Zac Efron Cheers On The Lakers

Zac Efron Cheers On The Lakers

Zac Efron chats with a pal as they cheer on the L.A. Lakers against the New Jersey Nets at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Friday night (January 14).

The 23-year-old actor, who wore a Levi’s Trucker Jacket in Dark Summit, watched the Lakers defeat the Nets, 100-88.

Another rumor hit the world wide web about Zac spending time with Vanessa Hudgens after the game. She was in town for a shoot with her Sucker Punch cast mates.

Zac will be presenting at tomorrow night’s 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • fanogirl

    HE looks HOTTTTT.He should get back together with vanessa



  • Iheart_______ x

    I hope its true xx :)

  • fanpopgirl


  • irongrumma

    i wish we could see them together.befor she go back nc to finsh her movie.

  • BabyBooZanessa

    hello there Sexy Zacy ! :P

  • Katty

    Still wearing that bracelet of his, I see. I’m glad he went to the game, he truly does love basketball, huh? I hope he had a great time!

    Anyone know where this ‘rumor’ came from so I can read it? It seems like it probably is legit because she quietly returned to LA on Jan 13th and the pics of that can be seen at I didn’t know why she came back until now, though.

    I can’t wait for both of their projects. He seems to have a lot on his plate right now.

  • mike

    i like the Lakers to

  • toty
  • Fauve

    Numerous reports are out they dined together/he stayed over night/ and so forth. It was even reported at the Critics Choice Awards pre-show. Vanessa and Zac never broke up it was Ted Casablanca at E news who has a immense dislike and jealousy for Vanessa who started the rumors, but at least Just Jared has the courtesy to quit quoting rumors and gossip about Vanessa and Zac which are unfound. I would as a media reporter have contacted their reps and asked for confirmation before reporting false gossip from a pretend source. I am glad to see that Just Jared is heartily promoting both Zac and Vanessa and I hope we get to see more pictures of Vanessa soon. Zac looks great and he goes to a lot of the Lakers game alone, and plus Vanessa was working on Sucker Punch yesterday with Jaime and Abbie hmm maybe more scenes? Or I wish a hot music video. Vanessa is doing a lot of work she may just be our new action hero girl like Jolie in Lara Croft Tomb Raider.

  • Aly

    she`s back because she had to do a photoshoot for sucker punch

    RIGHT NOW: Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung shooting @ Milk Studios for “Sucker Punch” (Fri 4:51pm)

  • deveny

    I didn’t like the way his hair looked before but he looks sexy with it now.

  • kami

    ♥ heard zv went to a party after the bb game and her dinner with sp cast mates. zv went to the party together and left together. ♥

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Zachary you are looking so Cool.

  • Nicki313

    That was a great game, feels kind of odd to think that I might have something in common with him. I love basketball too.

  • Ava

    He looks good!! Glad he was able to spend some time just relaxing.

    I just have to say, it really bothers me that almost every post about Zac has to have some mention of Vanessa…I know it’s just to get more hits, but c’mon. Both of them are individuals and can do things are their own and I think it’s disrespectful to always bring them up in each other’s posts, as if they’re not worthy of one on their own. Plus, it feeds the denial that some fans have about the state of their relationship. Their break was confirmed by reps and reported by some of the most reputable sources (People, Marc Malkin at E!, etc.). While they may not be broken up now, is it necessary to add fuel to the fire and analyze EVERYTHING they do or everytime they are seen, or everytime one of them wears a bracelet? Just let them be.

  • claudia

    i loove seeing him at basketball games, because i think he feels really comfortable there and very happy and excited…
    i loove seing him smiling..♥

    loove you Zac..can’t wait for your new movie!

  • queen

    i hope they get back!!!! :) love them together <3

  • citlalli

    lovee him!! :3, it’s amazing see him!! <3 and look’s so hoooooot!!, ilovee you Zac!!!<3333333

    and yes :D hope is true! (:

  • Miranda

    @Ava: You obviously are not a fan, nor know what you’re talking about. Please, if you have nothing nice to say get off this post :)

  • Miranda

    i <33 zac efron :) he just gets better looking with age and he’s been spending lots of time with Vanessa .

    Let me just say, Zac and Vanessa are still together.
    Don’t like it, too bad :)

  • kami


    sorry honey, as much as you might want it, the break was never confirmed by their reps. several sites even said their calls to both z and v’s reps were not returned. that e news site never said the reps confirmed it either, they said a “source” close to z and v.

  • roxana

    looking good mr.. Efron…..i see hes wearing his kuiipo bracelet-what a good boy! he was also seen leaving Vanessa’s house yesterday morning 7am, lol hes so cute……………..Zanessa4ever!

  • taylorzanfan

    zac is hot as ever ! i heard that him and vanessa had dinner together!

  • Ava

    Y’all are missing the true point of my comment. I am a Zac fan and I could care less who he dates. His personal choices have no effect on my life (nor should they effect any fan’s life) whatsoever. My point was that I don’t feel that it is necessary to bring Zac and Vanessa into each other’s JJJ posts all the time, especially if it is about an event or time when they were seen alone. They are individuals and don’t constantly need to be mentioned together. I know it gets more hits when websites do that but it’s gotten to be a little ridiculous.

  • Lei


    Ava, neither of the publicists confirmed the break-up. All the celebrity gossip media just mentioned “sources”. They weren’t seeing around much before the holiday because Zac was still filming in New Orleans and only had 2 days,for which one day he spent shopping with Vanessa and the rest of his time off he spent in San Luis Obispo. You need to understand, fans just wanted to hear good news.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Why is he so damn sexy ? I love that jean jacket on him. :D

  • beatriz

    HE IS SO HOT :)


    @Ava: Ava, I agree with you but you can’t throw a wrench in The Machine. It’s like approaching Congress with a solution to the deficit while powerful lobbyist groups with financial backing hollar around you. What you have here is a very powerful Zanessa lobbyist group (mostly Vanessa’s fans) with numbers, connections and financial backing to outshout/outpost you.
    The only way anyone will hear you in the chaos is to build an equally powerful, well-connected, financially wealthy organization, but most of Zac’s fans are too sane to spend all their time, energy into controlling other people’s lives.

  • roxana

    i respect ur opinion, but let me tell u that Vanessa was already mentioned on this post by Jared or whoever posted about Zac on this site. Most people are happy for him and Vanessa and love them together. i see ur point on loving him as actor and not caring about his personal life.we as fans love him and want him to be happy in any aspects..please respect everybody elses opinion. we wont stop commenting about both zac and vanessa,we simply love them together and as individuals+ support them like that, sorry but if u dont care then dont bother getting annoying and mentioning here, just comment about him. we wont change, just let us be ridiculous-its fine :) peace

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i don’t understand why a couple break-up than get back together again like zach and vanessa. and why they even broken-up in the first place than they got back together again??? well i am happy for then trying to work their relationship. i do believe that they will be getting marry in the future.

  • mishybc

    I like that he is having some bro time… And then hopefully BAM him and Vanessa walk the red carpet at the Golden Globes *fingers crossed here* :D

  • Aly

    Zac said once something along this lines
    “Don`t believe everything you read online”
    So, don`t believe it, we don`t have any actual and indisputable evidence that they broke up in the first place

    @roxana, so right

  • SE

    Looks hot as always.

  • Fauve

    @FUTILE_ENDEAVOR: Still waiting for my pay cut then lol. Umm I seen some over zealous ‘only Zac’ fans on here one calls her self his wife? So, it works both ways. A lot of people grew up with High School Musical, and how they treated and continue to treat each other gives many a glimmer of hope that it can happen for them. Young love lasting as long as theirs is not a new concept or rare… many of us who have grand parents great-grand parents and so forth had the first love and 50 plus years of marriage some of us parents with 25 plus years who dated and married their first love. Now it’s like rare to many people because we have the throw away society. Always wanting the bigger better deal. I do think that how Zac treats her is to be admired since everyone gets jealous of her and trashes her because they want to date him. Again if he were just a normal non acting male he would not get half this attention that is reality. These rumors were started by a source a source can be anyone I could start a rumor now on twitter and they would pick it up and post it. There were never any real confirmations of anything after the rumor break up spread like wildfire and the constant bashing of them two people making Zac out to be a womanizer Twihard ego land toy, and Vanessa being a woe is me marry me weakling I wouldn’t blame them from retreating from media eye. Zac and Vanessa neither one want to marry right now they know they are still young and are very busy, and they are ok with that, and they both go out alone with friends. They are not obligated to pose for us why should they? No matter what they do they are criticized. So they have loyal Zanessa fans that might make them feel better to know people support them. Until any of us have walked a mile in their shoes it’s speculation. I feel sorry for them they never catch a break. I am not as nice as them I would have told off the media for their crap shot lies and weak ploys to get hits. Oh, and I have told them off <3 Vanessa has been picked on for years that gets old not like she is out there doing the Lohan she keeps her nose clean. If they love each other everyone should support that. Also support them as individuals. They both are great people in their own way. This coming from more a Vanessa then Zac fan. But I still like Zac no bad words for him. He treats a lady like a lady thats more then I can say for other men in Hollywood! I know I see them every day at the hotel I work at you lose your crushes real quick on most people. They are just like us but more lonely and closed off that is from 7 years of working in that hotel observation.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Fauve, I love want you had to say, you are so right.

  • Nicki313

    The point of commenting is to voice your opinion. Not all of their fans will want them to stay together, were some will be died hard zanessa fans. Its ok to feel both ways that’s why I don’t understand why people have these pointless arugements over their relationship. We don’t really know if their together or not, so everyones comments are based off of their own opinions. I personally hope everything works out with them, but I can understand if someone else doesn’t.

  • BOJI

    Ava, make all the noise you want but it will not deter from the fact that Zac and Vanessa are part of each other’s life much as we want them to be separate individuals. I’m a Vanessa fan and indirectly a Zac fan and I like them both as individuals but then again I’m also a fan of them as a couple.
    Nice seeing Zac out and about doing what he loves most and one of them is watching his fav. team play. I bet he’ll lose those extra pounds in no time if he goes back to his old routine. Still looking chubby good.

  • kyle

    He really loves the Lakers. If indeed he spent some quality time with Vanessa after the game, then i’m happy that they get to enjoy each others company before Vanessa heads back to shooting Journey again.

  • Haters Suck!

    I agree with half your point. It’s ok to root for these two to stay together and suceed, I understand that. What I most likley will never understand is why people root and openly cheer for their failure and demise. When the news of their split was reported there were people who were angry and sad and I understood that. Then there were people who said they couldn’t be happier and how they were dancing because of it. Both z & v could’ve been hurt and heart broken and people are happy about that, I don’t get it maybe u can explain it. I get that everyone has their own opinion and mine is it’s ok to cheer for sucess, but like I said I’ll never understand why people cheer for failure. The more people in this world who suceed the better off I think we’ll all be.

  • kami

    @Haters Suck!:

    i agree with you.

  • Charlie st. cloud fan

    Zac looks so dang hot here!!!! Plz don’t get back w/Vanessa. In the teen magazines it said they are over.

  • Nicki313

    @ Haters Suck!: I get your point, but the thing is some people will never want them together. Its some what the same as wanting them together, fans are going to want what they and whether you see them being together as good or bad is a matter of opinion. Also if the fan is a little older they may had young love fade away and could be commenting from a bitter place. Lastly there are just crazy fans out there that post crazy thing, so when you see something like that laugh it off, what they say has no effect on the situation and they only want the negative attention that major zanessa supporters will give them. So when you see something like that pay it no mind, hope this helps.

  • lauren

    some of you true fans need to grow the hell up and shut up.
    not everyone is a ”true” fan. who cares if they speak there opinion. sorry but yea, i’m sick of hearing ” your not a true fan of ”zanessa” well maybe not everyone is a fan of them?

  • Mipa

    @Fauve: I love your comment! It’s so true! :)

  • BOJI

    Fauve and Haters Suck, comments well said.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    It is great seeing Zac enjoying his time off at the Laker game before he goes back to work soon.

  • Karen

    Actually Zac with with a friend who I think is from SLO and one that was with him at a Lakers’ game last year.

    A couple night ago—Thursday night—- there were tweets that Zac and Vanessa were seen out having a romantic dinner and even ran into Demi Moore and husband Ashton who also were with Rumer. Both Zac and Vanessa stopped and said hello to all of them. I think it was E! News who reported that both Zac and Vanessa were FRIENDS with Rumer.

    Then on Friday night after the basketball game it was reported that Zac met up with Vanessa and they went to a party. It was said they were at the party TOGETHER and LEFT the party TOGETHER.

  • Katty


    Do you have any links or youtube videos about this. I would like to see them, please, if it’s not too much of a bother.

    As for arguing over their relationship, while I will continue to do it as well, it’s pointless and I admit it. None of us truly knows what is going on with Zac and Vanessa. Is it likely they are togeher? From the sightings, tweets, and such, yes. Is it likely they broke up? No, because of the mysterious ‘source’ and their reps not responding and only releasing “do not listen to the media’ to the public. Do we know if they were having a rough patch? No. Do we know if anything was actually truly wrong? No. This all could have just been a out of hand rumor that someone who has friends in the right places said. Honestly, while I do not think they would, it could have been a ploy for them to get more attention because of their upcoming projects. All of this is just specution on our parts, honestly, because no one knows what is going on.

    The truth is that if they HAD broken up, there would have been a statement. Married or not, they have been together for five years and they would have had needed to tell their fans. If they hadn’t it would have blown up in their faces. For example, if they did break up and Zac was seen out on a date/with another girl, it would give him a bad image and make him seem like a cheater, which is an image he doesnt not want, the same with Vanessa. They would have said they were broken up just to be able to live their single lives out having fun without worrying that their fans would think they became too involved with stardom and began to give in to the fame and attention. It’s not something fans want from the a star they adore. They want to think that they are real, down to Earth people, not cheaters and such, or at least, most of us. It would have only made sense for them to release a statement saying so unless they were still together, on a break, or going through a rough patch which we would not NEED to know because in the end, they would still technically be together. It just makes sense.

    And, what is with this ‘true fan’ things? A fan is a fan, whether they are a fan of them together or separately. No fan would root for them to be apart when they make each other happy, obviously. If you are fan, you would want the person you admire so much to be happy, like Zac is with Vanessa and vice versa.

  • abby14

    @sunshine: It was NEVER confirmed they broke up. Therefore they very well could have NEVER broken up and instead just didn’t want to comment on the rumors because after all it IS there PERSONAL LIVES.