Brenda Song is a Kitson Cutie

Brenda Song is a Kitson Cutie

Brenda Song holds onto a gal pal’s arm as they head back to their car in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (January 18).

The 22-year-old actress stopped by one of her favorite shops, Kitson for a little retail therapy. Brenda took a minute to check out the new jewelry in stock.

Brenda‘s film, The Social Network, just recently scored several BAFTA nominations — including Best Picture and Best Director.

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: VLNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mone

    She looks absolutely gorgeous as usual, her style is amazing. So happy her movie ‘The Social Network’ won a Golden Globe Award. LOVE HER!!!

  • ashley

    Stunning, she is a true natural beauty. Congrats to her for The Social Network winning a Golden Globe Award!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    BEAUTIFUL! She’s the only actress I like on the Suite Life. Her and Phil Lewis that is..

  • Sel

    She’s so STUNNING! I’m so proud of her! and yeah congrads B!

  • GG

    Go Brenda!

    so stylish and pretty

    really ecstatic about the golden globes, bafta, sags, and everything else! plus she’s ignoring the hate she receives.

  • teenfashionista

    she always looks great

  • Jorenda Love

    yay! she looks great. great awards too! gooo brenda!

  • Holly

    god i just love her style….shes what makes me take risks in style like she always does…..LOVE HER!!!!!!!!

  • amy

    SO BEAUTIFUL ! : )

  • sami

    yay! she looks great. i’m so happy to finally get new pics of her!!

  • Miles

    shelooks sooooo hotttttt as always i think she looks great


    she looks great

    beatiful as always

  • Roory

    I love her! She looks amazing!


    she looks gorgeous like always.

  • brit

    beautiful as usual! :)

  • white

    love her!!!
    glad her movie got BAFTA noms now! another huge line of award for them!

  • brit

    I still think her performance is underrated and the general public is way too racist so she got a lot of heat for it. She got cyberbullied (simple cyber-harassment or cyberstalking) for choosing the role even though she isn’t with Disney anymore and playing a sexually active college kid IS NOTHING out of the ordinary and provocative. The movie wasn’t even a kids movie, it was PG 13. Meaning only teens can watch it. Teens don’t watch Disney Channel.

    Those Born-Again Christians (sarcasm) judging Brenda like hell should eff off. Who the hell are they? why the hell do they think they have the right to cyberbully *simple cyber-harassment or cyberstalking her? I know it’s not directly bullying but still.. she easily has access to those threats and torment.

    Screw those haters and those racist Asian Americans. Who knew most Asian Americans online beating the hell out of Brenda are this insecure and racist? pathetic, honestly.

    She should enjoy the success and the BS-itters saying it was only 5 minutes need a reality check.

    As if Rooney Mara had a bigger role than Brenda, yet at the Social Network’s acceptance speech they thank her rather than Brenda. For WHAT exactly? what did she do?

    When I find out who that man who gave the acceptance speech is, he’ll regret the moment he stepped foot into the Golden Globes.



  • Lolo

    brenda !

  • Dizney Fan


  • mrsdestinyhope

    @brit: but the thing is [as people say about Miley] her show is still airing. Therefore, she still has little kids looking up to her. Yeah, she’s older than Miley, but she and Miley work on the same netwoek Which mieans kids are following them. But anyhoo, I Don’t see why people raised hell over something that wasn’t even shown in theaters whereas Brenda’s next film has a FULL ON SEX SCENE. But by the time that movie comes out, I think Suite life will be done by then. But yeah, I only think critics were so hard on her in that movie because of the fact she’s still a disney star. Just think, all Disney stars are going to go through this phase once their term for Disney is over. Miley and Lindsay went trough it. But they had different results. So once Brenda’s out of Disney, parents won’t raise so much hell about her doing sex scenes in movies..

  • hetevbh

    love ya brenda

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Wow! People are giving her that much crap for her performance in “The Social Network?” What a shame.

    I wonder how many of those people know, or care that in “Henry Fool,” Christy Carlson Romano played an early teenage girl who promised to do the same thing to the main character in exchange for killing her abusive father. And this was before she was on “Even Stevens,” let alone the voice of “Kim Possible.”

  • brit

    @AnonymousGuy08: None of those critics cared about Christy’s performance in Henry Fool because back then when Christy was famous among kids, Disney Channel stars weren’t known in the media other than the occasional Hilary Duff-Lindsay Lohan stories. The big Disney stars didn’t receive a lot of media attention, weren’t followed by the paparazzi and known on a global mass scale unlike nowadays where they’re favorite paparazzi targets.

    Hilary Duff paved the way for Disney stars, without her existence probably none of the current Disney people would even be known on a large scale.

    And yeah, I agree with @mrsdestinyhope, when Boogie Town gets released in the end of this year, Brenda’s show will presumably end airing. I don’t know, maybe. I know it’s just beginning to air new episodes but maybe Boogie Town will be released subsequently after the end of the show and movie so that it can contain the sex scene or the sex scene would be removed. We don’t know yet if it’s a full sex scene with nudity, I doubt it.

    Don’t know how it works out, I just hate the hate Brenda has been receiving, it’s like all of her haters are Born-Again hardcore Christians, most of them are Asian Americans who accuse Brenda of a lot of hurtful things. I hate those Asian Americans, they’re COMPLETELY racist and arrogant. All they ever care about is bringing other people down and dissing white people and emphasizing race like it’s important.

    They accuse Brenda of being a sell-out (from what exactly?) and label her disgusting things.

  • slod fanatic

    love yoou brenda

  • dana

    Go Brenda >3333 ;)

  • Blair

    she looks glamorous!
    love her so much <3

  • brendasongaholic bren SO MUCHEE <3

  • starry

    stunningin cute way

  • BrendaSongFan4Life



    Great story and beautiful pictures. Keep going forward Brenda, your fans still support you 100%.

    She’s so beautiful and elegant.

  • BB

    love her a lott, so pretty.

  • Lynn

    She looks as gorgeous as her SLOD character London Tipton Im happy her Social Network movie it’s getting so many nominations GO BRENDA!

  • drift




  • effy

    looooove her dress and eyes

  • Fredemily

    She wonderful geat look

  • rahaf

    She looks gorgeous, lovely outfit.

  • linaty

    love her .. looks amazing

  • Emmy

    She always takes the glamour with her.

  • Sara

    she looks amazing!!!

  • Savvy

    i love her look, very summery

  • mariam

    Stunning! I love her style. It’s so laid back yet so sophisticated at the same time. Love it. Love her :o)

  • Amy

    Brenda looks gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!Like her new purse!!!!!

  • princess

    she is soo hot and pretty and sooo stylish! I love her outfit! Thatnks JJ!

  • DJ

    she looks soo good god i love her style.


  • reyes


  • gamra



  • vanessa

    peerfeiita ! :D

  • finn

    Right on, amazing me!! I totally agree….she does look relaxed, happy, stronger, and gorgeous, I might add!!