Alex Pettyfer: Offered Jace Wayland Role?

Alex Pettyfer: Offered Jace Wayland Role?

Looks like when Lily Collins suggested Alex Pettyfer for the role of Jace Wayland (from the fans), the studio listened!

According to Vulture, the 20-year-old British actor has been offered the role in The Mortal Instruments series.

The paper reports, “Insiders tell us that Screen Gems chief Clint Culpepper feels so strongly about casting Pettyfer in the supernatural love story that he only wants to green-light the film if he can land the actor.”

Jace Wayland is a sarcastic Shadowhunter and the description for the part is for a heavily inked-up teen with strange symbols all over his rippling, muscular body. Shooting is expected to start in March.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about this news?

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  • shortreminiscence

    Oh, Alex is the perfect suit for Jace! The fandom over him being Jace is crazy.

  • felicia


  • tlt

    YES!!! YES YES!!

  • Karen

    Alex = Jace

  • Karen

    Alex = Jace

  • Christopher

    There is only one person who would be the perfect Jace, and that’s Alex.

  • oli

    i think he’d be great great as jace but i’m not sure if it;s good for is career….

  • godric

    He’s perfect for this series. I hope he takes it.

  • krystel

    i used to think he was perfect for the role. but now.. i don’t know.

  • Mika

    OMG YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If this doesn’t happen, the movie will not be worth making.

  • kami

    ♥ yeah for alex.♥

  • MayRA

    I wish Drew Van Acker could play Peeta. He’d be perfect!

  • Alex!

    Alex = Perfect!

  • Carla

    Even though I didn’t really like the books…

  • The way I see it


    Obviously, he’s PERFECT for the role. I totally imagine him as Jace. ♥
    I love him so much, he’s SO hot. <3

  • Maryna

    OMG YES! He will be VERY good for Jace!

  • Linda

    Alex is perfectg for the part of Jace,,,,,its amazing just like it was written.

  • Charli

    @shortreminiscence: His fans hyping the idea everywhere might be the true source of this ‘information’.vulture wouldn’t be the first blog to score hits by claiming some fan fantasy is fact based on unnamed sources.

    which is why I refuse to get excited either way until I see a real announcement. And although Alex has yet to wow me with any acting prowess if he is cast, I’ll get him the benefit of the doubt and wait until I see him fail before I claim he totally sucks. Who knows, he might surprise me and be good in the role.

  • C

    Completely perfect. This movie will be so much better than twilight. They have already cast great people!

  • Alyssa

    YES YES YES YES . he HAS to take this .
    he’s perfectttttt . i hope he takes it .
    i have a lot of hope for this !

  • Katelynn


    check out Cassandra Clare’s blog for proof.

    Alex has already met with the director a couple of times, and has reviewed the books.

    An announcement on whether or not he accepted the offer will come sometime next week.

  • christine


  • BritGirl

    Alex Pettyfer is so Beautiful, I’ve liked him since the first time I saw him in Alex Rider: Stormbreaker (2006) and thought he was Gorgeous Straight away. I think I will like The Mortal Instruments Movie because of the main actors, I think they can pull it off. Twilight for me was destroyed because of the Acting of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the only person I liked in Twilght was Taylor Lautner, I saw the First Movie and have not watched the others cause the first Twilight Movie was a Disaster and killed it for me, I really liked Robert in the Fourth Harry Potter and when I saw the First Twilight, I started to think he’s really bad at acting and he’s not thta good looking in my opinion. But hopefully Lily and Alex will make The Mortal Instrument Awesome.

  • Kita

    dont get me wrong- i dont believe that anyone else could be jace. but they better get a move on, cause there are at least gonna be four books in this series and… well… Jace IS a teenager. i’m just saying that alex is getting a little….. old

  • Sarah

    oh please alex accept being jace wayland, you cant have that face and not be jace! if he declines the offer i am so going to cry, there is no one as perfect as alex to be jace, if you go on youtube and look at all the fanmade cast for city of bones alex is always jace everyone wants him to be jace so frikin accept the role alex! please =)

  • http://yahoo karlasos1995

    omg he should really play the role of JAce he looks exactly like him he would be perfect for the part…….. I hope he takes it if not all his fans will be disappointed and I don’t think their is anyone else we would prefer to play the part of Jace

  • ghjgjhfjhg


    Oh. That’s his choice. He said in an interview that it’skinda up to his fans. We’re his fans. I say Alex=Jace or no movie because I can’t imagine Jace without hm. And this WOULD be good for his career, because so many people have read TMI and are dying to see the movie, including myself. And I know tons of people who haven’t even read the books, but they want Alex in the movie instead of a series I’ve never even heard of.

  • vale

    OMG yesss!! I loved the books and hes a perfect Jace!!
    If hes not Jace i will be the maddest girl in the world!

  • http://facebook anyatowers

    alex should be jace wayland he would fit .

  • Alicia T.

    One Sentence: Alex Pettyfer was BORN to play Jace Wayland.

    Don’t you think?! I mean c’mon! He fits Jace’s description so damn perfectly!! Alex Pettyfer is sexy, and has experience in action-type movies (I am Number 4 and Stormbreaker) I think Alex could pull off the “Sexy, tattooed, Jace Wayland. I will be immensely disappointed and maybe even a little bit upset if Alex declines this offer.”

    ALEX IS SO DAMN GORGEOUS!!!! <3 I’ve loved him since Stormbreaker!!

  • nikkipettyfer

    Omigodddd I SWEAR IF ALEX ISN’T JACE I WILL DIE!!!! ALEX: ATTRACTIVE, PERFECT, FUNNY, STRONG, GOOD ACTOR, ROMANTIC!!!! LIke its all HIM!!! I love him!!! I have watched his movie I Am Number Four ever night for the past 8 days!!! Like when I see him my body tingles and I would read the books 6 hours a day and I used to HATE reading!!! I will do something about it if they don’t pick him!!! In my world I’m married to him. I love him!!! Whos with me??

  • nikkipettyfer

    @Kita: Ya but in the hunger games movie there picking older actors because they act better soooo ya. And he still loks young.

  • karmaworld

    Shouldn’t change the character… that’s how you loose the audience….it might sound great on the web and paper…. people should stick with the same character… the movie will flop if you change it…. Once people get into a series in a movie they become familiar with characters… once you change the familiarity people will no longer be interested and will not watch the movie. It’s a bad idea!

  • karmaworld

    I think Jamie Campbell Bower is the perfect person for that role…. and great chemistry….Shouldn’t change things that are already perfect, and great.