty girl.
    And mostly it is what she has inside and how she handles herself that make her beautifull.
    She doesn’t get online or comment pages and trash other people just because they are different.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    There are masturbation and lesbian sex scenes in this “Black Swan?” Well maybe I’ll consider putting this on my to-see list.

  • Curtis

    All the Disney girls look like normal, everyday girls you pass on the street without makeup. Neither ones ( Miley, Selena or Demi) are pretty without makeup. When they have it on from a little to more makeup is when their beauty/attractiveness is highlighted.
    Seriously at least be real and truthful.
    All these girls have their own talents also. Some are stronger in acting and or singing than the other. Some have very strict parents/don’t care/too busy parents.
    They all make mistakes. Some just let it hang out and some hide their mistakes. Those girls are all different.
    They all have ther bad/moody days. They are just teenagers growing up.

  • mari

    LOVE THEM!!!

  • lulu

    @AnonymousGuy08: hahaha! best comment!

  • bella

    out of all the disney stars, selena is the well-grounded level headed down to earth one. i never hear anything scandalous about her, and in her interviews she comes across very sweet and articulate. i don’t think she’s as innocent as everyone thinks she is she just has an innocent look to her, but that doesn’t make her an bad person like some people are making her out to be. she’s a human being people seem to forget that about celebrities, shes just like us but rich and famous people treat clebrities like if their Jesus walking on this earth!!…she’s a young girl who will make mistakes here and there we all make’em people stop throwing stones because i’m sure their are some mistakes on each and every one of you who are judging her…we all learn and i think she’s a great girl and i don’t see trainwreck in her future, she isnt like miley or demi, selena has morals and values, her mom has taught her well… as for latins and italians are cultures are similar and we are very very close with our mom their like our best friends!

  • Endell Maynard

    I like the gril they call Selena, I know now that mom knows what I up to I want Selena for my self yes grilfriend /boyfriend .I looking to lunch my fsashion carear in summer 2011.So I got money mom I know Selena wants me mom get her ready she should be making more money any way.

  • mone

    @bella: Iagree with u about miley…but demi is a good role model too she hasn’t done anything scandalous. She is just getting treatment for emotional and physical problems…she is strong young women.

  • bella

    @mone – you have a point about demi, but if rumors are true, hitting people is wrong and its never ok to be violent. there’s rumors she was snorting coke and there’s racy pictures of her floating on the internet…her role model days are over she has some damage repair to do…its possible and i hope she stays away from trouble in the future, shes a very pretty girl, it would be a shame if she took the britney-lindsay kind of lifestyle…i think theres hope for her, im glad shes getting help before hopefully she comes out a better person. as for miley i think shes our new lindsay.

  • Raad


  • blogwiz

    @lexie: Well it is bad when herboy friend is a child of 16……if she is dating him she should go to jail for being a pediphile because she is now an adult and it is illegal for her to date a 16 year old child and just because she is a star doesn’t mean she is allowed to break the law!

>>>>>>> staging1