Nick Jonas & Samantha Barks: Disneyland Date!

Nick Jonas & Samantha Barks: Disneyland Date!

Samantha Barks looks like she had a fantastic time riding the California Screamin’ roller coaster at Disney’s California Adventure with rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas over the weekend, thanks to TooFab.

The former Les Miserables costars were spotted hanging out at the park with Big Rob and catching all the coasters they could.

Earlier last week, Nick and Samantha lunched with Joe Jonas at Kings Road Cafe.

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  • ma

    he should be with me hahaha

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    Ugh, I’m jelous. Lucky girl :)

  • nick jonas’s gf

    NOOOO!!!!!!!! that boy is MINEEE! not anyone elses!

    i love the jonas brothers :)

  • Zoey

    They are so cute together, :)

  • nathalia

    don’t know if the rumor is true but and don’t like them together, i don’t know why @ma: he should be with MEEE ahahah jk

  • JjEnn

    Notice jj said Samantha barks having a good time. Nick looked tired or miserable in all of the Disney pics. Love the little dude though!

  • Listen to mayday parade

    Nice to see him having fun and not just working. He seems a lot more mature than the other brothers. I think I respect nick the most. He’s so dedicated and hard working.

  • tay

    sam is mentioned first. jjj, do you have a new crush? ;)

    love them <3

  • tammy

    ha ha he doesnt look like hes having a good time, dont you remember when miley and nick went on a roller coaster? he looked so much happier then! ha ha oh well, i doubt theyre going out though….:/

  • Christine

    Id hate to date any of the jonas brothers, but nick would definitely be at the bottom of my list. Hes so stiff and boring. He hardly ever smiles, rarely looks like hes having fun. Guy needs to loosen up. Hes not old enough to be taking life so seriously yet.

  • MElanie

    nick has his game face on. bring it. :)

  • ness

    wow she looks so different after her nose job.

  • a

    Nice to see him out!

  • blahblahblah

    Hahahaha Look At His Face !! :)
    I Love Nick But Samantha :/ NO

  • ayen

    lol nick is caught on a roller coaster date again… ehhh but i just love the idea of Nicole Anderson dating him, rather than Samantha just sayin’

  • ayen

    Samantha is pretty but i hate her… lol… its just that i’m not fully recovered on NACY thing… awww i hope nicole & N

  • ayen

    she’s cute but i dont like her for nick… i just not yet fully recovered on NACY THING… awww, hope nicole & nick have another project together… <3 nicole is a sweetheart

  • bigbang

    its like niley (the place they go )

  • Crystal

    wow,the guy hardly ever smiles,does he?i know he’s known as the quiet one compared to Joe and Kevin,but c’mon man!u were just in a roller coaster ride!!


    Looks like a fun day for Samantha, he looks so bored in all the pictures he needs a girl who can make him smile. Looked way happier with Lucie Jones at amusement park in London

  • lovelydee

    Aww, that’s cute.

  • angel

    God, seriously, I love you Nick, but please, stop acting so serious; smile a little, hun. I’ve seen videos and photos of you laughing and smiling and having a good time, so I know you’re capable of it. As someone said before, you just got off of a FLIPPIN’ ROLLER COASTER with your rumored GIRLFRIEND who clearly came all the way from flippin’ LONDON to see you!

    Sorry. I had to get my frustrations out :P

    I love Nick Jonas to death, and maybe he was having an off day, or his blood sugar was low, or i don’t know. I just don’t see how someone could look that miserable when he’s with someone he likes a lot and he’s at friggin Disneyland.

    I don’t get it.

    Anywho, Samantha looks so cute, LOL. She looks like a little kid, I love her smile :P She’s starting to grow on me :D

  • Samara

    Eu nao sei oque eu acho, porque eles são jovens e devem aproveitar a vida !!! é isso oque eu acho hehe

  • samantha

    omg i saw them at disneyland it was amazing

  • joli

    nick looks VERY happy! I’m SO glad that he is SMILING SO BIG!!

  • chridtsl


  • chriSTAL


  • lulu

    unlike those days when he was with miley, he just doesnt smile much now. and omg dude you are a freakin rollercoaster how could not like smile. just saying people, just saying.

  • dragon

    Samantha seems very nice and pretty.

    Last time I’d seen Nick on a roller coaster date, he was very smiley. =]]

  • Joli

    Leave nick alone? Really? Hahahaha RME.

  • Vanessa

    the only time Nick has been looking happy is when he tweets pictures from the #beatlab. I don’t know what it is but he always has a loving look on his face? Gotta love the guy smile or no smile.

  • HIH

    As long as he’s happy… I guess XD

  • Honey

    LOL i agree with all your commentsi am never going tobe over nacy i want nick and nicole to be together there just to cute together i dont like samantha barks oh plz nickole work lol:) x

  • http://Angie_jb angie loves jonas

    HAHAHAHA i loveed your comment :P

    Hey girls i know nick doesn´t look very happy in this pick, but i saw another one and he was really excited!!
    anywayss, maybe he wasn´t confortable with her or he was having a bad day, i don´t care about itt i love him soooooooo much and if i was the girl next to him at the roller coaster he will be SMILING ;) LOL

    peace love and jonas! <3 x

  • josephine

    Not that anyone bothers about Les Mis here, but what? Isn’t Samantha working? In LONDON? If I had a job at Les Mis I really wouldn’t be going every month for 11 hour flights to LA. And why are the amount of holiday dates in her contract stretched for her?



    he looks so bored -.-

    ugh i still hoping for Niley <3

  • horsegirl61

    I bet she is a very nice girl, but I don’t think her and NIck should be together. Nick needs someone really great, and I just don’t think she’s it. I mean if Nick loves her then I am totally behind him. I think he is better single for right now, I mean he has so much stuff on his plate I don’t think a girlfriend is a good addition. Well in the end I support him in whatever he does. whoever gets to marry him is a very lucky girl! <3

  • liz

    @josephine: Maybe she’s needy and begs so that she can latch onto her emotionless, boring boyfriend? lol.

  • joan

    niley looks better then enybody they are just soo cute and that samanta is ugly lets face it she suck

  • joan

    i don’t like her she is soooo ugly just opinion and besides nick diserve much better than that she suck

  • http://deeosment Dee

    Since everyone’s talkin bout it..,i know how to make nick smile…put her close to miley cyrus..he won’t just smile…he even will laugh wide…it was proven..just check out all the pics when nick w/her n compare w/ pics when nick w/ other girls…he was simply open his mouth widely for laughing when around her….just prove it!!

  • Rhiannon

    I don’t know my dad’s best friend got a picture with Nick and he apparently had been bombarded with autographs and things throughout that day. Their’s no doubt in my mind that he was tired from being at Disneyland (not that I’m not sure he doesn’t love Disneyland) I just think he should be given some credit. He’s 18 and busy maybe that face on California Screamin was the result of being tired. Honestly though I have to admit that Nick is definitely more realistic than his two older brothers.


  • alexx casey

    Where is Nick’s purity ring? Anyone else notice he’s not wearing it? He ALWAYS wears that ring! Unless…………….???

  • Amanda LV

    I wont Nick too be happy and he will be happy with Selena Gomez…….
    ……….They where soo perfect togheter……i wont Nick too be happy and if he loves Samanta its okay with me…….NICK! LATVIA LOVES YOU!!!
    PLZ come to Latvia and go to Džūkste I love you AMANDA KRAUJA

  • Julie

    I bet they are just friends… she lives all the way in London and was just visiting.

  • Paige

    I miss these 2 as a couple, they were so cute together.

    Plus she was basically a normal girl, compared to those they dated before.