Miley Cyrus 'Obsessed' With Britney's New Song

Miley Cyrus 'Obsessed' With Britney's New Song

Miley Cyrus just can’t get enough of “Hold It Against Me“, the brand new song from Britney Spears.

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“Oh Em Gee!” Miley wrote on her official site. “Just got the new Britney Spears song on iTunes [called] hold it against me! It is my new jam! Obsessed! Can’t quit dancing on set! Go check it!”

ARE YOU OBSESSED with Britney’s new song like Miley?

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  • edner

    Yeah! i like the new song! britney it’s BACK!
    mILEY rOCK’S

  • Mae

    When will Miley realize that Britney Spears doesn’t like her at all? I mean she totally ignores her haha so why bother, haha

  • Anibal

    no really

  • smileymileyfan

    i really dont like the song. maybe it will grow on me?

  • http://@RockStar_Will RockStar Will

    I haven’t heard it yet but if Miley likes it, i am sure I will too.

  • hanni

    Yeah of course! best song ever

    i just hope it’s not true that britney is brainwashed/mind controlled :(

  • kym

    i thought she didnt like pop music. and the song sucks. like seriously, i love britney but shes a singer and she needs to do that. singers need to stop putting auto toon on everything. the song is horrible, its everything thats wrong with music today. specifically pop music.

  • RockStar Will

    @RockStar Will: Okay, I just downloaded the song from iTunes. Miley is right, it is great!

  • Precious

    @kym: *tone and I agree, singers don’t sing these days

  • Just Jared


  • Warren

    I think Miley is so much better than Britney. I know Miley likes her, but I just think she is OK and I’m not sure about this new song.

  • Macee

    I don’t like the whole techno vibe that all the artists are trying to do nowadays but I love Britney, just not her song as much.

  • aha

    Actually, Mae, Britney and Miley have been friends for a while. Britney even gave her VMA 2008 to Miley’s auction last year.

  • joe6pack

    What happened to music? This new generation of so called musicians
    don’t have a clue. It’s all garbage.

  • Kokym8

    auto-tune ???? r u kiddin’ me !? this is her most less auto tuned song ever !!!!
    most of people says that there’s no heavy auto-tune at all !!! and at first we thought there’s no an auto tune at all !!!!
    AND THE SONG IS AWESOME IS REALLY DANCE-POP ! but u people don’t accept the changing !

  • nikki

    i miss the days when artist actually sang. Artist like Aaliyah, Avril, and Lillix were real artist. They sang live and didn’t use auto tune.

  • headstrong

    im obsessed with that song!

  • Mirale

    1/ That song might have some techno/house beats…but it doesn’t make you dance AT ALL….2/ Miley should stop being akiss-ass because Brit doesn’t care about a Disney child star : 3/ this is not about miley but d isn’t Britney the queen of POP ? if she can’t do pop anymore than she should give the name to Gaga or Perry !

  • Mae


    I agree with you on #2

  • Disney 4Ever

    Yeah, i love that song! I was quite obsessed with it too! But i moved on to “Till The World Ends” when it was first released! Now i think it is 1000 times better than #HIAM!

  • mileydoessing

    @Mae: @nikki:

    Miley actually does sing live. So praise her for that.