Brenda Song: Bakery Beautiful

Brenda Song: Bakery Beautiful

Brenda Song shows off her pearly whites as she leaves Longmi Lashes in Beverly Hills on Friday evening (January 14).

The 22-year-old actress is a fan and regular at the salon. Brenda was also spotted out earlier in the week, picking up a sweet treat at her local bakery.

Crossing our fingers we’ll see Brenda at the Golden Globes this weekend! The Social Network is nominated for Best Motion Picture, Drama.

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Credit: Gamr, Anthony; Photos: FlynetOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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HALES @ 6:44 am on 01/15/2011


crossing my fingers she shows up to the golden globes!

alexis @ 7:05 am on 01/15/2011

luvv her, stunning as usual

but the bakery thing is the earlier the week.. good to see not another longmi title lol:D

baby @ 8:02 am on 01/15/2011


drift @ 8:07 am on 01/15/2011


BrendaSongFan4Life @ 8:09 am on 01/15/2011


I hope her movie wins the best picture golden globe! i know it will.. I just know it! it’s obvious, it’s won every critics award and major pre-golden globe/oscars award for best picture. obvious!

jojo @ 8:11 am on 01/15/2011

she loooks P-E-R-F-E-C-T;)<3 flawless,breathtakeing, amazing, talented etc.

she’s definitely the queen of disney channel of all time

sel @ 10:52 am on 01/15/2011

why does she dress like a goth nowadays? emo and goth, gothemo minus the make-up.

I don’t get it, why do depressed? she wears black everywhere now, except events. umm.. no at some events too

someone cant be depressed 24/7! sadness is an emotion.

and trace’s best friend, frankie, the guy brenda spent christmas with trace.. is a major junkie..

this guy posts always pictures of himself smoking ‘dope’ and other disgusting stuff.. and snorting ‘c’.. and on labour day he said ”I’ve been in my bat cave 24/7 smokin the dope and Killing people (COD black ops).”

horrible people she’s associating herself with, just horrible. trace, obnoxious, aggressive, hateful, arrogant and sexist, and his best friend is another deal. she must really hate her life?

why would anyone rather spend christmas with trace cyrus, the obsessed smoker (he even tweets about smoking a busload per second) and a druggie… rather than her own family?

Holly @ 10:57 am on 01/15/2011

Goo Brenda!! so proud of her.

BSONGfanatic @ 10:57 am on 01/15/2011


sAMI @ 10:59 am on 01/15/2011

Brenda Song+Golden Globe WIN=WIN FOR EVERYONE! I know she can do it.

angie @ 1:46 pm on 01/15/2011

lol did you guys watch part one of twister suite life on deck that was totally LOL hahah, “my favorite game”

Bonnie @ 6:59 pm on 01/15/2011

@sel: Yea but whatever she does in her personal life is her.Have you seen his livechat she was talkin in the background?

Bonnie @ 7:24 pm on 01/15/2011

@sel: I can agree with you on that.Have you seen the livechat where she was talking in the background?Have listen to his new songs on his mixtape where he was like she wrote me a letter and sign it bs and I love you too.And she always at his apartment.

mrsdestinyhope @ 7:56 pm on 01/15/2011

She’s so pretty! I just watched her in The Social Network. And let’s just say-She was NOTHING like LONDON TIPTON ! LOL! She should’ve had a bigger role though.

sAMI @ 8:39 pm on 01/15/2011

@mrsdestinyhope: It was big enough, I loved her portraying a mentally ill/pyromaniac character. And Christy and Eduardo’s relationship was a representation of modern couples in urbanised areas (aside from the pyromania, a lot of college students are sexually active and aside from that it was a touching look at jealousy and gratification).

And Twister was great, we’re finally seeing HUGE character development of London. Since the ‘London Christmas Carol’ episode, there been HUGE character development.

The writers are finally realising there has to be some sense of character development. Like in the previous show there was character development, it was undeniable. But from the end of season 1 to mid-season 2 of SLOD it seemed like there was little character development. London remained to be a great character, in terms of characterisation. And Brenda’s portrayal of her is flawless.

bonnie @ 9:04 pm on 01/15/2011

@sel: yea I agree with on that one.did yu see the livechat ?

bonnie @ 9:17 pm on 01/15/2011

@sel: Frankie is a junkie..and Trace Cyrus treats her like ****.I wonder what does she see in him.Seriously she must of do hate her life..dont get me wrong I love brenda song and a big fan of hers

allyt @ 10:51 pm on 01/15/2011

@sel: she spent the holiday with them because she is dating trace, and as for frankie who cares if he is a pot head he takes amazing photos

sel @ 9:02 am on 01/16/2011

@bonnie: yeah I saw the live cheat, trace’s live chat, he really does treat brenda like ****.

I’m a huge fan of hers too but it feels like she really hates her life. I was looking at trace’s twitter and found out he was going to have a live chat, so i waited like an hour waiting for him to show up and when he showed up after a few minute i heard brenda’s voice..

I’ve supported brenda my entire life but she should be more independent. I always thought she was, and in the OP video on ET brenda said ‘matt salling, chord overstreet and rob kardashian’ are eyecandy. well that proves brenda obviously knows what is attractive and trace isn’t. She can get any guy she wants, isn’t she confident enough to realize this or is she just really insecure so would rather be with a very insecure boy like trace cyrus.

and in trace’s songs, he comes off as sexist. he’s really arrogant and his friend, frankie, is rude. he told one of Trace’s fans to effing *********** and is generally really rude and aggressive for no reason. I’ve never tried talking to him but the stuff he posts on his tumblr prove how deranged he is.

Yeah, who cares that he’s a pot head but it’s disturbing for me to believe brenda would ditch her own family on christmas in favour of spending christmas with a boy she’s been dating for less than a year and his effed up druggie of a best friend. she doesn’t even live with her family so christmas is like a one-time thing for her to see her 21 year old brother and 18 year old brother who lives in Sacramento.

1j2s3a @ 9:02 am on 01/16/2011

I actually have so much respect for this girl. She’s worked hard to get to where she is at and out of all the Disney stars, I’ve never heard one negative thing about her. She’s definitely a Disney veteran and I’m just waiting for her to branch out more. “The Social Network” was a great start :) She’s one of the last strings of hope that Disney has left to save their reputation.

sel @ 9:12 am on 01/16/2011

now to think of it, i wish ashley tisdale really did get in the way of brenda and trace’s relationship. she was doing brenda a favour by telling her the truth about trace, the same truth trace thinks is ”lies and rumors”.

trace has even said he has never touched a drug in his life, which is complete bull because he has tweeted about using dope. jefree star was probably right, trace is probably a druggie like his best friend. in one of his older live chats i could have swore i saw bongs on the table.

he’s a liar

but you know this kind of behaviour doesnt surprise me at all, brenda was close friends with lalaine (miranda from lizzie mcguire) who she met through ricky ullman (phil of the future), ricky openly does drugs and lalaile was arrested for using meth. brenda dates ricky (raviv).. for like a long time but at least ricky is a stable person. hes not aggressive like trace (did you hear what trace said about vanessa hudgens and zac efron?)

whoever associates themselves with these bad influences is probably more than what meets the eye

ashley tisdale was the only positive influence in brenda’s life but they aren’t friends anymore ever since what she told her about trace and this saddens me!

i wish they were friends against.. but at least another positive influence, alyson michalka, is still brenda’s friend.

aly and ashly are the only positive friends brenda has ever had, adrienne bailon is (a product) of sexism and really degrades herself and all of her other friends are either junkies, druggies or suicidal (brenda is close friends with demi).


sel @ 9:14 am on 01/16/2011

@1j2s3a: yeah brenda is the one of the last strings of hope Disney has to save their reputation but we all hope her friends (including demi lovato and trace cyrus) aren’t influencing her in any bad way.

JorendaLove @ 9:16 am on 01/16/2011

Gorgeousness !

Love you Brenda !

dancel @ 9:17 am on 01/16/2011

Omg! she is so beautiful! and i think her shirt is over cute (-:

white @ 9:17 am on 01/16/2011

she is gorgeous!!!

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