Willow Smith: Little Orphan Annie?

Willow Smith: Little Orphan Annie?

JJJ‘s number one question: Will Willow Smith have red, curly hair?

According to Variety, the 10-year-old superstar in the making could potentially star in a big screen version of the popular musical Annie.

Willow‘s dad Will “is exploring with Sony the potential” for the film, according to sources. He would produce the movie through his Overbrook Entertainment production company.

Rapper Jay-Z is also in talks to work on the music.

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  • tammy

    uhhh no. im not racist or anything but there is no black orphan annie. sorry willow. she is like 10 years old or something, she cant really sing, she hasnt even hit puberty yet, thats just retarted. and she has a bad attitude, kind of like “i do whatever i want, whenever i want.” and i hate it and her. like i said, im not racist. if some 10 year old white girl was trying to do what she does, i would say the same thing. and her music sucks, the songs are stupid, and so i have no reason to like her.

  • lame

    No to offend anyone, but ANNIE is a caucasian and redheaded little girl, why can’t WILL SMITH create movies instead of remaking them with his kids like THE KARATE KID, come on lame!

  • Flamingonut

    Geez, seriously? What won’t they do to get their kids their 15 minutes? Stop the insanity Mr. Smith. Nobody wants to see your little brat ruin a classic flick. Maybe she can ‘ease on down the road’ in a Wiz remake, barf…

  • none

    This is Political Correctness gone mad. Annie is a little white redheaded girl. This is just wrong on so many levels. I will not watch this remake and would tell others not to waste their time watching it.

  • ruby

    I agree with the above comments… but my childhood Annie…. the Annie i always watched and love is white with red hair… Not to be racist because i am black but this is just a no no!!!

  • lexa

    i agree with lame… 1 remake of annie is good enough!!

  • knock nok

    so to sum all this up… Annie is known for her red hair and its impossible to have red hair and not be pasty white with freckles

  • bella

    NOOO!!! Annie is a classic, one of my favourite childhood movie musicals! I don’t want Willow Smith ruining it

  • Lisa

    You guys, they could be remaking Annie into a more modern day story about a black girl in an orphanage. I am saying this cause there are some black kids in orphanages that wish to have a family, so if they do the movie, it could turn out to be like this.
    I dont think that the movie should just be based on a white girl and the whole red hair, to me the story of Annie is about a little girl, with any type of race, who dreams of being with a family. If the producers and writers have that same idea, then this movie should be okay.

    I just don’t understand why you guys or anyone think that Annie should be a white girl with red hair, sure that was the original character, but it would be interesting to see Annie in a modern time.

  • Bob Kimball

    Hey, people, think outside the box. Just because Little Orphan Annie has always been depicted as white with red hair doesn’t mean a new Annie with dark skin and dark hair couldn’t be just as great. The gal that plays Annie can be of any race, background, or color. Anything is possible! I’d enjoy seeing ANNIE again no matter what color of skin she had. The play, the movie, the lyrics are all tremendous. Go for it, Willow!!!!

  • Charli

    While I do NOT think that they should make a movie of the musical for a myriad of reasons. I do think that there might be something in making a modern movie inspired by the core tale of an orphan taken in as a publicity stunt by a rich guy in need of improving his image. And why not a black, hip hop dancing girl and a surly white guy.

  • Chrystal Krittenbrink

    Little Orphan Annie was originally a comic strip. She was a little white girl with red hair. Leave her that way.

  • Jason

    Of course! The Wizard of Oz was created back in 1939 – The Wiz was created in 1978; Saturday Night Live was created back in the late 1970s – In Living Color was created in the early 1990s; not to mention all the half hour sitcoms that have been mimicked. Now they want to follow on the coattails of yet another phenomenal hit.

    I guess blackie will always be a Johnny-Come-Lately never coming up with a hit of their own.

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