Ashley Greene: 'Skateland' Poster and Trailer!

Ashley Greene: 'Skateland' Poster and Trailer!

Check out the new poster and trailer for Ashley Greene‘s upcoming flick, Skateland!

The 23-year-old actress shared with MTV about the film, “It follows us through all the trials and errors of becoming an adult and figuring out who you are and what you want. You see love and you see loss and everything in between.”

Skateland, also starring Haley Ramm, follows a a group of teens who kill time and drink beer in a dusty Texas town, attempting to push off the looming responsibilities of adulthood.

The flick hits select theaters on March 25th. Bigger poster inside…

“Skateland” Official Trailer

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  • Bard

    Man this movie looks boring.

  • HIH

    Ashley is cool XD

  • Angel

    Can’t wait! As far as I can tell now, it is going to be amazing! Haters can just go away, because they just love what they can’t imitate.

    Because seriously, people – actually little kids – who make a Twitter to hate someone they have seen on their computer, is just sad. I wonder if these little jealous kids think that by hating on her, they can change something?

    Hmm. No. Joe doesn’t know your alive, so he won’t date you. I can seriously convince you that you will not get any prettier. And so on.

    I always laugh so hard when they tweet a twitlonger with a whole preach in it. Joe changed because of her! Yeah, of course, because you have seen soooo many interviews, that you know exactly who he is, right?

    Seriously, get a life. Pick up your old life, buy a new one. I don’t care. Start hating when you know you can do it better. (Psst: You can’t =] )

    Back to the point: Ashley is amazing. I can’t wait!

  • zanessa94

    i can’t wait to see this movie!
    i think that ashley in this movie will show her real talent! <3

  • reem

    She received some great reviews for her performance in this one. I hope it gets a wide release.

  • maria

    @Angel: Amen to that ;)
    Can’t wait for this movie, specially since it’s so completely different from Twilight. And she looks gorgeous.

  • Yeaaaah

    I can’t wait for this movie!
    I also think we’re going to see more of her acting in here that what we’ve seen in the twilight films so far.
    I think she’s going to be good, and it will give her a chance to prove she can do different things.

  • tastlikecandy

    Ashley I want your life..your boyfriend..your looks…everything about is amazing I hope have a long successful career and much hapiness to you and Joe!! Love you both!

  • Mikayla

    I think she is a great actress and pretty. And I have actually met her before, twice. She is sweet …. but at the same time, she was a little arrogant. There was something snooty about her way. That was a big turn off for me. But she was never mean.

  • carla

    I can’t stand the girl. And no it is not because of Joe. Never been a fan of any of the Jonas brothers. I haven’t liked her since the first twilight came out. She is a mediocre actress and yet she gets all this press. Shows up to very event imaginable. It’s just irritating to see actresses way more talented than her, get looked on buy. It’s sad that just because someone is in twilight, that they are automatically “actors”, and get the massive press.

  • jj

    Why is my comment not showing

  • mikayla

    I think she is a great actress and pretty. Nothing special, but pretty none the less. I have also met her twice. She was sweet, but at the same time she was arrogant. There was a snooty way to her. Which really turned me off.

  • maya

    I Saw Thiss @ Thaa Film Festival in Auqust . Great Film ! & Ashley Greene Does Amazinq in it . I Encouraqe ALL to Go See . & Not Just For Ashley, Bhud In General . Because its a Good Movie About Life and Growing Up .

  • haley

    I really can’t stand ashley greene at all, but I’m going to see this movie because its based on my city. (: