Taylor Swift: 'Back To December' Video Debut!

Taylor Swift: 'Back To December' Video Debut!

Taylor Swift just premiered her new “Back To December” video!

The vid was directed by Yoann Lemoine, who also directed Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream” video. It would only make sense because Taylor and Katy are buddy buddy in real life!

The song is Taylor‘s second single from her latest album, Speak Now.

She sings an apology to a love that she once had, reportedly about Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Swift: ‘Back To December’ Video Debut!
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  • tina gaston

    WOW … it’s AMAZING .. I Love it
    Love taylor so Much <3

  • Tiana

    Hmmm lets see…leather jacket? Check. Brunette? Check. Hottie? Check. Yep, its about Tay Laut for sure. good casting, although this guys hair is a bit longer, we ALL know who its about. Song is very beautiful, but the vid is a little…off…

  • Mary

    Просто волшебно!!!!
    Песня очень классная!!! И клип безумно красивый!!!!

  • Darius

    Haven’t ever really been a fan of T.Swift, but hat was pretty nice.

  • shammer

    yes finally i’ve been waiting i love this song and now theres a video this is one of my fave song on her album besides mean and innocent!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tina gaston

    yeah … the song is so great <3 I’ve been waiting for it 4 a long time too

  • http://i594.photobucket.com/albums/tt21/evangeliap2808/Animations/21420161.gif headstrong

    i love this song but the video hmm not so much.

  • listen to mayday parade

    LOVE the song, but that video could have been way better. It was a bore.

  • rae

    didn’t like the video

  • zoe

    this video is so beautiful and the scenery/effects are excellent. yes, its very different that other taylor videos, but its still great.

  • cassidybarrett

    I love this song but the video is soo boring!

  • lauren6

    she never really does a lot of videos for her singles….i think its possibly because her albums sales are amazing she doesn’t really need to promote but when she does them she does them great she really does…shes absolutely beautiful!!! only thing is shes very skinny a lately and shes soooo pretty that i don’t want her to become ill looking….shes such a beauty like someone from a different era..and her album is absolutely amazing im constantly listening to it…i downloaded her first album for a bit of variation

  • aly91

    WHAT was that?
    I love the song, but the video just made no sense. I didn’t understand the point so she was in his apartment the whole time? what?

  • ruby
  • http://twitter.com/itspouc Itspouc

    i loved the song, the video was pretty boring though, i mean Tay should make it more interesting because the story is really beautiful, it was a shame

  • http://www.twitter.com/role0model xoxoJanexoxo

    awww!!! just luv this vid soo much!! plus it’s my fav song in the album!

  • rikki

    she is so beautiful and delicate looking..<3

    the song is very sweet and easy to listen to. i like it.

  • Kanani

    @lauren6: Yes she does. There’s a video for every single she’s had.

  • Renee

    awesome song. crap video.

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    She is so awesome XD

  • Ashley

    I agree love the song but after Taylor’s great video for mine I was a bit disappointed.

  • http://twitter.com/emzagada Ella

    yeyy!! But I am expecting more scenes for this song. Nonetheless, it’s all good.

  • Maryam

    another boring video, she need to get a life !!

  • http://orkut honey

    i love taylor and i love this song,but vid was really boring,sry tay.

  • http://orkut honey

    k i love taylor and the song,but the vid was boring,mine vid was better,sry tay.

  • isabelle

    i saw this yesterday. SO BORING. It’s a shame too seeing as it’s a sweet song. but nothing happend in it…what am i supposed to do with that?

  • kristine15

    wow! so amazing i love all her songs!!