'Big Time Rush' Without Kendall Schmidt?

'Big Time Rush' Without Kendall Schmidt?

Do you ever wonder what Big Time Rush would be like without Kendall Schmidt?

Well, JJJ (thanks to KendallSchmidtFans) just found the unaired pilot without the 20-year-old actor.

In the unaired pilot, Kendall‘s pivotal role is played by Curt Hansen, who now plays Dak Zevon on the show.

In other BTR news, a special Season One: Volume One DVD will hit shelves on March 25th. It will be a 2-disc set with the first 12 episodes of the program’s run.

Big Time Rush – Unaired Pilot
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  • jessica

    ahh i saw that video its soo weird without kendall

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    I like Kendall! He’s hot XD

  • http://www.twitter.com/itsmyworldpink vanessa

    Big Time Rush going to tell me that series without going to fail the kendall was competitive was everything to BTR

  • Lawrence

    Kendall’s a hottie!, I’m glad he’s part of the show.

  • anonymous

    If you listen to famous at the end of that vid you see it was crap… Kendall made it better!

  • BigTimeme

    THat made me sooo sad

  • http://brookrox Brooke Ball

    What is James wearing?!?!

  • http://facebook rebecca

    i love you because your so cool and lush i love you you are so hot and cute and this is one question i want to say to kendall is your birthday on the 2 of november if it is thats my birthday

  • KendaLL_LoveR

    i’m soooo glad kendall’s in the show !!
    … famous sounds sooo much better with him :D

    i love kendall ♥ more than anything in the world !! …
    so … i wonder if i would like btr as much as i do now …. if there were no kendall knight…

  • Madi

    I don’t even like BTR without Kendall… AND I LOVE LOGAN! PS Logan’s hair is better now XD

  • http://min-victorious.blogspot.com min

    wow BTR is really weird without Kendall..

  • kasey freeman

    big time rush is awsome

  • kasey freeman

    big time rush is awsome

  • zoom like a star

    Logan and James’s hair looks like they were just viciosly attacked by kanagroos, and I’m sorry but if there was no Kendall there songs would be terrible and it just wouldnt work. Soi glad they have Kendall <3

  • impa impa ooooh

    i <3 kendall but curt was still good

  • livy love btr

    I love btr because they are fun loving guys!

  • BTRgirl2011

    wow BTR sounds so… empty without kendall the other song sound like poop and well if kendall wasn’t there then today everone would probaly be all like BTR who? Kendall is an important role in BTR i mean if he wasn’t there who would make singing the giant turd song fun? who would be the best on screen bf for jo? who would do anything to get the footage of his butt back (big time reality episode)
    I never relized how important kendall is to the band and kendall was perfect for the rolei’m glad this joe shmoe horrible pice of dirt didn’t make it and the kendall we have did what i’m saying is Kendall is the glue and every band has to have the glue or they don’t stick for example kevin was the glue in the jonas brother but when he left to get married they couldn’t stick toget and fell apart without kendall i’m sure the sam ething would happen and one last thing (maybe) who would give the inspiring speeches to the guys to not give up who would go the large step to proove to griffin that they didn’t need wanye wanye who would go in the desk to proove he’s bad boy type well you get my point Without the kendall we know and love today BTR wouldn’t be where they are Kendall is a very important part of BTR.