Could Emma Watson Be Taylor Lautner's Leading Lady?

Could Emma Watson Be Taylor Lautner's Leading Lady?

Quite possibly!

According to Deadline, Taylor Lautner is currently on the lookout for his Incarceron leading lady and Emma Watson is one of three front-runners for the role.

Blake Lively and Jennifer Lawrence are also up for the role of Claudia.

Taylor, 18, is also proving to be one hot commodity in Hollywood — booking another new project in his only free time slot left in 2011. Headed by New Regency, the film is a yet-to-be-titled international spy thriller and described as “The Bourne Identity for the next generation.” He’ll also produce the flick.

WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE for Taylor’s Incarceron leading lady?

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  • nadnad

    Gross. I love Emma, but I can’t imagine her as his leading lady. Ew.

  • Mari

    I vote for Emma. I’d love it if they worked together!

  • girly guy

    all these girls are a bit older than Taylor,could the studio or director search for someone who actually same age with Taylor? -not against these girl,love all the girls-

  • http://xxemillixx em xx

    Definitely emma watson she would b perfect x

  • miki

    Emma Watson’s perfect i think she could be^^

  • Emma

    My choice would be Emma. ^_^ I didn’t read the book though, so I’m not sure. I’d have to read it first to make a final decision. I can see them being together in a movie.

  • Samantha

    I can’t imagine Emma in an action film, especially one with Taylor Lautner. And no more Blake Lively…

  • caramelite

    I don’t know, I can’t imagine them being in a movie together. And besides, isn’t he younger than most of the girls? It’s just seem a little…off. Just my opinion,

  • Kris

    NO f*ckng way!!! Emma is too hot and I don’t even want to think about her being partnered with Lautner…. no!!! My vote or opinion doesn’t have anything to do with the rivalry of their, you know, movies!!! Although HP is obviously SO much better than you know what!

  • Lawrence

    That would be a sweet hookup!.

  • Just in

    Twilight and Harry Potter clashing! Oh no, what will the fans think?

  • Anne

    Emma Watson would be perfect as Claudia. I always pictured her while reading those books.

  • Emmy

    To Just In:

    Twilight is crap compared to HP, yes, but Taylor is not a bad actor. Besides, look at Jamie C Bower, who played Caius in Twilight and Grindelwald in HP 7.
    I’m really tired of seeing Blake, and she doesn’t really ever ‘change it up’ … And if Blake gets this, I’m not watching it. The two have ZERO chemistry.
    Jen is just not right, I mean, she’s awesome looking and all, but I don’t see chemistry.

    Emma, however, is young (despite what you have to say about her age) and is already looking great alongside Taylor.

    So I’m totally cheering for Emma; she’s fun, beautiful, can change things up, and I’m a fan. Hope it goes to her!

  • Emmy

    @Just in:

    Twilight is crap compared to HP, yes, but Taylor is not a bad actor. I’m not one of his crazy ‘gimme-your-shirt’ fan, but I enjoy some of his work. Besides, look at Jamie C Bower, who played Caius in Twilight and Grindelwald in HP 7, and is also dating Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley).

  • chris

    no Emma plz just no…you’re better than this

  • Love it

    Blake Lively hasn’t been 16 for a very long time, she probably can’t even read. The character in the book is 16 years old Blake, get someone to read the book to you baby. Don’t embarrass yourself by going to the audition. Emma Watson or Dakota Fanning should play the girl. Opposites attract.

  • yulia

    kristen! hahaha.

  • thatgirl

    Definitely Emma. Idk how I feel about her with Taylor Lautner but she is fantastic and deserves any role offered to her because she is amazing.

  • lala44

    let Kristen be his side kick

  • Rain

    Selena Gomez should be his leading lady. They’re so cute together.

  • leonorcilla

    Please don’t choose blake !

  • babs

    kristen?uuggh!!! one dimensional actress. she always sounds like a blubbering idiot in all her depth at all.

  • Endell Maynard

    It’s for Emma.THEY said she’s ready I can’t wait to love her.The Incarceron woman is technically and should be Emma,this is her time in fact this is Hollywood’s time to work with another young beauty who will only add Box Office sell outs in time to come.Any way Lautner will adapt ot his lines better he wil be more comfortable.I prefer no intermate scenes. Emma is a virgin and I want it so she is for me(Endell).

  • Endell Maynard

    @Emmy: I like Emmy ‘s spirit GO Emmy.Watch your self Emmy I am looking at you be a good gril now don’t bang it up.Emma is the right choise It’s somthing new may be but has always bein along side a guy fighting.Emmy lets start texting and commenting together sound like fun to me.I WILL LOOK OUT FOR YOU TOMMOROW.

  • Abbie

    Emma would be perfect in the role. In case you have’t noticed, she’s been in several action based movies already. Part 2 of the Deathly Hallows will be very action packed. Emma is a very talented, and level headed young lady that will excell in anything she decides to do. I’m sure she and Taylor would work well together.

  • Lia

    whatever they do, i hope for the love of God that it won’t be Blake…i can’t stand her…

    out of the girls personally Emma is my fave, but i can’t see them as a ‘couple’, but Jen is cute…that could work? lol i dunno…

    but as long as it’s not Blake, i’m happy…

  • Kate

    I love Emma Watson and Blake Lively , but I think that Blake Lively is better. Because Harry Potter and Twilight aren´t with yourself.:-)

  • Amy

    EMMA! Blake with Taylor would just be WEIRD> Blake is all woman and Taylor in my eyes, is still a boy despite his six pack.

  • Chanon

    Emma is too good for a Twilight boy. Harry Potter and Twilight should not mix. -_______-

  • Angie

    correction @ amy he has an 8 pack, and yessss i love him so much ever since sharkboyyyy!

  • Chelsea

    If Emma is in it, then I’m definitely watching! I love her work.

  • Celia

    Love Emma Watson, but I doubt she’s doing this.
    Emma’s really focused on school right now and is only taking up low-key Indie projects.
    Plus, it seems they like they always add Emma’s name to the list to give these movies more publicity. This is like the 10th movie she’s been rumored to be attached too.

  • guy wise

    I doubt a great girl like her would even want to work with such talentless 15 minutes of fame prick. Enjoy your last two crap twilight films, because no matter how many horny teenage girls love you, that won’t back up the fact that you are a horrible actor who will go nowhere after those twilight movies. Hater? jealous? Please little girlies, come up with something original. This basterd is as bad as Nicholas Cage . @sshole only reads his lines, that ‘s all he does like the other vampire lover. Such an “acting” disaster. But of course all the little girlies and older horny mother’s are so in love with these morons that they can’t even see how bad they are. Why is his girly disfigured face even famous if he can’t even act? You are the judge girlies. Now reply with your “OMG” “LOL” HATER GO F*CK YOUSELF”
    Oh people these days. Love you Emma.


    From those 3 Id choose Emma Watson. I think she’s a little bit edgier than Taylor which would make him look more interesting.
    Unless of course Taylor wants to get laid on the job because then he should choose Blake. If it worked for Ben Affleck, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds then why wouldnt it work for him?

  • Just in

    Taylor would be smart to cast Jennifer Lawrence. She will be credibility to the project. She could very well be nominated this year for an Oscars for Winter’s Bone. She will be everywhere during award season. She is the logical choice. The other two get act. They are overrated by the media. Fame does not equal good acting skills. Blake mumbles and Emma is in school and overacts. She always look distressed/scared/concerned. Works in HP but not everytime.

  • Just in

    Taylor would be smart to cast Jennifer Lawrence. She will bring credibility to the project. Likewise, she could very well be nominated this year for an Oscars for Winter’s Bone. Also, she will be everywhere during awards season (like Carey Mulligan for An Education). Making her very desirable to casting agents. Thus, she is the logical choice. The other two can’t act. They are overrated by the media. Fame does not equal good acting skills. Blake mumbles and Emma is in school and overacts. She can only look distressed/scared/concerned naturally. Works in HP but not every time and in every scene.

  • babs


    right on! she’s just too beautiful, too intelligent and too classy for him.

  • .jenna

    Emma is amazing, and I support her in everything that she does, but I honestly think that she won’t go for this role- she already has so much going on. Anyway, she and Taylor really don’t seem to have that sort of chemistry, and she is much more talented then him, so his performance will look poor against hers.
    Not that I have anything against Taylor or Twilight.
    And I would definitely prefer Emma over those other people. Most definitely.
    How old is Blake again? Seriously, start acting your own age.
    And I honestly have nothing against Jennifer because I have no idea who she is.
    So go team Emma!

  • Celee

    Emma! She is one of my favorites so is Taylor so I think it would be awesome if they worked together!

  • marina

    I vote for Emma, she’s amazing! Maybe Jennifer Lawrence, but I didn’t see Winter’s Bone!

  • yadi

    Emma is too good for this project. No doubt she can pull this off, but her talents are better suited for better projects, more challenging projects. Therefore, I hope she doesnt get this role. Its better for that Jennifer girl, since shes starting out. It can set her on the map for sure, and get her name going so she can choose better projects.

  • Lawrence

    @guy wise:

    Sounds like you have some unresolved issues*lol*, seek counseling it does help. :)

  • http://iAMthatflipkid Mary

    not emma or blake. i don’t want them to work with that dog looking thing

  • Gracie

    i’m in love with Emma, but i don’t know if she should be the leading lady with Taylor. Oh well, her decision, not ours. (: xo

  • tn

    Emma and Taylor? No.

  • sierra

    ABSOLUTELY NOT blake lively :p

  • jojo

    i think emma she`s amazing but she`s studying right now she wont do any project but any way i think she is the best for that role blake is older than taylor and she`s booring and jen i dont know
    emma looks younger than 20

  • TAY

    Jennifer The best !!!She sexy !!!

  • mia

    @jojo: emma has already got a movie out this year aswell as the last harry potter. she is taking roles, but she is only going for ones that intrest her

  • torogi

    Honestly, he’s picking leading ladies now? LOL. Emma Watson is way up there compared to Lautner.

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