Vanessa Hudgens First Reaction to Alex Pettyfer's Beast: 'It Was So Weird!'

Vanessa Hudgens First Reaction to Alex Pettyfer's Beast: 'It Was So Weird!'

We’re less than two months away from Vanessa Hudgens‘ upcoming movie, Beastly!

The 22-year-old actress chatted with J-14 mag about seeing costar Alex Pettyfer‘s beast for the first time. She shared, “It was weird. It was so weird. I was used to his long blonde hair and then it was all gone and it was like, ‘Oh, hi!’ It was like meeting a person all over again for the first time. He really embraced the character and transformed the way he carried himself.”

Vanessa added about why she took the role of Lindy: “I definitely challenged myself and it was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be playing out all my awkward moments. I wasn’t particularly an awkward kid, I was more of a shy kid, so playing with that was a lot of fun. It was a blast.”

Beastly hits theaters on March 4th!

“Beastly” – “Popular” TV Spot
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  • Karen

    You go Jace!!!!!

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    March come sooner !! This is my most anticipated movie !! And then it’s Sucker Punch. :D I can’t wait !

  • diamond

    AWESOME ! I cannot wait for Beastly and now that it comes out earlier major..WIn ! This movie seems like it’s going to be amazing , and I just cannot wait to see It ! Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettyfer ♥

  • mike

    like the promo

  • Jazmin

    Love it…can’t wait for March to roll around!

    Love Vanessa!

  • maria

    Love the trailer…….and definitely can’t wait for this movie! It looks edgy, but sweet, funny at times, and very thought provoking! Alex and Vanessa look like they have a very nice chemistry, and Neil will add that bit of humor!

  • BOJI

    Vanessa makes such a pretty picture here. I like her role character, cool, confident and calm. Can’t wait to see it in the cinemas.

  • Katty

    I just cant wait to see V in a whole new light. It’s so different from HSM and Bandslam. It’s giving her more of an audience and a good experience and probably taught her a lot. It was so good of her. I am really liking her movie choices.

    Can’t wait to see what she is going to film after Journey 2. I’m intrigued. You can tell she is seeing what is out there and what is good for her and what will teach her/be a somewhat struggle for her, it was so good of her. I’m proud of her.

    I wish I could say the same about Zac’s choices, he is picking a lot these days when he used to be so choosy, its annoying. He has too much on his plate within two years time and will seriously need some down time soon.

    I don’t know, sorry for ranting about Zac on a V post, but it annoys me.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looks so beautiful, and has a very expressive face, she doesn’t have to say anything you can tell want she is feeling.

  • Pit

    I just realized I am leaving on vacation that night – the 4th – will be gone through the next weekend – now I will have to see if I can find a movie theater at Disney World!! I’ll definitely see it when I return if I can’t figure out how!! I really would like to see it the 1st week. Is there a Movie theater in Downtown DIsney?

  • Pit

    Down South that is Mardi Gras Week – schools are out – but it is a great time time for the movies so that may help out down this way as well.

  • nathalia

    vanessa is adorable in this movie

  • e

    Vanessa and Alex look great in the new TV spot. I really wish I could see this film, it’s been one of those I’ve been waiting for so long.


    I know what you mean, I don’t get it either, it seems he takes on more and more projects but nothing gets done. That’s another thing I admire about Vanessa and her team, she never cared about throwing her nmae out there attatched to everything, instead we almost always find out what she is going to do when is at the airport flying t the filming location. I can admit that as a fan I would love to know what’s going on in that mind of hers when it comes to her carer but I can’t help but admire her for it at the same time, it shows that she is really serious about her craft. I’m sure Zac is serious as well but the thing is the more roles he takes on at some point some of them won’t happen, or he is so commited that maybe someday the most amazing projects would show up but then he wouldn’t be able to do it because his scheduel is already booked and it wouldn’t look good if he dropped out of to many projects. I know alot of them never will get of the ground but still, maybe it would be better to lay low until everything is set.

  • Katty


    Yes, I agree. I remember when we found out about Beastly. It was literally like V has signed onto a new movie and it begins filming in two weeks at this location with these people! It wa like bam! Zac is like, yeah, I signed onto this coming out in 2013 and you’re like? You probably don’t even know the entire script, producers, maybe even a director, and everything. You might want to know all that before you sign on. He’s getting too excited.
    I mean, I love the boy, but come on. You’re 23 with good looks, awesome talent, and a pretty good following, you have time to make these decisions. No one will forget about you if you don’t have six movies coming out within a year and a half span, you know?

  • Carla

    He’s gorgeous!!!!!
    She’s gorgeous too :)

  • pop86

    Can’t wait to March 4th.

  • daniel

    seriously man thanks for post
    this movie will be AWSOME even if i like more SUCKER PUNCH for all the sexienest THIS WILL BE SUCH A ROMANTIC MOVIE
    what more can ask

  • daniel


  • daniel

    I can’t wait for the movie!!! I ordered the book and the store finally called tonight so I’m getting it tomorrow morning. CAN’T WAIT! says my cousin

  • birdie

    Vanessa ,Alex,Neil,Ashley look fantastic. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. I really hope it gets all the support is deserves.

  • jello

    I loved the book, and to me it seems like she’s the HSM star to watch out for. She’s leaving the others in the dust.

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • joan

    Can’t Wait

  • kami

    ♥ 42 more days till “beastly” hits theaters in the us. yeah!!!!! ♥

  • kami


    soooooooo true. ♥

  • hiha

    but Vanessa was an awkward kid, I’ve seen a pic of her when she was 12 and YIKES!

  • Lame

    I know that Vanessa and Alex are both pretty busy with other projects but I hope they will be able to promote this movie properly. It looks like it could be a winner.

  • Rose

    @hiha”,why when you are a kid you are beautiful? I think noooooooooo!!! Everybody have that moment when you are kid ,but I saw her picture when she was small she is soooooooo beautiful ,they same as’t ,she have a unique beauty,that no body have ,she is amazing !!!!! @katty ,you are right for what all you say about her ,she amaze us a fan,cuz we don’t know what is next project she will have,we know it only when she in location already ,that is soooooooo cleaver I like it,that’s called AMAZING JUST THE WAY SHE IS,I’m excited for her movie right now,gooooooooooooooooooooo NESSA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    She just looks “soft” and beautiful, natural, and not all glammed up. I am so looking forward to this “romance. type movie for her. As I’ve said before I know she is hot babe in SP and everyone is so anticipating that movie but I don’t find I like a lot of Zac Snyder movies so Beastly is the first one I was wanting to see.

    As for Zac, I can’t believe some of you are finding fault with him. I find it just as ufair for him to be judged according to how Vanessa does things as it would be for her to be judged by how Zac does things. They are two different people. Zac is now wearing a “producer’s” cap which puts in in a situation where he is trying to “develp” projects. We also have no clue as to how the movie he just got done filming will be like—doesn’t matter if you like Nicolas Sparks or not—he didn’t write the screenplay. You would be down on someone if they were judging Beastly harshly before ever seeing it—Zac deserves the same respect. Also, there have been many movies that Zac’s name has been linked to in the past and he wasn’t even in talks for the movie. He can’t help it if people attach his name to things that he is not intending to do. I think it would be better IF we wait and see just what happens in actuality. And then also wait to see how the end product is.

  • lslsharon

    Can’t wait for it

  • nathalia

    I agree with you
    very well spoken

  • Rose

    Ok!!! @Karen well said you are right about zac ,we connote judges him,they have individual prospective in ther life and work,for me I love both of them but I’m talking about Vanessa here,cuz this is her post they are talking about beastly w/ Alex not zac ,that’s why I address to Vanessa my comment,I know you @Karen from I strat join here in just Jared you are here already,that you are equal fan of zac and nessa ,like me sometime I changes my user name ,every time you post a comment I love it @Karen cuz you explain very will.

  • athena

    I’m no Vanessa hater, but I must say, I’m disappointed in her acting…Her characters don’t seem to stretch far and her acting sort of shows it. She always looks like a mess in the films and her acting seems a bit on the bland side. She’s beautiful, and that’s all the studios seem to focus on….I would love to see her not look like herself and would love to see more character in her face and actions. I can’t wait for Sucker Punch…I hope this will show her acting chops in a better light.

  • robin

    cant get enough of ALEX i hope he [plays JACE] FINGERS XSED .

  • annie1st

    i was underestimated her acting in bandslam than bam her acting was pretty good there, i like sa5m he he, let see about beastly, will def watch it ^____^

  • tina

    @athena: Bland? she received critical praise for her work in Bandslam. She’s doing fine. Ever director she works with, loves her. She’s doing different genre of film not just sticking to the safe. Yes, she is beautiful but to judge her acting as bland based on a few trailers is a big stretch. When a real actor is in a role you believe the could be that person, that its effortless. Over the top gestures, rolling of the eyes not needed and only someone who cannot act would use them. If your saying she look as if she is the character she playing, then good that what she want you to believe.

  • BOJI

    The bits I’ve seen from the trailer of this movie convinces me that Vanessa can act. Her portrayal of Lindy is proof enough.

  • Karen

    Again, I think it unfair to pronounce a judgment on Vanessa’s acting when you’ve seen maybe 45 seconds of it in total from this clip—and then those few seconds don’t give you much to go on in how that scene will play out from start to finish.

    I know these litle clips are used to wet people’s appetite and ree them in—to entice them. And if a movie fails to do that then the movie may not fair well at the box office. However, in the case of Beastly I think it does well to come across as appealing. Some people won’t go to see it since they don’t like the romantic “genre”—or so they say—but nevertheless many of us do.

    Now, for the rest we have to WAIT and see how the characters turn off—if they are well developed—and if the acting make that character come to life on that screen. IF we make judgments now it is really unfair to Vanessa. I have gone to movies that the trailer fully sole me on and looked forward to seeing the actors in the movie and ended up being very disappointed. But the opposite can also be said many times. Like any young actress Vanessa is learning and will get better and better as time goes on. And she does a pretty dang good job right now.

  • Amy

    Ya I am really waiting for this movie.the whole family is going to the theater to watch Vanessa she really rock.

  • Alana

    Please all Zac Efron AND Vanessa Hudgens fans sign this petition

  • Alana

    You dont have to donate money but just put your name and email then you can leave a comment if you want to :)

  • http://jjj marcy

    love her and i think she and alex are perfect together

  • http://jjj telma

    i love vanessa, she rockssssss and alex is hotttttttt

  • Haters Suck!

    Just excited to see baby V in action again and then again in sucker punch and then again in journey

  • bambiii

    she is so beautiful and not in a nasty way :)
    I like this look on her and agreeing with karen’s description …
    hope that here in not usa this movie will appear,too ..bandslam didn’t
    and what does ‘box office failure ‘ mean :S ?

  • JennyOnDeck


    There is!! It’s called AMC. It’s a really nice theater too.

  • aly

    “box office failure” or “the movie flopped at box office” means that the movie wasn`t a financial success, or, at least, that`s what it used to mean. Right know, there are lots of debates on this topic.

  • Thahmina

    love u vanessa….<3
    can’t wait for Beastly….i’m dying to watch it in the big screeen!

  • kami

    ♥ i have a really good feeling about this movie. it’s a modern day, paranormal fairy tale romance. ♥
    ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫

  • Angie

    I soo want to see this. Vanessa is amazing. I’m sure she CAN act just got to be open minded and not worry so much on the book vs. movie. Has any movie based on the book ever stay true? Not really but we still come back for more.

    Gorgeous Vanessa and handsome Alex on big screen doesn’t get any better than this!