Elle Fanning: 'The Hunger Games' Prim?

Elle Fanning: 'The Hunger Games' Prim?

Buzz is definitely surrounding the film adaption of “The Hunger Games,” the young adult novel by Suzanne Collins.

While Kaya Scodelario and Hailee Steinfeld have been eying the lead role as Katniss, Elle Fanning‘s name as been floating around Katniss’ younger sister, Primrose.

Elle caught up with MTV at the 2011 Critics’ Choice Awards on Friday night to chat about the possibility. She shared, “I haven’t read the books, actually! They are definitely on my list to read.”

TELL JJJ: Could Elle be Prim?

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  • Bella

    ohhhh i thought she was more older…

  • Ale

    i’m in love with the hunger games ,Kaya Scodelario and Elle fanning would be the best sisters EVER!! they were my katniss and prim while i was reading the book(first time i really usea actros to imagine charcters)i hope she can play prim ecause she is the fan favorite for the role

  • Lisa


  • Lisa


  • Just in

    Hailee Steinfield and Elle Fanning have great chemistry together so it wouldn’t be unbelievable if they are sisters. Kaya still has to work on her acting/American accent. Elle Fanning playing support to Kaya’s character isn’t really believable but Hailee is an award winning actress so it makes much more sense. Hailee would also be closer to Katniss’ age and she could grow with the character over three books. Kaya is already older than Katniss.

  • Toni

    Elle is super tall. Isn’t Prim supposed to be really small and fragile looking? She does have the looks for Prim though.

    I love Kaya for Katniss!!!!
    Hailee is also good, I think. But Kaya is perfect.

    READ THE HUNGER GAMES if you haven’t already. Amazing, amazing series. I cannot wait until the movie is out!

  • Dannie

    Hailee would be perfect!
    When they start filming she’ll be the perfect age.

  • Enkay


  • Carla

    more people need to know about the hunger games. it’s gonna be huge.

  • http://@luciana_castaed luciana raquel

    ¡estaria encantada de que elle interpretara apim y actuara en esa pelicula seria genial;y ademas seria su 5º pelicula!elle fanning es perfecta para el papel!

  • http://@luciana_castaed luciana

    ¡estoy feliz por considerar a elle para un papel en la pelicula(el papel de prim)seria magnifico,es perfecta para el papel!ojala sea cierto eso pronto!!

  • http://balconiesandballgowns.blogspot.com dreamer

    i’ve never really thought about it, but i would love elle as prim! she just has this innocence about her, this “little sister” vibe that would be perfect for the role. i don’t care about her height or age at all!

  • Mandy

    Elle is like 5’7″ so no, she’ can’t play Prim lol

    <3 Hailee for Katniss. I know she’s only 14, but she looks older than her age.

  • Clarissa


  • http://www.twitter.com/ZoeyActress Zoey

    Hey Just Jared! Don’t leave Jodelle Ferland and Malese Jow out for Katniss! Hailee is only 14 so in my opinion, she shouldn’t be making out with any guys on screen at that age. Kaya I just don’t like for some reason. Malese can kick ass! (Vampire Diaries) and Jodelle REALLY wants the role (she was Katniss for halloween) and she can really act (Silent Hill and Case 39) so in my opinion they would be better. Elle Fanning is really the only one who I picture as Prim. When I was reading for the first time I already was picturing Malese as Katniss (she got me into The Hunger Games via her tweeting she wants to be Katniss) but when Katniss described Prim I was like “ELLE FANNING!” She has to be her in the movie. I know Prim’s supposed to be small and whatnot but Elle is the only one I can picture. Her or possible Chloe Moretz.

  • ashley

    if elle still looked the way she did 3 or 4 years ago she would be perfect for prim. now she looks really mature and beautiful and it just wouldnt be right

  • pup

    Kaya HAS to be Katniss!!

  • Raquel

    Kaya is so much better than this Hailee. And Elle as Prim would be awesome! The Hunger Games is one of my favorite books ever and it would be great with Kaya and Elle.

  • stephanie

    Elle is 5′ 6″, but that isn’t really “super tall”. I knew a girl who was 6′ at her age. Anyway, even if the actress that plays her sister is around the same height, the older sister could wear taller shoes or they could just do what they did in LOTR and use a computer to make people however tall they want.

  • Leela

    @Just in:

    Um Kaya has won awards to so I don’t see your point there.

    Kaya just captivates the screen when she comes on. I remeber the episode of skins where she said like 2 words and nobody could hold a candle 2 her.

    All you teenys who have only seen the MTV skins have no idea. The british cast were amazing actors – Kaya the best of the lot.

    Team Kaya

  • http://haveithollywood.blogspot.com/ HIH

    I haven’t read the books either….

  • Luxor

    she has the face for Prim, and she has the talent to pull it off.

    but she’s so FREAKIN TALL!! :( which is just too bad coz she’s my Prim when I read the books.

  • http://deleted hi

    Selena Gomez will FIT that movie THE BEST! ;)

  • Zoe

    Jodelle Ferland and Chloe Moretz would be the perfect sisters. Jodelle=Katniss and Chloe=Primrose. Please let them be cast but only if they dont cast a person of color as Katniss which is what she should be. Oh yeah and willow Smith should be Rue. #JUSTSAYIN.

  • m

    Oh my gosh. She’d be perfect. No, no. She’d need to drink a lot of coffee.

  • kate

    ellie is to old!!!!!!!!! prin is a SMALL 13 year old an by the times the movie comes out she could be 14 or 15!!!!!!!!!

  • elle

    hunter parrish = peeta mellark <3

  • Charli

    @Bella: She is. Elle is 14, and looks it. They need someone who is a solid 12 looking. or even more like 10 which still works because malnourished kids are often way smaller than normal.

  • raj

    Kendall jenner should play katniss

  • Jenny

    The hunger games series is amazing! i just re-read the mockingjay! its amazing! I could see her as playing prim but im more concerned about whose playing katniss and peeta

  • Lahki

    Totally! She and Hailee would be amazing now that I see them and I hear Katniss or Prim – Hello!

    Peeta though is a different story . . . .

  • meg

    ummm… i pictured prim as being small in height (maybe in a 4’6 – 4’10) range, but maybe looking a little more well-fed than katniss (considering the fact that even though katniss brings back food for the entire family, more goes to prim than it does to katniss). plus, elle is beautiful, but very tall and mature looking. i think that prim should have an innocent look to her. dont get me wrong, elle is a great actress, along with the other girls who have been seen as contenders to play prim. but would it be nice to see a new face? since jennifer lawrence has been officially cast as katniss, a few more famous faces are sure to follow. there are so many great unknown actresses who could pull off this role but have never been in anything before. i dont know about you, but i would rather see someone new than a predictable actress. thanks!
    - <3, meg :)

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