Zac Efron: Golden Globe Awards 2011

Zac Efron: Golden Globe Awards 2011

Zac Efron walks the red carpet with a permanent smile on his face as he arrives at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills on Sunday afternoon (January 16).

The 23-year-old actor, who will be presenting at tonight’s ceremony, wore a Calvin Klein suit.

Earlier this week, Zac was spotted out at the LA Lakers game with a pal.

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Credit: Jason Merritt, Steve Granitz, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • amy

    he looks lovely as always <3

  • chloek

    amazing! (only would have been better with v on his arm!)

  • ZANE


  • 3niefronhudgie

    ;D;D;D MY BABY
    he looks so yummy

  • andrea

    OMG! he look so hot . I’m so happy to see him at the gg such an honor for any actor, and i’m sure it’s such an honor for zac too! btw i would rather that he go with vanessa.. lol

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    He looks so dashing. His eyes are brilliantly blue. He’s just.. amazing. *drools*

  • pop86

    Zac looks great and kind of tired. :He must had a busy weekend.

  • Zefron fanatic

    He looks handsome everytime he steps foot on the red carpet!!!

  • angel

    His hair grows fast!

  • queen


  • http://facebook gaynor

    he looks great did vanessa even attend didnt see her when watching E!? x

  • susan

    So happy for him to be able to attend and present at the GGs, the most fun award show there is! He looks goooooooooood single, which reminds me, his possible future father-in-law Bruce Willis just presented too….

  • Katty

    Vanessa went back to NC today, therefore she could not go. The pix of her heading into LAX can be found at:

  • SE

    He is dashling XOXO

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Zac looks great and great in that Suit.

  • Katty


    Wow, someone would bring that up to cause a whole bunch of drama. It’s called growing up, you should try it. For the last time THEY DID NOT BREAK UP. If you need an explanation of why they did not, go to his Lakers posts and read my comment, it’s number 40-50 if I remember correctly. I do not want to repeat all of that, so please go read it and you’ll understand.

    Also, there was a sighting of Zac and Vanessa running into Demi, Ashton, and Rumer and they said they are ALL friends, so stop causing drama.

    I feel like this freakin’ comment area for Zac, Vanessa, or ‘Zanessa’ is like high school all over again…. geez.

  • Lauren lipkin

    @Susan what the hell was tht comment for? Serioulsy stop causing drama.

  • Zac eFRON’S nUMBER #1 mALE fAN

    Zac looks so good and great in that suit.

  • Fauve

    @susan: You’re a dimwit he was with Vanessa the last few days and at the same restaurant that the WIllis’ s including Rumer was at and they both said hi to her. He’s not single thats your dream for him to be. He was even at her house over night hate to burst your bubble, but stop spreading rumors it just makes you look dimwitted. People need to leave Zac and Vanessa alone if it were you in a relationship you would not want people to talk like that about you. Take your hate elsewhere.

    Congrats to Zac on presenting you look good! Congrats to Vanessa who left for North Carolina to finish filming Journey 2 this morning! You rock on girl this is your year 3 movies coming out. Zac will be at her premeires HAPPY IN LOVE laughing at how stupid people get over a good couple who did nothing but love each other.

  • vale

    that fat is!

  • bobo

    seso hot

  • pop86

    Sorry Susan but Greg Hudgens is not at the GG

  • Jamie

    No one cares about this fool, where is Robert Pattinson?

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    hahahahahahahaha loved that comment =)

    I agree..I can’t wait for her three movies and premieres to see them happy in love =)

    I always look forward for your comments =)

  • Mac

    lol, Rumer and Zac?! Hasn’t that rumor been effectively crushed?! ZV fans should not be goaded with half a*s*ed comments like the one posted by Susan. We all know V is back in NC and Zac’s solo for this event with his manager Jason with him everytime V cannot go with him to events. Anwyay…Zac is looking mighty fine as usual.

  • Mac

    Jamie, there is another post on RP if bothered even glancing at JJ’s other posts. And stop trying to cause trouble. Obviously, you care because you bothered posting on ZAC’s thread.

  • Mac

    Jamie, there is another post on RP if you bothered even glancing at JJ’s other posts. And stop trying to cause trouble. Obviously, you care because you bothered posting on ZAC’s thread.

  • somethingm

    He looks good.

  • Kasey

    K, so first Zac is “seen with” Vanessa at Eden with Brittany Snow, then he’s supposedly “out with” Rumer at a Hollywood club.Next he’s “spotted” with Ashton, Demi and Rumer, then he’s “seen at” the mall shopping with Vanessa. Then he’s “out on the town” with Brittany Snow and Sophia Bush at Abbey’s in LA, yet , conveniently, there are no pictures or proof to back any of these so called sightings up with? Interesting. Who are these “sources” and where’s the proof? Haven’t people learned yet to not believe everything that they read on the internet?

  • Ava

    Lookin’ great, Zac!


    He is a gentleman he is perfect

  • Miranda

    Zac looks so hot :)
    And by the way, Vanessa is in North carolina now filming Journey 2; and besides Zac and spent the whole weekend with Vanessa :)

  • samantha

    he looks cute like always but i prefer with a long hair!! i wiSH would have been THERE with v on his arm!) :)

  • e

    Zac looked really good tonight. He did a great job up on that stage, I remeber the first time he was up there and he was really nervous and kept stumbling over his words. It was also fun to see him introducing TKAA, he did great and it was also fun that Josh is in that movie (I couldn’t help but throw that in there)

  • susan

    Good gracious people, get a grip, the “future father in law Bruce Willis” comment was a total joke! HAHAHAHAHA Have a sense of humor about our favorite hottie! You really think I believe Zac’s hooked up with Rumer? OMG….

    Anyway, so happy with our gorgeous single guy but wish he had jazzed up his presentation a bit….it was a tad flat and, dare I say, boring? He’s got it in him, he just needs to bring it out. Some of these presenters are so funny. He was so funny in parts of HSM and all of 17 Again, I know he can do it.

  • susan

    @Kasey: LOL! You forgot a couple….Zac was seen by a paparazzi leaving V’s in the early hours, at which time he apparently flipped someone off. Also, some girl on twitter claims to have pics of Z and V together over the weekend and has sold them to TMZ, but amazingly they have not shown up yet.

    Folks, Zac and Vanessa broke up, went their separate ways, went kaput, whatever, as reported in mid-December. There was no drama, the relationship just ran its course. They’re still great friends. It’s OK. They were absolutely adorable as a couple, gave us lots of good times, but now it’s over. Will be great to see them get on with their lives and achieve success on their own.

  • Katty


    People like you astound me. You need to know that if they had broken up, private people or not, they would have made a statement. Just to show you why, I will copy and paste my former post:

    The truth is that if they HAD broken up, there would have been a statement. Married or not, they have been together for five years and they would have had needed to tell their fans. If they hadn’t it would have blown up in their faces. For example, if they did break up and Zac was seen out on a date/with another girl, it would give him a bad image and make him seem like a cheater, which is an image he doesnt not want, the same with Vanessa. They would have said they were broken up just to be able to live their single lives out having fun without worrying that their fans would think they became too involved with stardom and began to give in to the fame and attention. It’s not something fans want from the a star they adore. They want to think that they are real, down to Earth people, not cheaters and such, or at least, most of us. It would have only made sense for them to release a statement saying so unless they were still together, on a break, or going through a rough patch which we would not NEED to know because in the end, they would still technically be together. It just makes sense.

    That is what I said before. Read it, think about it a little, try to understand it, and accept it. Please and thank you.

  • maria

    @susan: You sound like a very bitter fan of Zac’s, who can’t accept who he chooses to be with. If he is single, then so be it. But if he’s not, you need to accept that too. It’s apparent from multiple sightings that he and Vanessa have not gone “separate ways”, and the “report” you mention is not legit. You should just accept they are still in each other’s lives, and stop gloating over it. He’s a big boy, and can make his own choices.

  • Zac eFRON’S nUMBER #1 mALE fAN


    That Comment is so totally true

    I’m Liking his new look these days.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    The Suit and the Hair looks great he is looking alot more grown Up in these candids.

  • pop86

    I agree his hair is growing back so quick and he seems to be losing the extra weight.

  • Ava

    It amazes me that people badmouthed E!, People, Twitter, etc., and didn’t believe the “sources” when the break up news surfaced, but now they suddenly have faith in the media again the minute there are “sightings” and reports that they may be back together??

    Back on topic, I thought Zac did very well tonight…very composed and well spoken

  • Katty


    Sightings are different than a source saying they are broken up. Sightings are when multiple in the LA area have seen them, they were seen at a new club (which the owners of the club also backed up) and pix of him leaving her house, going to his house, a video of his car going to her house, etc? You see where this is going, I am sure.

  • kgg


    First of all, Zac’s publicist only said that “they’re taking a break” and that’s a fact. That is the only thing said about the situation. And if you don’t believe twitters posted by several people on the same sitings, then that is your problem. I bet you pick and chose what you believe and what you don’t, so don’t go there.

  • kyle

    He looks good in the KK suit.

  • Ava


    That would be no different than the people I have seen around the internet who pick and choose whether they want to believe Zac and Vanessa are on a break when it was confirmed by his rep.

    Either way, I hope Zac is happy and that he continues to look great on red carpets through the rest of awards season

  • roxana

    Hello Zachary! looking yummy there, whats the matter, u missing something?oh thats right ur girl left to NC today to finish filming. its ok honey, she will call later to say ‘sweet dreams’..hope u had a blast at the golden globes..oh and i heard u had an amazing weekend partying with ur gf too,,,,uhmm good time babe :P

  • tina

    It was never confirmed to E, tmz or any other legitimate site. It was confirmed to an administrator of one of Zac fan sites. I just find it hard to believe his reps would talk to a fan site and not be”available” to news sites. JJ took that and ran with it. E, and others sites only ever said a “source” now the same “source” is saying they will be/or are together. If you could point out ONE news site that stated they spoke to the rep then do it. If not just believe what you want. Oh when he was at the restaurant with Demi and Ashton, Vanessa was there, also.
    All I know is that on the last award show he looked like somebody stole his puppy. Now he is smiling and joking. HE IS THE ONE GOING TO HER HOUSE. GET OVER IT.

  • taylorzanfan

    Zac looked amazing as always…if only there were more zac’s in the world vanessa is sooooo lucky!

  • beatriz

    he looks so handsome :)