Selena Gomez & The Scene: City of Hope Concert Headliners!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: City of Hope Concert Headliners!

The 2011 City of Hope Concert is almost among us and JJJ can reveal who’s going to perform!

People’s Choice Breakout Stars Selena Gomez and The Scene will headline the show on March 20th from the Gibson Amphitheathre at Universal CityWalk.

In addition, there will be a special performance by The Jonas Brothers and Allstar Weekend. What a lineup!

All proceeds for the Concert for Hope will benefit lifesaving cancer research at City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer research and treatment centers. Tickets for the concert will be available starting @ 10AM on Saturday, January 15th on LiveNation and Ticketmaster or you charge by phone .

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Hollywood Records
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  • m

    Oh how the times have changed. Selena is the headliner and JB are the opening act LOL

  • Emush

    Not Demi Lovato this year :( I’m so sad…

  • zanessaFOREVER

    pleeeasse check out my blog

  • ness

    oh so she’s serious about this whole music career? Too bad no one really takes her seriously. Her so called singing is atrocious.

  • m

    that’s ur opinion u jealous little girl

  • Annonymous


    Actually, the Jonas Brothers are the special guests. They’re not performing a set, just singing a song, saying ‘hi’ and then going.

    Not everyone is jealous of the people they hate. ‘Ness’ wasn’t saying she thought Selena was an atrocious person herself, she was saying that her singing was horrible which it is.

  • ella

    @ness: Hmm, yeah sure, well i like her and i do take her seriously, so erm, you’re kind of wrong there hun :)
    & i’d like to see you sing, oh sorry i forgot, you’re just going to waste your time and bash her behind a computer screen since you have nothing better to do.

  • lacknet

    yes because of her terrible singing she won awards and her cd is doing well. She reached gold and platin…

    That says everything!

    Being or acting ignorant is ok.

    I love such benefit shows.

  • AYA

    I’m sorry, but JB should be headlining not Selena.

  • lena


  • gina

    selena eres la mejor
    y cantas hermoso =)

  • headstrong

    @lacknet: what awards? the ones she won because her fans voted? just because her fans buy her album means she is good at it.

  • sue

    @headstrong hahaha and this became from one of biggest miley stan??? soo funny!!! please next time try not to sound sooo stupid and loser…

  • sue

    *sorry and this come

  • Madison

    Selena can not sing ! But then again neither can the Jonas Brothers ( besides Nick ) . . . .

  • Sahina

    @sue: you NEVER make sense.

    anyways congrats to her on being the headline of the show.

  • meiner

    Man you forget what it is. CANCER!
    It does not matter who presents how and where.
    Vocally, the JB are no revelation.

  • Adam

    @AYA: Why would you want her boyfriend to headline in this concert? The boy’s voice still hasn’t reached puberty. I’m kind of wondering if JB has male and female organs, which would explain his voice.

  • Angel

    I have a few things to say for those of you that are getting all frazzled with eachother;

    the facts;
    JB isn’t an OPENING ACT; they are SPECIAL GUESTS. where in that article did you read opening act? Please, point it out to me; I’d love to see it.

    Selena and the Scene; love thier music. Love Selena Gomez. She’s cute, has a clean image, and is real; but the girl can not sing. She has even said it herself. Beautiful actress, though, no doubt about that. As everyone says; Selena stick to acting. Demi stick to singing (once she gets better of course :D)


  • headstrong

    @sue: dont worry im not gonna take your job ;) dont worry im not gonna take your job ;) ‘stupid and lose’ lol

  • headstrong

    ups i wrote the same thing two times, silly me.

  • coollll

    wow im appauled lol. jonas are not the opening act, nelena reunite! im so pathetic

  • Jen

    Nelena! lol:)

  • elizabeth

    It must be pretty awkward for her, her ex’s are gonna be there lol
    & Jonas ARE the opening act. They are gonna perform before her which mean opening for her. simple. & Selenas music career is doing SO well not surprised shes the headliner. Even if you dont like it Selena will be the HBIC at this show ;)

  • Smile

    Jonas aren’t the opening act, they’re the special guests. There is a difference, they have been here done that. And as much as I love Selena, JB are more talented musically just as Selena is more talented as an actress.

    I wish Selena and JB came here though.

  • Smile

    But seriously stop arguing. All three are coming together for a good cause unlike some of you on here who are here to hate.

  • http://justjaredjr Jonas lover


    I 100% agree with you

  • Ella


  • jasmin


  • noor

    what will they sing? what i mean is selena gomez and the scene

>>>>>>> staging1