Miley Cyrus: New 'Wake' Details!

Miley Cyrus: New 'Wake' Details!

New, exciting details were just released about Miley Cyrusupcoming movie, Wake.

In an interview with ShockTillYouDrop, screenwriter Christopher Landon talks about taking Lisa McCann‘s book of the same name and turning it into a sort of horror.

“[Miley] wanted to do something a little edgier and a little darker, so we’re making this movie hopefully…It’s about a teenage girl who has a rare form of narcalepsy. When she’s within a certain distance of someone sleeping, she passes out and goes into their dreams,” he shared.

Christopher continued, “It definitely has a spooky element to it. It’s slightly origin-story-esque… She sees it as a curse. You know, something that she keeps very secret and hidden and, as a result, has sort of isolated herself. Then, through circumstance she ends up having to embrace it. She has to use it to solve a crime, if you will. It’s fun.”

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Wake?

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  • mrsdestinyhope

    Help yeah I am!

  • Warren

    I am always excited to see more hot Miley!

  • Gaby

    Don’t really like scary movies but for Miley, why not?

  • Dari

    I don’t think it will completely be considered a scary movie though. I’ve read the books (AMAZING) and it’s more of a suspense/thriller with a touch of romance. Some of the dreams she gets sucked into ARE nightmares however, and those can seem pretty creepy. Especially her love interest, Cabel’s re-occurring dream. But all in all, I’m SOOOOOOO Excited for this movie. I really hope she does it and SOON! If it’s done right, this would be the opportunity of a lifetime for Miley. I can’t wait to see who they get to play cabel or carrie either.

  • hiha

    did she take acting lessons???
    She should not bother about the type of movies she wants to do because it will still be crap if she cannot act!

  • good-one

    how interesting

  • bella

    Inception for teens haha!

  • shannon

    the movie sounds interesting…probably should check out the books

  • Spike Ghost

    she ruins music and now she want to do the same with horror? (As if the guys from Platinum Dunes hadn’t done enough)

  • love0123

    i LOVE the books they were sooo good . but i dont think Miley Cyrus should be in it , there are plenty of GOOD actresses out there and shes just gonna ruin it for me . -___________-

  • nikki

    Interesting to see if she can pull it off. I am in love with the books.

  • headstrong

    I dont want miley to be Jane. Im sorry butI dont think she can pull off that role. Jane’s character is pretty intense. And if miley’s acting skills didn’t improve for that movie, is gonna suck.

  • smileymileyfan

    i agree i love miley but she needs to improve a little and i think if she does that then the movie will be good either way im going to see it.

  • amy

    Miley is a far better actor than many of her contemporaries – yes I look forward to any Miley movie.


    Hell no!!
    I LOVED that books specially Fade but I don’t think Miley would be a good Janie.
    First of all in my opinion she doesn’t look like Janie you know blonde, brown eyes.
    Janie’s role is really interesting and intense and Miley isn’t a good drama actress
    BTW I don’t hate Miley I really like her

  • Chris

    This is definitely NOT going to be a horror film, at least if it has anything to do with the books, which were definitely not horror books. It’s more like a fantasy psychological drama crossed with a detective story. I’m sure Miley will be able to pull this off. Her acting was a bit rocky in spots in “Last Song,” but she’s done two other movies since then and Wake would be the third if it goes into production soon. There is also the Big Bang movie based on the video that is in development. It’s not uncommon for an actor whose’s been in an over-the-top deliberately overacted children’s comedy to have a bit of trouble transitioning to more mainstream roles, but Miley is a natural-born actor and comedian with enormous determination to learn her craft. She will be a major movie star and this is the year that will become apparent. She’s already an A-list movie star as far as the total gross income for the four movies she’s appeared in so far, which have taken in more than $800 million. I’m not too sure that this movie is right for Miley, as she would be playing a 17-year old in a story that was written for the 11-to15 age group. Older teens and young adults go more for mainstream horror films, so if Miley is trying to develop an older teen and young adult audience, this is not the movie to do that for her. I think that average person who reads these books is about 14-years old. So this movie–unlike LOL and So Undercover, will not help Miley to develop an older audience. These books have a built in audience, so that will help to get people into the theaters, but these books don’t have the edginess of the Twilight series or the high-class intelligence of the Harry Potter series. I doubt this series will be the phenom those two series were. In fact, about the only thing about these movies that will be attractive will be that Miley Cyrus stars in them.

  • Hayli

    She is going to ruin it!!! Miley always acts like Miley! She can’t be Janie!!

  • V

    I just actually read the book today and fell in love with it! It is amazing and I can’t wait to start reading the rest of the series… but Miley doesn’t fit for the part of Janie. I rather some other actress play her.

    Although if Miley really is going to play the part of Janie, then I will give her a chance… I hope they don’t make the movie suck cause the writers always ruins the book when they make it into a movie.

  • http://miley Teagan

    all of yous shut up she is a good actress it would be good i would like to see yous try to act it is hard

  • Ashley

    I love these books dearly. And Miley just isn’t my Janie. I don’t see it at all and I wish this movie wasn’t even being mad.

  • Madeline

    Miley is an okay actor. And Wake is a fantastic book. But she is all wrong for the part. They need someone experienced, someone that can play a darker roll. Not Miley. Demi Lovato would even be a better choice. I don’t care if MilEy wants to try something new, she cant try something new with this type of movie. Just choose someone else.

  • http://deeosment Dee

    I’m ecxited…i’ll wait 4 that movie to shown up….way to go miley!!

  • OK mILEY…..

    i’ve read them and can’t see her doing them justice, janie is kinda weird and intense i personally think someone like kristen stewart or dakota fanning doing the movie better (Love them and they are kinda amazing actresses and Miley…. sorry) i found her maria clare photo shot kinda obnoxious quote ‘my hidden talents are singing acting and dancing’ Come On!!!!!!!!. love the books kinda wish the movie wasn’t been made because of the casting.

  • http://facebook jhakkeee

    i want new miley cyrus,not using drugs,not dringking wine.

  • calie

    I am sooooo excited about The new movie Wake. I love the books and I like Miley Cyrus. But its not a horror film. its fanticy. fix that and make sure its lisa mcmann aproved

  • calie

    um have you even read the books???????? Read the books, plz.