Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Welcoming Winston

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Welcoming Winston

Could they get any cuter?!

Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene get down on the driveway with their pup Winston in this new, first footage meeting from

Winston is a rare color blue, pure english bulldog puppy with blue eyes and even has a hidden Mickey Mouse in his markings! How cool!

Joe and Ashley played with a blue octopus toy and rope to play with the newest addition to their family. Ashley already has another pup, Marlo.

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene: Welcoming Winston
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  • SunLight Princess


  • Someone :)

    seriously! stop showing off your dog now!

  • someone

    can they break up already…she is distracting him from HIS work aka album.. -_- heard it got pushed back

  • Someone :)

    @someone i know right? its high time he starts working again! i think his holiday and “spending time together” time should be over now!! its annoying now! even SHE’S working noww!

  • someone

    @Someone :) exactly..its like he is her puppy or pumped for his cd..but it doesnt seem like he really cares about it..he should be promoting it already if its supposed to be out in spring..but no he cares more about her..bleh

  • loloveisintheair

    aaw thats cute. i love ashley<3

  • Someone :)

    @someone nope hes more interested in promoting ashley than his cd! he’s gonna have sooo much trouble to get raise his cd sales coz of the crap he’s done in 2010 with the whole demi ashkey and treatment centre thing!

  • someone

    @Someone :): yup exactly…. i think they are better off just realising a Jonas Brothers Album..and not his solo as much as i want it…it might not be a good thing

  • Mac

    Has this guy done any major work the past year aside from parading his relationship with Ashley Greene?

  • Lawrence


  • Lauren

    @Someone :) @someone


  • The Vet Girl

    Cute! I’d never seen this color on a bulldog actually.

  • HIH

    Winston is so cute XD

  • Ella

    I love Joe and Winston!! ;)


    i love joe & winston!!! are cute…!!
    ashley is a slut

  • maria

    @KATTA: Maybe you can insult people when you learn how to make a proper sentence.
    And this video is from October…

  • Lauren


    No it is from November


    JJOEEEEEEEE ;) lol

  • Smile

    There’s more to life then working and putting out an album.

    Demi is in the treatment center because of her OWN issues. You are the only responsible for your success and failure. Let’s be realistic . Whether someone likes it or not, he’s not going to have trouble with his CD sales.

>>>>>>> staging1