Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

Justin Bieber Hospitalized After Allergic Reaction

Justin Bieber was hospitalized on Thursday (January 13) after an allergic reaction.

The 16-year-old singer was shooting scenes for his latest guest appearance on CSI when he began to have trouble breathing because of an allergic reaction, Life & Style reports.

Justin was reportedly taken to a hospital in Burbank and was discharged after about 30 minutes. He’s fine now and back on set,” his rep told L&S.

Glad everything’s okay!

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  • http://Laura1justinfanontwitter Laura

    I’m so glad he’s ok!! First comment … I wonder what the allergic reaction was. I can’t wait 2 see him on CSI: again…. and wondering what the episode could be about w/ him in it

  • Crystal

    Atleast he’s okay, I wonder what the allergic reaction was to. But Im really excited for him being on CSI. I love Jason McCann the bad man. LOL

  • Sam

    Ohmygosh! thank god hes okay. Hes such a inspiration! cant wait for his new movie and for him to be on csi again ! i love him <3

  • Smartibear

    Omg….when i heard this i started to freak out….but now that he’s fine im okay…..

  • Adriana


    Well if you even watch CSI you would know that Justin has already been in an episode, and this is a follow up. His character is dumb, and his acting is terrible, so I won’t be watching it this time around.

  • hayley

    awww im gladd hes okayy i cnt wait love you justin <3

  • amtfan

    None of you bieber fans dont even watch CSI.

  • good-one

    Open letter to Olivia Wilde:

    Where does your recent cruelty streak come from?

    Don’t make me lose respect for you.

    Why do you now frequently savage Justin Bieber?

    Have you ever watched, or even listened to, Pray?

  • hiha

    he’s such a baby!

  • shandy

    30 min at the hospital is not the same as being “hospitalized”. But glad the little guy is ok.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    OMG! I am glad he’s fine…. I was worried when I read the headline…

  • http://yahoo.com rachel

    my b-day was yesterday!sorry!!

  • http://yahoo.com rachel

    my b-day was yesterday!sorry!

  • http://yahoo.com rachel

    my b-day was yesterday! sorry!!

  • raekwon

    i wish his would of died

  • raekwon

    i hate justin bieber he is such a baby

  • Sky Moulden

    I can’t wait to see the next episode. I’m glad he’s ok, and I love the new haircut!! :)

  • cam


    Perhaps you are the baby for such a comment. allergic reactions can kill you. most allergic reactions close off your airways. If you don’t like his music that’s one thing, but your comment is uncalled for in this instance.

  • amy


    Actually Justin was quite good in the first episode of CSI he was in & I look forward to the next. The character he played was supposed to act that way. People need to separate the character an actor plays from the real person. Usually thay are entirely different.

  • herica

    y love you justin bieber ,here is the i you lover you herica te amo muito you look good in red thaks i am wearing the color red

  • meg

    I’m not a fan of his music but he seems like a sweet kid… glad he’s all right :)

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