No More Drama Casting Call!

No More Drama Casting Call!

Ariel Moore‘s new girl group, No More Drama is having auditions!

The musical group is looking for an African American, triple threat teen, ages 16 to 19 to join the group, as posted on their official website.

Auditions will be held THIS Saturday, January 15 at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, Calif. Hopefuls should come dressed in performance attire and be prepared to sing one song either acapella or to an instrumental track with no lead vocals and learn a choreographed dance routine on site.

For more details check out the official site or send an email.

No More Drama is made up of Ariel, Kimberly Rose, Breanne Oaks, and Lorelei Sinco.

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  • Erica S.

    Finally! I thought I’d never hear anything about Ariel again! I want her to go back to the Clique Girlz SOOOOOOOOO bad. I never even got to see them in concert! :(

  • Michele

    Thank you so much for putting this up! Best of luck to everyone that auditions, Please continue to put more news about No More Drama. The girls are absolutely AMAZING!

  • magick_girl786

    I really dislike the fact that they are like “We’re looking for an African American” as if they are trying to fill some sort of quota. This is starting to feel like those TV shows and movies with the “token black” person.

  • Ana

    Does anyone know why did Camille and Alissa leave? I’m really starting to dislike Ariel. She should have STAYED solo. This group thing is not working out and it will never work out so just give it up already!

  • prettyyoungthing

    um you people are being ridiculous, NMD said they’re now looking for ALL ethnicities! STOP HATING BECAUSE OF JEALOUSY! these girls are truly talented!

  • prettyyoungthing

    Camille & Alissa left for personal reasons. they left because they wanted to be solo. That’s also why aliyah left! there’s no need to hate or dislike Ariel. She has a passion for being in a group and if the other girls wanted to solo that’s not her problem. She WILL be successful in NMD because she works so hard & because of her passion! Love you NMD!

  • prettyyoungthing

    loves these girls! they’re so talented! i hope they find another girl to complete the group! <3

  • Bria

    Please No hate comments!!! If you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothin at all!!! These girls are really amazing!! They can sing and dance!!! The reason why they’re asking for an African American is because they want a diverse group from different nationalities and so they have one more girl to fill in the group which happens to be an African American. Don’t bash on Ariel, because you want her to be a solo artist. Every girl in the group work hard and are blessed! They love every minute. Once you hear their music and see them dance then you will see how much talent they have!!!!

  • http://Tweettwins20 Jennifer gutierrez

    NMD(No MoreDrama) are AMAZING singers!!! I Love their Harmonies so much,they are an awsome girl group and I know they will go very far!!! :) Follow them on Twitter!!! @NMDofficial !!!

  • http://Tweettwins20 Jennifer gutierrez

    P@Jennifer gutierrez:
    EXACTLY!!! Hey are all amazing performers and so don’t waist ur time hating on them and get a life —@Tweettwins20

  • Jessica

    I totally agree with Bria! These girls are amazing!! Though everyone has a right to their own opinion, please don’t talk negative about people you don’t even know. Breanne, Lorelei, Ariel, and Kimi all take the time to personally respond to their fans on Twitter & Facebook. They are the sweetest girls ever! Also, just because they have experienced some obstacles..doesn’t mean they should give up completely. The girls of NMD are the next big thing. Just you wait!

  • Mollie

    Finally JJJ post something about No More Drama! I was introduced to this band through my sister and Iet me tell you..these girls are going to be huge!! Their music is incredible and I love how incredibly nice they are. I haven’t met them personally, but I know that they do communicate with their fans a lot on their official sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.). I’m SO excited for them & I hope they find a great girl for their group!

  • melissa

    I recently found out that No More Drama is managed by Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys! Since I’m a big fan of both No More Drama and BSB, I hope NKOTBSB will have NMD open for them on tour! They would do an incredible job! : )

  • Ana

    @Bria: lol I think it’s hilarious that you defended Ariel and NMD on both oceanup and this site. Seriously. Get over it. NMD will never make it. End of story.

  • Mollie

    It’s really disappointing to see people hate on others that they don’t even know. These girls are truly amazing! Though I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting NMD, I can tell you that they incredibly sweet when I have talked to them on their official sites (Twitter, FB, etc.) They have responded to many of my Tweets & I think it’s great how they genuinely LOVE their supporters. So don’t hate. These girls will be accepting a Grammy 1 day. NMD is going to prove you wrong. Just watch.

  • Ana

    @Bria: Okay. My previous comment was very rude and totally uncalled for so I apologize for it. I was just upset because I’m tired of Ariel’s fans always defending her and yelling at people that don’t like her. All I was trying to say is that she should have stayed solo. Girl groups are just not as successful these days as they were in the 90s. I think Destiny’s Child was the last successful one. She should have stayed solo but instead wasted 2 years with this girl group. Oh well. That’s her choice…

  • Nicole

    Why is there always so much drama surrounding D&P, NMD, and the Clique Girlz? :/

  • Brittany

    Reallllly? Dont be bashing on these girls that you all didn’t even take the time to get to know! They are the sweetest girls EVER! They work hard for what their doing and their loving every second of it!
    Don’t get upset with Ariel just because she isn’t a solo artist or because she left the Clique Girlz. Destinee, Paris and Ariel still remain firends. Ariel likes working with a group better then on her own.. as many do!
    The reason their asking of an African American girl is because they would like to have a diverse group. If you look at the picture above, you can see that.
    Fans are treated like family and are stadning behind these girls. The only thing the haters are doing is giving them fame.
    Ariel, Kimi, Breanne and Lorelei are waaaay to mature to let this get to them! You can’t break down a wall thats four girls strong.

  • Nicole

    @Brittany: Let people state their opinions and stop trying to defend NMD. And just out of curiosity, how do haters give them fame?

  • HIH

    awesome XD

  • http://sarafanorianthi Sarah

    seriously whoever say that NMD will never make it.Maybe someone found em or whatever then im sure the girl not gonna left the group

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