Zac Efron: I Put In the Work for 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron: I Put In the Work for 'The Lucky One'

Zac Efron definitely put on some muscle for his role as Marine Logan Thibault in The Lucky One.

The 23-year-old actor caught up with MTV about how he really prepared for the role of a Marine.

Zac shared, “I knew that, the second I went to camp and met some real Marines, that I didn’t have that presence that they possess. They have this way about them, and they’re like 50 lbs. heavier than these guys [actors]. I started training immediately, to do the best I could.”

He continued, “Its a part that’s kind of sensitive. I cared too much about it to just let it slide, so I really put in the work.”

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  • amy

    Yes, can’t wait to see Zac playing a marine. Just love his hair btw.


    Yes, I cant wait for see zac in this role
    and he looks hot with the short hair

  • HsmZanessaFansite3

    yes can’t wait..
    ugh I still have to finish the school took my time away from the book..but it WILL be

  • kami

    “camp pendleton”

  • mike

    sounds good

  • LOla

    zac looks hot as a soldier…

  • citlalli

    of chourse!!, can’t wait to see this movie!; and Zac! gosh!

  • susan1

    Yeah I’m excited to see Zac The Lucky One!! I can’t wait!

  • ;*

    Wow i cant wait for this movie

  • Claire sheckler

    amazing book! i can’t wait to see the movie! zac playing a marine!? SO HOT<3

  • Zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Aw.. he’s such a hard worker. Can I be more proud of him ? Yes, yes I can. :D

  • Ashlee

    The boy sure does take his career serious. He’s a hard worker.

  • tina gaston

    CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE movie <3

  • Nicki313

    I can’t to see it, because if he really put all that heart into the role it should be amazing.

  • Nina

    Can’t wait to see the movie!!^^
    The pic looks sooo hot!!!

  • Katty

    The newest scoop is that Zac desperately wants Vanessa back! He is so in love with her is doing everything he can to get her back… yeah right. So now instead of ‘They’re still together’ its gonna be ‘They’re back together’ Sometimes the things people say amaze me.

    Can’t wait for The Lucky One, it looks sooo good. We’re gonna see Zac in such a different light.

  • debz

    i cant wait to see the lucky one. he is looking soo hot these days

  • Jackie

    I Love Zac Efron,he’s. Super hot can’t wait to the movie ::-)

  • Fauve

    I love Zac but I am not to interested in the Lucky One. I want to see him in a movie that is on the same vein as 17 Again he rocked that movie to pieces, or maybe something dark and deep and suspenseful. I just really don’t feel the people he plays with in this movie. He carried Charlie St. Cloud he will carry this movie. He will be the only thing I like about that movie. Orson Welles however was a great great movie loved him in it.

  • Lady

    . we all know that they are together. we know the report is a lie.but net want to look good.and they know it was are lie.

  • Ashlee

    I know Zac confirmed he’s doing NYE, but is he really doing that gunfight movie or is that just another rumor?

  • tina

    @Katty: But we knew that would be the cased E! started back tracking a week later. I like Nicholas Sparks books so I’ll watch.

  • http://NIKKIVALESKA Nikki ♥ Zanessa Love ♥

    OMG!!!! Obviously!!! I’m so excited for see “The lucky one” haha ooo… I can’t wait for see to Zac more Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha I ♥ Zanessa!!!!!! :D

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • maria

    Not interested in anything by Nicholas Sparks, and I really wished Zac would have passed on this too. I really wanted him to do something more edgy that would have appealed to a broader audience, especially males. He needs to build that male audience, since he has none, and Nicholas Sparks fluff is not the way.

  • Nicky

    @Ashlee: that’s no rumor, Zac has signed for this movie … Zac signed for these movies: New Year’s Eve, Die In A Gunfight, Easy Money, The Lorax, Fire, Einstein Theory and Art of the Steal

  • Karen

    Even if you don’t like Nicholas Sparks, per se, there’s no way of knowing how the movie itself will turn out. The movie had a good director and the screenplay had a lot of changes than was in the book. So we should give it a chance instead of just thinking it will not be any good. Zac is a good looking young man with dreamy eyes and sex appeal. Very mucn the way Brad Pitt was when he was starting out. it would be foolish to think that Hollywood will not capitalize on that fact. Many young actors will also take the door opened to them to “prove” what they are worth when it comes to a “following” to gather clout at which time they will have leverage to get offered something more or like Zac to have someone like WB backing him and allowing him to develp projects. Not every 22-23 year old guy gets a contract with someone like WB. I think it would seem he is doing something right.

  • zanessagurl

    when d hell did he get a tattoo? that is a tattoo on his arm rite????

  • Ella

    Is that a real tattoo on his right arms???!!! WHOA!!!

  • Nicky

    @Ella: @zanessagurl NO, it’s not a real tattoo, it’s just painted … it was just for his role as Marine … Zac has no tattoos

  • maria

    @Karen: Unfortunately, having dreamy eyes and sex appeal is not enough anymore. There is a LOT of competition out there right now, and there are far more appealing roles than this one, and this genre. I really want Zac to move on from this. He needs to be in movies like The Social Network, etc. that appeal to a broader audience. I’m certainly not saying he won’t do a good job, but this kind of movie only has so much appeal. As well as New Year’s Eve. I am totally questioning the advice of his team, and their insistence on only starring roles. It’s hurting him. Good plum roles are going to many other young actors with dreamy eyes and sex appeal, in much better movies. It’s concerning.

    We all have different opinions on this, and this is mine. I am not one of those people that will go see him in any silly movie he makes, and gush over his physique or how cute he is, and say he did an amazing job if he didn’t. If it’s a quality movie, I will go see it. If it looks schmaltzy or sappy, no way, and I don’t care who is in it. There have been far too many movies like that lately. And they are box office failures. Zac doesn’t need another one right now. “Die in a Gunfight” looks promising though.

  • bambiii

    doesn’t he seem annoyed by when he answers about nessa ? and he says he is single,ok I know Lopez asked about THAT night but still doesn’t seem if zac’s respond meant somethin like ‘TONIGHT I am single ‘ rather sounds like ‘ jeesh,I’m done with her …. if you want anything from her ask her not me I am ZAC EFRON and not a piece of Zanessa ‘
    but please ‘analyze’ on your own xD :DD

  • Karen


    Why don’t you just get off of it? He did not say he was “single”. He said he was “flying solo”. We fans already knew Vanessa was in NC filming her movie and Lopez was just trying to “dig” to see what he could get—and not very well even in a sleazy sort of way. He’s just stupid and with Zac’s smirk you can tell he not buying into it. Also with the way Mario TRIED to set him up you can tell he anted Zac to say—exactly the way you took it—he was “single” but Zac was not taking that “bait”. And I hope other people are smart enough not to take YOURS.

  • Haters Suck!

    you got all that analysis from a two second answer? No he doesn’t seem annoyed to me. Im gonna say this one more time, until someone can show me proof, actual, no doubt about it proof that they are done I say they are still together. I have all kinds of evidence since this rumor started that they never broke up. He’s been at her house multiple times they’ve gone out to dinner and they were seen, actually seen making out at Eden. The person who reported that story for E said she saw them making out with her own eyes and there were all kinds of other reports saying the same thing. So again show me the proof they are done, cause I got plenty of evidence to say other wise

  • Karen


    I know what your opinion is but I think Zac deserves some credit and to be cut some slack. He has some very interesting projects in development. These kinds of movies didn’t hurt Pitt or Depp when they were his age and I don’t think they will hur Zac eithert. He may not be getting every male as a fan right now but most of the “gorgeous” guys started out with these kinds of movies. Also, many a young man is being taken to Zac’s movies with GF believe me and they know who he is.

    You many think it is a waste of time to go see this kind of movie, so be it, but I still don’t think he deserves the “he isn’t making wise choices” kind of speech. I know a lot of people who were totally disappointed when Vanessa signed on for Journey 2 as if she could only do some epic movie and it was beneath her to do J2. However, now we hear what a great choice it is and what great direction she has from her people. There is a lot of strategy that goes into the making of a Hollywood A-lister and it would stand to reason each individual has a different row to hoe since they are given different opportunities. Also, being a male and female is quite different I am sure.

    Then there is the fact that WB saw enough in Zac to give him a contract like Damon, Affleck, and Downey Jr got. I think that is pretty high praise as to what they think he is capable of. That doesn’t look like he is not making very good choices to me or he is not getting some good advice. These may not be your kind of movies right now but what is YOUR kind of movie may not be millions of others type movies.

    Bottom line, there may be movies in the future that will not get my buck at the box office from both Zac and Vanessa BUT for now seeing them starting out so promisingly I am cheering my head off for both in whatever they are attempting to do right now to get a foothold in a crazy business and a town called Hollywood.

  • sara

    bambii you are totally right karen plz just look at zac’s face when lopez asked him about vanessa
    he did a reaction like he want to say “i’am done with her don’t aske me about this girl anymore”

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Sara, You need to grow up, because, Karen knows want she is talking about , Also Zac always glows when Vanessa’s name is mention, He was by him self, because Vanessa went to N. C. And by the way Zac and vanessa spenit, three nights together, they went out to dinner one nite and a party the next nite then the went to a golden globes party the nite before she left, all kinds of people and E Cele, reported about it, so i say you and Bambii, are here just to start trouble. we are on to you.

  • Alana

    Please all Zac Efron AND Vanessa Hudgens fans sign this petition

    You dont have to donate money (i dont know what thats about btw) but just put your name and email then you can leave a comment if you want to :)

  • bambiii

    @ karen / hater’s suck.

    I was not pointing to the words- I mentioned his face and the way his voice seemed to go down … and how excited he was when he was finally asked about HIS stuff,his work.not his privacy … he is probably sick and tired always beeing just a part of a couple and seemingly only getting attention ’cause of this. this is hurtful to ego and zac is very ambitous about his work which is beaten with feet. probably a reason they MAY broke up.
    and of course you are right about lopez what he tried and all that c’mon it’s his work and IF he got any information out of zac anybody here would have kissed him or so for releasing :P
    again,NOT his words,HIS FACE AND HOW HE SAID

    @ hater’s suck :
    uhm, so YOU say I got an analyzis of a 2 scnd short answer,but how about you ? you have your opinion out of something which doesn’t exist and isn’t prooved.
    1. he was only once at her house.that’s when,of course,the papz got easily pics from. IF he had been a 2nd time,we would have picures. and as ppl said,beeing once there could mean just get my stuff

    2. the twitter entrys are most definetly from ppl who want,no cell phone their to get a pic ?

    3. eden. know what ? since these rumor is around EVERYBODY knows this name.and the club just opened, so this is of course great for the club. ppl said that eden’s reps told the E! Girl that zanessa was there and she posted it. the eden girl MAYBE DID NOT SEE THEM HERSELF and if the reps told her,it’s untrue cause they wanted to make fame out of it. just as the other tweets …

    4. zac is partying a lot, isn’t he ? I don’t know how it used to be, I always appreciated their seemingly free of jealousy and free and mature realationship, but did he party with other girls ( sophia bush,prooved by pics) before o.O ? if he was with other girls,vanessa was always on his side. But I may be wrong,tell me if he partied with girls and nessa wasn’t around there as well… :S


    my view: both realized they won’t be able to see each other for a while this year cause they’re so busy and then they decided it was better to do a break (up). and when they once did,they noticed how free they actually feel and how captured they were in this ‘zanessa’, a reason why they probably don’t regret …
    i don’t know if this whole thing is true,but IF IT WAS it seems plausible and the best for their career (hearts?) … :’(

  • Haters Suck!

    with fans like u who the heck needs haters. Honestley I thinkyou are the one here looking for attention and looking to cause trouble. Everyone here was having a good discussion about the lucky one until you showed up looking to cause problems. I guess I’ll enduldge u a little more. You need pictures of them together. I need a statement from them saying they broke up. So you are basing your opinion off something that has not been proven yet you have no problem with that.
    Here is the tweet from the reporter from E, she was asked point blank of she saw zac and Vanessa kissing and she said YES and she wasn’t the only person who said the exact same thing either.
    Another thing, zac and vanessa were not the only celebs that were said to be at the club and while there were no pics everyone accepts that they were there but when it comes to Z&V people like you say it can the true.
    Here’s another tweet from the same reporter about z&v having dinner and getting close
    did the owner of this resturant call up E and make this up too. Show me something, anything from zac or vanessa saying they broke up other then facial expressions and coded words and maybe I’ll listen to you.
    Lastly I’d like to say sorry to everyone that was talking about the movie before I wrote this comment, I honestly did not mean for it to be this long or take anything away from zac or this movie feel free to just skip over this comment. I’m sorry.

  • Haters Suck!

    For some reason jj won’t post a response I had for u until later cause I posted some links with it so, unitl it shows up I’ll just say a couple of things i put in it. With fans like u who needs haters and I say u are the one looking for attention and looking to cause trouble. Everyone here was having a nice discussion about the lucky one till u showed up. I have more to say to u but we’ll have to wait till jjj decides to post my previous comment.

  • Elena

    I can’t wait! I love Zac, he looks amazing with short hair!

  • bambiii

    @ hater’ suck
    my 2nd comment didn’t show up as well -.-

    and you know what ? that is your problem actually. you guys only want to hear what you believe in and can’t stand any other’s opinion and immediatly start hating on and this and fighting and calling a me a bad fan whatever. you can’t stand,no you don’t want people who have a different opinion than you.
    i was just asking nicely I even left some smileys like ‘:D’ there cause I wanted to show that I am not sure about my impression (now I am ) and I even tried to make it sound funny using the word ‘analyze’ or so but noooo yooou dump,crazy little girls started hateful stuff and answered totally agressive and pissed of ..
    and it’ so ridicoulus to say I want attention c’mon girl how dump are you ? we are on www I don’t know who you are what do I have from your attention ?? xD ^^ jeesh, it’s so embarrasing that it makes it funny.
    know what ? right now in history class we are talking about germany and the 3rd reich time and there is that one special person with the beard you know he also hated ppl who were different and couldn’t stand other ppls beliefs and thoughts..
    just sayin -.-
    your problem if you prefer a pink sugar world like in katy perry’s ‘california girls’

  • bambiii

    girls,just show me one damn picture or proof,ok ?
    or just read my respond to your so called proofs …
    I am still not a 100 % sure about the break up, the day a new sighting of them comes out I always feel a bit insecure about believing or not.

    it’s you girls and you’re ridicoulus arguments which make no sense at all who bring me back after a new rumor and tell me ‘ok,it’s possibly true’

    and what I wanted to add: I have never been mean or said my opinion is right just you girls started to become hateful and all that.i always said they MAY broke up OR IF IT’S TRUE..
    so I would appreciate people responding like that and not like 5 year old girls. no wonder both want to move on with these childish fans !!!

  • Haters Suck!

    normally I don’t take what people say about me on this site personally i wasn’t gonna even send u a responce that was until u compared me to one of the most evil people to ever live and now I’m pissed off. For you to compare me to a man who tried to destroy the world and nearly wiped out an entire race of people crosses the effing line. You don’t know me lady so don’t act like you do, I’ve never hurt anyone and i most certianly have never killed anyone in my entire life. So FU, you can drop off the face of the earth as far as I’m concerned cause I’m done with you.
    PS I apologize to everyone reading this post for what it’s has become.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Bambii , You just don’t get it, or you just like to start trouble, First off there were several people at EDEN, including the people who own the club, people and us mag said they were there with there friends, one of them was britany snow, and the following weekend people twitter that they were together and E GOSSIP, said they were at a hotel restaurant, i think it was called shl, they ate at the chefs table were you can sample different things, which he prepared, they cuddling and kissind each other in a corner, when they left they said goodbye to Demi, Ashon, an Rummor. They went two partys which several people seen them. By the way he was at her house twice , the second time he was there 4 hr’s. By the way they did not break up, they took a break, ever since the were film makingout in front of the resturant,in Hawaii i beieve they are tried of the media, so they are taking a break from discussing there relationship. It doesn’t matter want people tell you you are close mined, or you are really dense. You want to cause trouble, and you want Zac and Vanessa to be broken up, there is no hope for you. Zac has said he cherishes his and Vanessa’s relationship, and it’s know buisness but his and Vanessa.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan


    so True.

  • jl

    ok first i agree with karen and barbara I do not see anything different about his face when asked about a date or vanessa that he does not have through out the whole interview to me it did not change and if you look bak at another video from 2010 academy awards he has the same expressions.
    as for all the sightings too many people from the club eden or what ever said they saw them together and him coming from her house well from what i understand they have always gone to eachothers houseses all the time and we have not gotten all those times except a handfull. because there are no pictures does not mean it has not happened.
    I think they have gone back to when they first started dating and are being really careful about where they go now. I also think that they will be seen together soon. but who knows. one more thing it was said that zac was out clubbing with friends and many people have said this but were are those pictures.

  • aly

    Do you have a degree in body language and comportamental behaviour? NO? Then stop analyzing every word he says or the way he acts. You are going crazy with this, really, even that you called someone acting like Hitler for god`s sake.
    And since you are insisting so much on these “i want pics to belive they are together” thing, i want to see a pic that proves that they are not together. Because they went for months without pics together until the hawaii video.
    So don`t believe the media, don`t believe the sightings, don`t believe anything without actual proof and we are back to the hawaii video in which they were acting all lovey-dovey. And if you just partially believe those rumors, you are kind of a hypocrite. -.-
    [You can`t report me, do whatever you want if i am offending you, i`m just sick of people saying they believe the break up, which doesn`t have any actual proof than the mighty "source", and don`t believe the other rumors this "source" ran with.]
    And let`s stop getting personal. We didn`t called you names, [i admid i said you are a hypocrite], and we sure didn`t said that you are acting like a nazi or who knows what.

  • kellie

    I read the book and I loved it! I knew Zac was playing a role and at the time I forgot who he was playing. When I read the book I thought, “I want him to play Logan.” And sure enough I checked and he’s playing Logan. I’m excited to see it! It’s going to be amazing!

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