Robert Pattinson & Keira Knightley: 'Cosmopolis' Couple

Robert Pattinson & Keira Knightley: 'Cosmopolis' Couple

Robert Pattinson has traded off in leading ladies for the upcoming Cosmopolis.

Keira Knightley has taken over the role of Rob‘s love interest, The Playlist (via MTV) is reporting.

Rob shared about why he chose to sign on to the film, “basically because of [David] Cronenberg. I don’t know why or how you would say no [to that]. It kind of just came out of the blue and I was just like ‘Yea.’ I said yes as soon as he called.”

Cosmopolis begins filming in May in Toronto and New York City

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Keira as Rob’s leading lady?

Robert Pattinson on ‘Cosmopolis’
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  • rocknmovies

    Beautiful on-screen couple!

  • Celia

    Every director has that one movie that the regret doing…I guess this will be Cronenberg’s.

  • mandymills

    GREAT. I love Rob and Keira

  • just me

    @celia, it’s you who’ll regret her words in the end, trust me.

  • vahn

    they are perfect

  • Just in

    Shut up Celia you bitter hag.

  • Shame

    I thought Cronenberg knew how to judge talen..from viggo to this two bit vampire emo.

  • Just in

    Shame: Cronenberg knows what he’s doing. Obviously, if it was your money on the line, would you invest in Robert Pattinson or some lesser known name? He has the Twilight fan base behind him. He’ll bring in the dough, guaranteed. He can act fine outside of Twilight. He’s still young and has room to grow. He has to work with these directors if he wants to grow. Talent doesn’t just come out of no where. It’s too bad that he made it big before fully mastering his craft. Likewise, sometimes an actor has to take on a popular project to make a living. Now he can be picky and choose roles that are meaningful. He has the US market by the pinky and it’s the biggest market on earth for movies.

  • masdf

    I honestly think he is an amazing actor, and chooses amazing movies, especially after twilight, he could have gone in a completely different direction but he hasn’t.


    celia is a crazy Rob-hater .
    she (he) peg on Rob everywhere on web
    and abuse Rob everytime
    Don’t you have anything to do ?
    I won’t see any material about someone whom I don’t like.
    Please don’t see any thing about Rob If you don’t like Rob
    and save your time to do whatever you like .



  • golfnut

    I think Rob and Keira will be good at this movie, as everyone comments Robert is very good actor and for Celia I don’t know what planet you from. You should watch Remember Me and Little Ashes.

  • golfnut

    I think Robert and Keira will be a good screen couple. He’s very good in everyone of he’s movie. He will be great.

  • alli

    I love Rob! Keira’s okay. I probably watch it.

  • Sarah

    Don’t be so sure. They had her name up on this official page for Cosmopolis advertising it but her name was taken down by the next day so we still don’t know for sure who the co-star will be or if Keira has really signed on. Trust me Cronenberg is not regretting it at all and won’t regret it. Robert Pattinson is a good actor and will show that in this movie. A director like that did not pick him just hoping that to be the case. Someone like that has a good a pretty good idea of an or would not pick the actor.

  • Janie

    @Just in:

    I completely agree with all. The director is no dummy!! Rob Pattinson will be great in this movie. The success of the movie will based on how good a script there is. It certainly won’t fail because of Rob. He will play his part like the pro he is.

  • Marie

    Pattinson is fugly. Knightley acts with her teeth. This will be one long movie.

  • mary

    i hope everyone gives keira a chance. almost every blog i read has robs fans bashing the actress thats paired with rob in that movie. im getting tired of reading it. i wish people would understand its just acting. but some fans doesnt see it that way!

  • alex

    @Just in:
    ‘He has the US market by the pinky and it’s the biggest market on earth for movies.’
    The biggest market on earth for film is actually India. That aside, I think this has potential. Keira has a remarkable presence on screen and Rob Pattinson has a wide fanbase. Combine the two things and you’ve got yourself a good blockbuster.

  • Just in

    Alex: that’s true that America isn’t the biggest market in the world but it is in the English speaking world which is what is relevant in this discussion. Of course, China and India is the largest because their population size is in the billions.

  • Yesi

    im excited not going to lie!

  • Jamie

    #14, funny. It’s the opposite for me. I love Keira and think she’s a wonderfully talented actress. But, couldn’t care less about Rob.

    #17, agree with the first part but not the second. I’d like to see the people bashing her acting abilities actually even TRY acting. It’s not as easy as it looks – they’d probably fall flat on their faces, fail and then go cry to mommy about how everybody is so mean to them.

    #18, that’s because they’re juvenile and think he’s like the greatest thing since sliced bread, so no actress will ever be ‘good enough’ for their precious Rob. It’s ridiculous, really.

  • Jenny

    I seriously cannot stand anything Keira Knightly has done.. she plays every role the same way… there are so many wonderfully talented actresses out there…. this is probably one Rob movie I won’t see.. I just cannot get past her annoying acting traits….

  • Renee23

    I wouldn’t put my money on the line for anything with Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart but apparently Hollywood likes tax write offs.I mean other than Twilight neither one of them have had a sucess. I’ll tell you I’ve read Water for Elephants and the casting is wrong. There are two many years between the two so it comes out sleazy. And as far Robert Pattinson and anyone I would get rabies shot after he has slept with Kristen. You know I’ve been doing this thing where month I check to see how many hits are under I hate Robert Pattinson and I hate Kristen Stewart. I started this after they officially started dating. They were about 100,000 less before he dated her it now gets over 600,000 hits under she has always had alot but now they are neck and neck. So you tell me is Kristen Stewart good for Robert Pattinson, I think he should take some arsnic and end all the drama and blackmail from this girl. Unless he wants to stay with a girl who’s on pysche drugs to control her mood swings and every kind of drug.She’s used emotional blackmail the entire time.

  • Ditta

    Yet another older woman for Robert. whats up with that?