Vanessa Hudgens: 'Beastly' Moves to March 4th!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Beastly' Moves to March 4th!

It looks like we’ll be seeing Beastly two weeks early!

Starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens, the modern day tale of Beauty and the Beast will now be in theaters on Friday, March 4th!

February and March seem to be Alex and Vanessa‘s power months, too. Check out all their movies release dates:
I Am Number Four - February 18th
Beastly – March 4th
Sucker Punch – March 25th

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  • Katty


    Can’t wait for it to come out!!

    I want to know about V’s new projects! Other than Journey 2

  • sky10

    woow! I’m soo excited!I’ve been waiting for VANESSA’S movie! and two in a row!…thats Awsome!….GOD BLSS Vanessa.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    So excited for the whole movie ! yay !

    Love you Vanessa !

  • Chanon

    YAY! WE GET TO SEE IT EARLIER NOW! LOL I would have been so pissed of if they moved it back farther.

  • joan

    Thank god we finally can See the movie early

  • Emma

    Heck yes I’m happy. I was sooo mad when they moved it so far away because of Charlie St. Cloud. D: Finally! (:

  • Anibal


  • andrea

    I’m so happy, finally we can see vanessa doing what she can do it best.. i love it :D and alex has more and more projects to come .. can’t wait

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Yeaaaaaaaaaah ! I was super duper excited when I heard about this. Thank goodness they didn’t push it back. Omg.. we’re only like 2 months away… :’D

  • daniel

    I was wondering why CBS took that step..but anyways im glad for vanessa .
    100% vanessa .The only I can do is bring her all my support no matter what

  • mishybc

    I am glad that it was moved… but now she will end up competing with herself in the box office… lol.
    oh well she will get my support on both films.

  • paola Dyan

    Im sooooooooooooo excitedd! (:

  • Jazmin

    excited can’t wait to watch. Love V.

  • Fauve

    I am so happy to finally see Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens it is about time these casting directors take notice/as well as directors – etc that Vanessa is a beginning talent who will be around for a long time to come. Vanessa was smart to pick different genres to be in from Beastly to Sucker Punch and even Journey 2 that way she can find her niche. I plan to be the first in line at each of her movies and see it a few times, because I know each of these movies will more then entertain me. Zach Snyder said she wowed him in auditions and he felt she had a future in Action Films I can’t wait to see her fight scenes. This is the year of the Hudgens!

  • Abby

    Me tooooooooo,I’m. Sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!Vanessa you rock girl!!!!!

  • kyle

    That means she only has a month to promote since filming of Journey will consume the month of January – oh well, i hope Beastly and Sucker Punch do well on the box office.

  • Tina

    Yesss I can’t wait to watch this and Sucker Punch! =P I’ve been waiting forever! Love you Vanessa!

  • mike


  • musicgirl

    so happy for our girl!!! ist gonna be amazing!! but jjr why havent you posted the new pics of her at lax? :)

  • Dave

    heard the movie was bad…

  • Kro

    OF COURSE! i love the trailer, its gonna be great!

  • maeli

    YEAH glad it was moved because it means we get to see it earlier

  • masbonita

    CAN’T WAIT…..I think Alex and Vanessa are the perfect Kyle and Lindy. I was so mad last year, glad is coming sooner.

  • Thahmina Baybii

    cn’t wait any longer for this movie….it’s comin closer nd closer!
    i’m so excited;)xxxxx

  • yets

    im Praying for the success of your Vanessa.

  • bambiii

    @ dave: who said that ^^

    uhm, I think they made it earlier because of sucker punch, but too bad that both is in march.
    i am excited and hope that beastly will be commercially succesful,because it’s kind of ‘her’ movie.
    sucker punch is not ‘hers’ it’s not as if she got the main role. you can’t blame/make her responsible if the movie flops/is succesful.
    it’s an action movie and lots of ppl will see :) especially men I think.
    but beastly is a vanessa hudgens movie,so let’s see how popular she is…
    I was so mad last year when vanessa’s movie moved just cause of css i mean heellllooo emacipation why didn’t his move -.- !? maybe that’s a reason they broke up,careers and so,you know… ^^
    they just don’t have the time this year to be ‘zanessa’, to busy for that..

  • Erika

    Awesome XD

  • ehryle

    Weeeeeeiiiiiii i gonna watch it and all Vanessa’s movie…

  • Karen

    I’m thrilled Beastly is coming out earlier. I wish it could have been in February but since Journey2 doesn’t end filming until the middle of February then there would be to time for her to promote Beastly before it would be released. At least with it being moved up to the first few days of March that will give her a couple weeks before SP comes out. The way it was both movies were scheduled to come out within a few days of each other. I was wondering how she was going to swing that. Most likely the movie’s premiere will happen by the end of February since the premiers come out about a week before the movie hits theaters.

  • Tata

    Awwwee! Such a beautiful couple!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Just excited to see my favorite Hollywood girl vanessa on the big screen again.

  • angeline

    omg that guy is everywhere hes so hot

  • toty
  • fiona


  • fiona

    cant wait

  • fiona


  • fiona


  • citlalli

    YEAH! that makes me so happy!!!!!!, excited!!!!! :D


  • beatriz

    Beastly move the date again mmm
    alright can’t wait for this movie

  • rox

    so happy for this, finally!

  • Nima

    OMG i cannot wait for this to come out! i love vanessa!

  • http://google BARBARA

    I’m really happy her movie is coming out early, i’ve been waiting to see Beastly, since last summer, and i will see Sucker Punch, on March 25th.

  • BOJI

    Wow, 2 Vanessa movies in a months! I’ll most likely be in Aus by then. Hope to see it there if I can make it.

  • kyle

    Beastly was heavily promoted last year so CBS just have to level up its promotion prior to March 4 to inform the fans of both Vanessa and Alex of the new date.

  • Pao


  • http://lala aiwen

    love vvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
    can’t wait for the movie!!!!!!!

  • http://lala aiwen

    can’t wait this!!!!! vanessa!!!

  • hetevbh

    i am so excited

  • bambiii

    but isn’t this bad … ?
    dunno,but beastly seems so ‘warmed up’ to me..
    it was actually supposed to hit theatres over a half year ago or so and all the promotion stuff and all that… and now all this again.
    i dunno since when I know about the ‘beastly’ project, seems like years to me…it’s like ‘ahh yeah….right,there was this movie..^^’ ..
    Beastly seems so old to me, c’mon vanessas has this pony haircut this is soo ago.. :/ i feel sorry for her that this movie is always moving and moving … :(

  • Karen

    This movie was suppose to premiere last JULY…to my calculations—and I was always pretty darn good in math—that is a far cry from it being a year and a half ago. I think that is about the time she was filming the movie. Both Vanessa and Alex won Showest’s Star of Tomorrow awards and they gave high marks to the movie. It will do fine. The awards was just last March because at that time the movie was still slated to be released at the end of July.

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